测试题 新目标七年级上学期 Unit 3 测试题
I. 词汇。(5 分) 词汇。 请根据句意从括号里选择适当的词,并用其适当的形式填空。 请根据句意从括号里选择适当的词,并用其适当的形式填空。 (be, spell, have, her, look)
  1. is my sister, Angela.
  2. How do you grandma?
  3. ! This is my mother.
  4. I don’t a son named Bob.
  5. These my brothers and sisters. II. 单项选择。(10 分) 单项选择。 ( )
  1. is my aunt, Mary. A. These B. This C. look D. I ( )
  2. my cousins. A. These are B. This are C. These is D. This is ( )
  3. His mother’s is his grandmother. A. grandfather B. grandmother C. grandparents D. mother ( )
  4. Is your brother? A. the boy B. a boy C. the girl D. a girl ( )
  5. Is Jeff brother? Yes, he is. A. me B. you C. your D. yours ( )
  6. Here is my family. A. a photo of B. photo of C. a photo at D. photo at ( )
  7. Thanks the present. A. in B. at C. for D. to ( )
  8. See soon, Dave and Anna. A. your B. you C. they D. them ( )
  9. This is Mary and that is Kate. my . A. She’s, friend B. They’re, friends C. They’re, friend D. She’s, friends ( )
  10. What is the lost and found box? A. at B. in C. of D. for III. 连词成句。(5 分) 连词成句。
  1. the, is, his, boy, brother .
  2. is, she, not, my, sister .
  3. family, at, the, look, photo, of, my .
  4. much, you, very, I, love .
  5. the, for, photo, your, of, thanks, family . IV. 写出下列句子的复数形式。(10 分) 写出下列句子的复数形式。
  1. This is my book. .
  2. Is that his uncle? ?
  3. Is she your friend? ?
  4. Yes, it is. .
  5. This is my pencil case. . V. 单句改错,下列句子均有一处错误,请指出并改正。(10 分) 单句改错,下列句子均有一处错误,请指出并改正。 ( )
  1. Is (A) these (B) your (C) photos (D)? ( )
  2. What’s (A) those (B) in (C) Chinese (D)? ( )
  3. Nice (A) to (B) meet (C) your (D). ( )
  4. Those (A) aren’t (B) her (C) watchs (D). ( )
  5. Do (A) you (B) his (C) friend (D)? VI. 根据中文提示,完成句子。(10 分) 根据中文提示,完成句子。

  1. 他是你的儿子吗? Is he ?
  2. 他的母亲是一名教师。 mother is teacher.
  3. 这些是我的朋友。 my friends.
  4. 那些人是我弟弟的朋友。 my brother’s friends.
  5. 那是我叔叔,我父亲的弟弟。 is my , my father’s brother. VII. 从 B 栏中选出 A 栏各句的答语。(5 分) 栏各句的答语。 A ( )
  1. Is Hanyou’re your classmate? ( )
  2. Who’s that? ( )
  3. Are these his friends? ( )
  4. Is he Tom? ( )
  5. Is that your uncle? B A. No, they aren’t. B. Yes, he is. C. No, he isn’t. My uncle wears glasses. D. Yes, she is. E. My brother.
VIII. 阅读理解。(10 分) 阅读理解。 根据表格内容填空,使短文句意完整。 根据表格内容填空,使短文句意完整。
Tom Smith is English. (
  1) is
  12. He is in No.6 Middle School. Is he in (
  2) 4, Grade 1? Yes, he is. There are (
  3) people in his (
  4) . Ami Smith is his (
  5) . She is
  60. His father’s (
  6) is John Smith. (
  41. What’s his mother’s name? It’s Kate Smith. How old is she? She’s (
  8) . Who is Mike Smith? He’s Tom’s (
  9) . He is only (
  10) . IX. 书面表达。(15 分) 书面表达。 假设你是 Li Ming, 你给你的笔友 Tom 寄去了一张你的全家福, 然后在信中向他介绍你的全家。 信的开头和结尾已给出, 字数在 50 词左右。 Dear Tom,
Your friend, Li Ming 参考答案: 参考答案 I.
  1. She
  2. spell
  3. Look
  4. have
  5. are II.
  1. B “这是谁”应用 This is sb...
  2. A 由 my cousins 判断,主语应用 these 或 those,同时,系动词应用 are。
  3. D 由题意 判断,母亲的母亲才是 grandmother。
  4. A 由 brother 判断,应用名词 boy,同时也应用定冠词 the。
  5. C 这里应用形容 词性的物主代词 your。 A “我的一张家庭照”应说成 a photo of my family。 C “谢谢......”应用 Thanks for...
  8. B “回头见”
  7. 是 See you soon.
  9. B 由前一句的 Mary 和 Kate 判断,后面句子的主语应用 they, friend 应用复数形式。
  10. B “在失物招 领处”应用介词 in。 III.
  1. The boy is his brother
  2. She is not my sister
  3. Look at the photo of my family
  4. I love you very much
  5. Thanks for the photo of your family IV.
  1. These are our books
  2. Are those their uncles
  3. Are they your friends
  4. Yes, they are
  5. These are our pencil cases V.
  1. A Is →Are。因主语是 these,所以系动词应用 are。
  2. A What’s →What’re。
  3. D your →you。动词 meet 后应用人 称代词的宾格形式。
  4. D watchs → watches。watch 的复数形式应在词尾加-es。
  5. A Do →Are。“你是......吗?”应用系动 词 be,在本句中应用 are。 VI.
  1. your son
  2. His, a
  3. These are
  4. Those are
  5. That, uncle VII. 1-5 DEABC VIII.
  1. He
  2. Class
  3. 5/five
  4. family
  5. grandmother
  6. name
  7. He’s
  8. 40/forty
  9. brother
  10. 8/eight IX. One possible version: Dear Tom, This is a photo of my family. There are four people in my family. The tall man is my father. He’s a doctor. The woman with glasses is my mother. She’s a Chinese teacher in a school. The little girl is my sister. Her name is Li Yan. She’s ten years old. She is in Grade Two. My family is a happy one and I love it very much. Hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Li Ming


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