A)找出你所听到的字词。 (二)知识 A)释义,从下列 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出与句子划线部分意思相同或相近的答案, 本题考查学生对英语同义词,近义词的掌握情况。 ( )
  21. Nice to meet you. A. see B. be C. do ( )
  22. What about your mouth? A. And B. How C. What’s ( )
  23. Please look at this photo. A. picture B. blouse C. hair ( )
  24. Li Ming is from China. ( A. come B. comes from )
  25. -Thank you. -That’s OK. D. have D. How about D. jacket D. comes
C. Chinese
A. Thanks B. No, thank you C. All right. B)单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出正确答案。 ( )
  26. My name Wei Hua. A. am B. is C. are D. a ( )
  27. -How do you do? -. A. I’m fine B. Fine, thank you ( )
  28. -Are you Jack? -Yes, . ( A. your are B. he is C. I am )
  29. My friend black hair. C. How do you do? D. I’m
D. You’re welcome.
D. See you later.
A. have B. has C. is D. are ( )
  30. -Who’s this man in the picture? -. A. He is forty B. He has a long nose. C. He is from Japan. D. He is my teacher. ( )
  31. Look the picture. My cap is blue. A. at B. in C. on ( )
  32. -? -They are flowers. D. with
A. What’s this? B. What’s that? C. What are these? D. Are they flowers? ( )
  33. What’s that? a box. A. That is B. it C. It’s D. That ( )
  34. Can you spell name? A. your B. you C. it ( )
  35. That’s bedroom. A. Lily and Lucy C. Lily and Lucy’s D. me
B. Lily’s and Lucy’s D. Lily’s and Lucy
( (

  36. Is your bike new old? A. in B. are C. and D. or )
  37. Is that pear? No, it’s orange. C. a,a D. an,an
A. an,a B. a,an ( )
  38. I’m in .

A. Class 4, Grade 1 B. class 4, grade 1 C. Grade 1, Class 4 D. grade 1, class 4 )
  39. are in Grade One.
A. I and Wei Fang B. Wei Fang, I and Li Lei C. Wei Fang and I D. Li Lei and me. ( )
  40. Please these books your sister. A. to, is B. give, to C. look, at D. do, with
(三)阅读 A)完形填空 通读下列短文,掌握其大意,然后在各题所给四个选项中选出一个最佳答 案。 There is(有) 41 nice girl in our class. She 42 in Row
  5(在 5 排)She is thirteen . 43 . 44 is not tall and she is not short. She is a little fat (有点胖). She has a round face 45 an apple. She 46 two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big, 47 her ears are small. Her hair is short 48 black. She likes red. She is often 49 red clothes. She likes little animals. She has a little black dog in 50 home. ( )
  41. A. an B. the C. a D. / ( )
  42. A. is B. are C. do D. does ( )
  43. A. year old B. years old C. old D. years ( )
  44. A. He B. She C. he D. she ( )
  45. A. at B. of C. like D. on ( )
  46. A. have B. is C. has D. are ( )
  47. A. and B. so C. but D. or ( )
  48. A. and B. with C. but D. no ( )
  49. A. in B. at C. with D. on ( )
  50. A. she’s B. his C. her D. hers B)阅读理解 阅读下面的短文,做每篇后面的题目,从四个选项中选出能回答所提问题 或完成所给句子的最佳答案。 (A) I have a good friend. His name is Sam. He is an English boy. He is twelve. He is in my school, too. I’m in Class
  1. But Sam in in Class
  2. Mr Wang is my Chinese teacher. Mr Mao is Sam’s Chinese teacher. They are good teachers.
  51. is my good friend. A. Mike B. Jim C. Tom D. Sam
  52. -Is Sam an English boy? -. A. Yes, he is B. No, he isn’t. D. Sam isn’t a Chinese boy. C. Sam is an English boy.

