七年级 7B 英语期中考试练习题 2011/5/5 V 词汇题。 (每题 1 分) 根据句子的意思和括号的中文提示,用该词的适当形式填空,首写字母已提供。
  1.We have five s (感官)and without even one of them,life is difficult.
  2. W (欢迎)to China。
  3.Don’t s(滑跤) on the wet floor.
  4.Is this book y(你的)?
  5.They heard the dogs b(吠叫) when the earthquake happened。.
  6.Be c(当心,小心) with the floor when you go in .
  7.The minutes s (似乎)like hous at that time
  8.There is a r desk(服务台) in the front of the big hotel.
  9.Can you tell me the l(位置) of the fire exit?
  10.Words cannot d(描述) my feeling when the torch came to Shenzhen .
  11. How do you (与…交流).your penfriend ?
  12. Water pollution is (有害的) to our health.
  13. Judy is (收集) some facts for a class project on pollution.
  14. We all know that tigers now .(处于危险中)
  15. Do you enjoy (呼吸)fresh air?
  16. I very (对…感兴趣) playing the piano.
  17. Trees give out (氧气).
  18. Yesterday, a big fire (烧毁) a lot of houses.
  19. Every year, people (摧毁) many forests.
  20. After the war, he is still (活着的).
  21. The (课题研究) on pollution is very meaningful.
  22. The shirt doesn’t (适合) my body.
  23. They bit me and (打) me. 24 The student (采访) the president last week.
  25.Dinosaurs e (生存)on earth sixty million years ago
  26. The tiger is f (凶猛的) 27 She is a g(温柔的) girl
  28. We can see the f (化石)of dinosaurs in the museum
  29.The government spent lots of money m (修理)this old building.
  30. Snow white is one of Disney’s famous cartoon c (人物)
  31.Finally, Disney got a job d(传递)mail
  32. There are a lot of p (植物) in the garden
  33. The museum was f(创建) in 1956
  34. The policeman followed the dog’s f (脚印)
  35.They found a s(骨架) of a bear in the mountain
  36. The government spent
  1.2 million repairing the r(屋顶)and the walls of the buildings
  37. The text c (包含) three stories.
  38. Children like going to the a (娱乐) park
VI 句型转换,按要求作答(每空 1 分,共 15 分)
  1.The book belongs to TOM (变成一般疑问句) the book Tom?
  2.I usually spend two hours doing my homework.(改同意句) It usually me two hours my homework.
  3.Can you tell me the location of the fire exit?(改同意句) the fire exit?
  4.These desks are their desks.( 改同意句) These desks are
  5.He led them to their room (对划线部分提问)。 he them ?
  6.He bought the flowers for (他为自己买花)
  7.There are three big trees of my house (我家房前有三棵树) 二.选择填空
  1. Our Earth will be if we go on cutting down millions of trees every year. A. in great danger B. danger C. dangerously D. out of danger
  3. Look! The baby happily now because he you are his friends. A. similes;is knowing B. is smiling; is knowing C. is smiling; knows D. smiles; knows
  4. The train for Beijing soon. The passengers who are still on the platform (月台) should get on the train at once. A. leaves B. is leaving C. left D. leaving
  5. Books give us knowledge (知识) and make us happy. A. feeling B. feel C. feels D. felt
  6. They’re the biggest and oldest things on Earth. A. life B. live C. living D. alive
  7. The boy enjoys in the evening. A. play the guitar B. playing the guitar C. playing guitar D. play guitar
  8. Look, who on the playground? A. is playing B. playing C. plays D. played
  9. It is going to rain. You’d better an umbrella. A. bring B. having C. had D. to have
  10. Jin Yong is one of the greatest and oldest writers. He is still . A. living; alive B. living; living C. alive; living D. alive; alive
  11. Mr. Smith is for Shanghai next week. A. leave B. leaving C. will leave D. leaves
  12. -- What your family doing in the park? -- They’re flying kites. A. is B. does C. are D. am
  13. I think English is than Chinese.
A. interestinger B. more interesting C. most interesting D. intereste
  15. The man is , because a lion is coming. A. in danger; dangerous B. dangerous; dangerous C. danger; in danger D. dangerous; in danger
  16.we smell with noses . A.our B.ours . C.we D.ourselves
  17.The bus stops our house . A.in the front B.in front of C.in the front of D at the front of
  18.I don’t know the fire exit is? A.what . B. which C. how D .where
  19.Mike with his friend,Tom,often to the park. A.goes B go C.come D.walk
  20. His grandfather died hungry A. about B. from C. of D. on



   七年级 7B 英语期中考试练习题 2011/5/5 V 词汇题。 (每题 1 分) 根据句子的意思和括号的中文提示,用该词的适当形式填空,首写字母已提供。 1.We have five s (感官)and without even one of them,life is difficult. 2. W (欢迎)to China。 3.Don’t s(滑跤) on the wet floor. 4.Is this book y(你的)? 5.They heard the dogs b(吠叫) ...


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