1. He is very interested in reading storybooks. 热衷于 He is keen on reading storybooks
  2. Mike failed the English exam yesterday. 考试不及格
Mike didn’t pass the English exam yesterday.
  3. A car consists of more than 15,000 parts. 由…组成
A car is made up of more than 15,000 parts.
  4. The little girl always follows her mother. 跟着
The little girl always goes after her mother.
  5. I always walk to school. I always go to school on foot.
  6. You can melt the bars of the cage with the laser torch. 融化 You can use the laser torch to melt the bars of the cage.
  7. Mr. Green went to his office at once. Mr. Green went to his office immediately.
  8. The monster saw nothing. 什么都没有看见 立即 用…去 走路去
The monster didn’t see anything.
  9. Don’t let the lion escape from the cage. Don’t let the lion run away from the cage.
  10. Gork was foolish. He killed all the aliens. 愚蠢地做了某事 逃跑
It was foolish of Gork to kill all the aliens.

  11. I had to interrupt him because I have something to say.打断某 人的话 I had to stop him speaking because I have something to say
  12. My father works as an engineer. 从事…工作
My father is an engineer
  13. The light went out suddenly. The light stopped shinning suddenly.
  14. The fire has gone out. The fire has stopped burning.
  15.We must hurry up. Otherwise, we won’t catch the bus. 不然的 话 We must hurry up, if not, we won’t catch the bus.
  16. Amy owns that computer. That computer is Amy’s. 17 What’s the trouble with you? What’s the matter with you?
  18. Do you know his address? 他住哪 出了什么事? 拥有 火灭了 不财闪耀
Do you know where he lives?
  19. Moments later, the teacher came with a smile. 过了一会儿
After a while, the teacher came with a smile.
  20. What’s your age? How old are you? 多在年纪

  21. The soldier aimed his gun at the enemy. The soldier pointed his gun at the enemy.
  22. He is 168 cm tall. His height is 168 cm.
  23. Please reply to my question. Please answer my question.
  24. Mr. Johnson often tells his friends stories.
Mr. Johnson often tells stories to his friends.
  25. We had a good time in Happy Valley yesterday. 过得高兴 We had fun in Happy Valley yesterday.
  26. This book includes six chapters. This book consists of six chapters.
  27. I am not going to die. I am going to be alive.
  28. Paul loses his temper easily. Paul becomes angry easily.
  29. Never stay up too late. Never go to bed too late.
  30. I must study hard to achieve my dream. 实现愿望 别熬夜 发脾气 不会死去 含有
I must study hard to make my dream come true.
  31. Would you like to see a film with me? Do you want to see a film with me? 想要

  32. When did they get to Guangzhou? When did they arrive in Guangzhou?
  33. Can you tell me the way to the nearest post office? 地 How can I get to the nearest post office?
  34. Shall we have a barbecue?
Let’s have a barbecue. / Why don’t we have a barbecue?
  35. Mary doesn’t attend the meeting. Mary isn’t at the meeting.
  36. When did the story happen? When did the story take place?
  37. Maybe he is friendly to them. He is probably friendly to them.00
  38. The captain said quietly. The captain said in a quiet voice.
  39. The glass was broken on the floor. The glass was in pieces on the floor
  40. Where are you going tomorrow? Where will you go tomorrow?
  41. The plane didn’t take off on time. 起飞 将要去哪 打破了 轻轻地说 可能是 发生 没有参加会议
The plane didn’t leave the ground for a flight on time.
  42. You’d better drink more water. 你最好要做
I advise you to drink more water.
  43. Trust me! _ Believe (in) me.
  44. Thirteen subtracted from fifty equals thirty-seven. 减 Fifty minus thirteen is thirty-seven.
  45. Do you know what the letter here means? 意思是 信任
Do you know what the letter here stands for?
  46. What can I do for you? 吗? Can I help you?
  47. When did people invent the car? When did people make the car for the first time?
  48. He can draw a horse in a flash. 一瞬间 我能帮到你
He can draw a horse in a very short time.
  49. What is 6 plus 6? How much is 6 and 6?
  50. Two times seven is fourteen. Two multiplied by seven equals fourteen.
  51. Everyone knows at least two languages. 至少 乘法 6 加 6 等于?
Everyone knows no less than two languages
  52. Kids should help parents do some housework. 帮助做某事 Kids should help parents with some housework.

  53. I saw Betty just now and she was dancing in the room.看见正 在做 I saw Betty dancing in the room just now.
  54. I found my football missing. I lost my football.
  55. The man held out a key. The man took out a key.
  56. What is your grandmother’s age? How old is your grandmother?
  57. I want to make friends with you. I would like to make friends with you.
  58. What subject does he like best? What is his favourite subject?
  59. She never fails an exam. She always passes exams.
  60. I got her letter and I wanted to write back to her. 收到信,回 信 I heard from her and I wanted to reply to her.
  61. Linda and Lily are still at school. Linda and Lily are still students.
  62. Wendy discusses business with Tom at breakfast. 谈论,早餐 时 仍是在校生 从未不及格 最喜欢的 想要 年纪多大 取出 丢了
Wendy talks about business with Tom when they have breakfast.
  62. My father drives me to school every day. 开车送某人
My father takes me to school in his car every day.
  64. Wendy continued working on her business. Wendy went on working on her business. 继续



   六年级上册单词、句子 Unit 1: on foot by bike by bus go to school traffic lights by train traffic rules by plane by boat by car by taxi by ship stop wait get to usually sometimes 1.How do you go to school, Sarah? Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go ...


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