  53. -What class is Sam in? He is in . A. Class One B. Class Two C. Class Three
  54. Who is Sam’s Chinese teacher? -. A. Mr Wang B. I C. Mr Mao D. They
  55. Mr Wang and Mr Mao are good . A. boys B. girls C. men D. teachers (B) The man has a tall and big nose and big eyes. He is short and thin with yellow hair. He is wearing a blue coat, black trousers and red shoes. The police can not catch him. Please help them to find him.
  56. The man’s nose is . A. tall B. big C. small D. tall and big
  57. -What color is the man’s hair? -. A. Red B. Yellow C. Gray
  58. -Are his trousers blue? -. A. Yes they are B. No, they aren’t
  59. -Is the man good or bad? -. D. Black C. I don’t know. D. No, it’s gray. D. Class Four
A. Yes, he is B. No, he isn’t C. He’s good
  60. Who wants to catch the man? -. A. The police B. We C. He D. They
D. He’s bad.
(四)写作 A)按顺序写出英语字母当中的元音字母的大小写。
  65. B)单词拼写,根据句意及所给汉语写出空白处单词的正确形式。做这道题时同学们要注 意不能只填单词表中单词的形式, 而应根据句意填写该单词的正确形式, 并且每空只能填写 一个单词。
  66. Tom is (11 岁)
  67. I have three (小刀)
  68. My (父母)are all teachers.
  69. What’s the (男孩的)name?
  70. He’s wearing a (双)of shoes. C)句子翻译 根据所给汉语完成英语句子,每空一词。
  71. 你怎么拼它? you spell it?
  72. 明天见。 you .
  73. 人人叫我迈克。 calls Mike.
  74. 这件衣服看起来很好,但不适合我。 This coat very nice, but it doesn’t me.
  75. 这是什么?是苹果。What’s this? apple. D)改错,该行有错则改正在右边的横线上,无错则在右边打√

  76. Who’s this? This’s Li Ying.
  77. She’s Japan.
  78. She’s doctor.
  79. She have a sister.
  80. Her sister name’s Li Yu.
  21. A
  29. B
  37.B (三)
  41. C
  47. C
  51. D
  56. D
  42. A
  48. C
  52. A
  57. B
  43. B
  44. B
  45. C
  46. C
  49. A
  50. C
  53. B
  54. C 55 . D
  58. B
  59. D
  60. A
  63. Ii
  64. Oo
  65. Uu
  22. D
  30. D
  38. A
  23. A
  31. A
  39. C
  24. B
  32. C
  40. B
  25. D
  33. C
  26. B
  34. A
  27. C
  35. C
  28. B
  36. D
  61. Aa

  62. Ei

  66. eleven
  67. knives(原形为 knife, 以 f,fe 结尾的名词,复数形式要改 f 或 fe 为 v 再加-es)
  68. parents(parent 父母之一,parents 父母双方)
  69. boy’s
  70. pair
  71. How, do
  72. See, tomorrow
  73. Everyone, me (“我”是动词 call 的宾语,因此用宾格)
  74. looks, fit (this coat 为第三人称单数,look 要用第三人称单数形式,fit 之前有 doesn’t, 在助动词 do / does 引导的句子中,动词用原形)
  75. It’s an (apple 第一个音素为元音/ ? e /,故用 an)
  76. This’s Li Ying.应改为 This is Li Ying. 或 She’s Li Ying. Be 动词 is, am, are 在陈述句中 可以和主语缩写成’s,’m 或’re,如 he’s, I’m, we’re, 但是 this 不能与 is 缩写成 this’s,另外, is, are 可以和 not 缩写成 isn’t,aren’t,但 am 不能与 not 缩写。
  77. Japan 应改为 from Japan 或 Japanese. 她来自日本。
  78. doctor 应改为 a doctor,英语中表示否定的一个人或一件物品名词前要加冠词 a 或 an, 若有物主代词、名词所有格或定冠词 the, 指示代词 this,that 等则不用 a/an.
  79. have 要改成 has,she 是第三人称单数,have 也应用第三人称单数形式。
  80. sister 要改为 sister’s. Her sister’s name’s Li Yu. sister’s 为名词所有格 “妹妹的” name’s 是 name is 的缩略形式“名字是”。 听力材料:
  1. Qq
  2. name
  3. evening
  6. Good morning. Date.
  7. This is Kity And this is my father.
  8. What’s that in English?
  4. good
  5. pencil

  9. What’s this?
  10. What color is the chair?
  11. A: Excuse me! What’s your phone mumber, Tony? B: My phone number is 55234
  56. Q: What’s Tony’s phone number?
  12. A: Is that his notebook? B: No, it isn’t. It’s my notebook. Q: Is that has notebook?
  13. A: Look at this picture. This is my brother. B: Oh, Good. Does he like basktball? A: Yes, he does. Q: Does his brother like basketball?
  14. A: How many balls do you have Mary? B: Oh, I have 13 volleyballs, and 12 basketballs. Q: How many balls does Mary have?
  15. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, please. I want two bags a black one and a green one. A: OK. The black one is 5 dollars and the green one is 4 dollars. B: How much are the two bags? D)听写(5 分)听短文,填入所缺的字词。
  1. Good morning. Miss Wang! Good morning, Nice to see you.
  2. UVWXYZ, happy, happy we shall he when we learn our ABC.
  3. Kang kang is from China.
  4. Please give this letter to Maria in Class 2 Grade
  1. I’m sorry . I don’t know her. What does she look like?



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