一、选择填空题 从下面每小题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个答案中选择一个最佳答案,并把 其代号填入左边括号内。(15 分) ( )
  1. you have a pen pal? Yes, I . A. Are;am B. Can;can C .Do;do D. Do;have ( A. does ( A. lives ( A. says ( ( A. What does weekends. A. to go; and ( ( street . A. are; busy ( ( ( library. A. in, to ( ( ( ( A. with an A. yourself A. between A. walking B. on B. to walk B. on, from B. have an C. has a C. at, through D. with a C. about yourself D. at C. walks D. a walk D. of yourself D. by, of )
  12. They live in a small house interesting garden. )
  13. Can you write and tell me ? B. to yourself C. in )
  14.Where is the bank? It’s down Grand Street the right. A. Have A. takes B. is; easy B. Do B. taking C. take C. are; dirty D. is; quiet C. Are D. Is D. to take )
  9. there a post office and some supermarkets near here? )
  10. Let him these things to his parents. )
  11. The pay phone is Green Street and it’s across the A. Chinese B. goes; or B. English C. going; with C. Japanese D. go; for )
  7.Coco lives in Tokyo and she speaks . D. French )
  8. Look! There a lot of people and cars on New Street. It’s a )
  2. Where your pen pals from? B. do B. from B. speaks B. How is C. is C. comes from C. tells C. Where does The United States. D. are D. be from D. talks D. How old is
  3. Frank is my pen pal, he Sydney, Australia. )
  4. My pen pal is from Canada. She English very well. )
  5. your grandfather live? He lives next to the library.
  6. Bob likes to the movies his friends on
  15. Her grandmother often takes after dinner
二、完形填空:(10 分) Li Wei, look 16 this picture. This is a 17 of a classroom. In the picture you can see some desks 18 chairs. On the blackboard(黑板), you can see a cat. A map is 19 the door. The room is different (不同的) from 20 classroom. Under the 21 table there is a ball, 22 you can’t see it. The boy in the hat is my friend, Jim. He is a new student. He is 23 American(美国人) . He looks 24 Kate. But they are not 25 .
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  16. A. in )
  17. A. map )
  18. A. or )
  19. A. behind )
  20. A. you )
  21. A. teacher’s )
  22. A. so )
  23. A. a )
  24. A. after )
  25. A. students
B. on B. picture B. but B. in B. our B. teachers’ B. or B. an B. at B. boys
C. at C. room C. with C. at C. us C. of teacher C. and C. the C. the same C. twins(双胞胎)
D. to D. door D. and D. of D. we D. teacher D. but D. / D. like D. girls
三、阅读理解:(20 分) ① Fred and Jane are brother and sister. They are American. They are in the same(相同 的) school. Their school is not far (远) from their home. Fred is in Mr. Black’s class. He is thirteen. He is one of the best student in his class. Mr. Black likes him very much. He does well in (善长于) Chinese, but Mr. Black is not. Jane is eleven. She is in Mrs. Black’s class. Mrs. Black teaches English. Jane is good at English, but she is not good at Chinese. ( ( ( A. Fred ( ( )
  26. Fred and Jane are . B. English B. in Mr. Black’s class B. Jane C. friends D. American )
  27. Jane is . C. not good at English D. Fred’s sister C. Mr. Black D. Mrs. Black )
  28. is good at Chinese. )
  29. Mrs. Black is . )
  30. Which is NOT right? A. Chinese. A. good at Chinese
A. a Chinese teacher B. a teacher of English C. one of the best student D. Jane’s mother A. Fred and Jane are in the same family B. Mr. and Mrs. Black are Fred and Jane’s parents C. Mr. Black doesn’t do well in Chinese D. Mrs. Black is Jane’s English teacher. ② My name is Tony and I live in Canada. My mother is from Korea (朝鲜) and my father is from France, so we speak three languages at home. I think languages are very interesting and I want to study Portuguese(葡萄牙语) and Chinese. But my favorite subject at school isn’t language. It’s math. I really like history, too. I like sports, especially (尤其) soccer and basketball, because they are relaxing. But I don’t have much time to play them. I go to music club after school on Mondays, I have guitar lessons on Wednesdays, and go to library on Fridays. But Saturdays and Sundays are great because I can play sports, sleep (睡觉), and watch TV. ( ( )
  31. Tony’s mother lives in . B. France B. Korean(朝鲜语) C. Canada C. Chinese China D. Portuguese )
  32. Tony can speak very well at home. A. Korea A. Japanese
( (
  33. Tony’s favorite subject is . B. history C. math B. Tuesdays and Thursdays D. Wednesdays and Saturdays D. relaxing D. Chinese )
  34. He can’t play soccer on .
A. language A. Mondays and Fridays
C. Saturdays and Sundays
( )
  35. Tony thinks sports are . A. interesting B. boring C. funny 四.根据汉语填写单词或根据所给词填写适当形式(每题 1 分计 5 分).不限字数
  77.Look at these
  78.Can you
  79.Bill (she) name? (照片),please. (拼写)it, please? (watch) TV every day. (run).

  80.Mary's brother and sister are 五.按要求改写句子(每空一分,共 10 分)
  81. Is that man your father?(改为肯定句) is my father.
  82. Is this your watch?(变为复数形式)
your ?
  83. Does he read English every day?(作肯定回答) Yes, 。
  84.This is a pen in English. (对划线部分体提问) is in English?
  85.We play soccer every day(改为祈使句) us play soccer every day. 六.写作(10 分) 假如你是 Sonia,请根据下面表格中的信息写一篇自我介绍。70 词左右。



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