Unit 2
I 英汉互译: 英汉互译:
  1. a set of keys
  2.her gold ring
  3. Excuse me
  4. my school ID card
  5. pencil case.
  6.the lost and found case
  7. 我的蓝色书包
  8. 打电话给她
  10. 一个橘色的棒球
  12. 你的电子游戏 II.根据句子意思选择正确的词填空 根据句子意思选择正确的词填空
  1.This is (I, my)good friend.(His, Her) name is Sonia.
  2.That’s(no, not)a map.It’s ( her , you) picture.

  3.?What’s(I, you, his)English name? --(I,His, It)is Nancy.
  4.What color is (it, that, you) ruler? It’s yellow.It’s (a,an) yellow ruler.
  5.Is that (you your) pencil? No, it isn’t. It’s(I, his, it) pencil.
III 单项选择: 单项选择: 1, Excuse me, is this your gold ring? Yes, . A. is it B. it’s C. it is D. it isn’t 2, ? What is this? ? It is a . A. egg B. orange C. banana D. apple 3, do you spell baseball? B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L, baseball. A. What B. What’s C. How D. How’s 4, It’s a ball pen, ? It’s a pencil. A. what is this B. and what is this C. this is what D. what’s it 5, your school ID card? A. This is B. Is this C. Am I D. Are it 6, What’s this in English? . A. Yes, it’s a watch. B. It’s my watch C. It’s a watch D. No, it’s a watch. 7, Is that English dictionary? No, it’s Chinese one. A. a, a B. an, an C. a, an D. an, a 8, ?? ? Yes, it is. A. What is this in English B. Is it a computer C. What is ten minus five D. Are you thirteen 9, -How do you spell ring? -. A. It's a ring B. r-i-N-g C. R-I-N-G D. a ring 10, my book. your book. A. This is , That’s B. This’s , That’s C. This is , It’s D. This’s , That is 11, Please Mary 687?80
  68. A. give, at B. call, to C. call, at D. telephone, for 12, Is this your watch the Lost and Found case, Jack? Yes, A. at , it’s B. in , it is C. in , this is D. for, this’s 13, ?Is this your eraser? ?No, it isn't. I think . A. it her eraser B. its her eraser C. it's her eraser D.it’s him eraser 14, . Is this your mobile phone? Ah, yes, it’s my phone. A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hello C. Hi
15, -Is this computer game? -Yes, is computer game. A. his; it, me B. your; this, his C. your; it, my D. you; it, my 填空: IV 用 I, you , she, it, his, that, me,my 填空 ,
  1. am OK. And ?
  2. is a girl, name is Mary.
  3.Are a boy?
  4. This is a pen ,and what’s ? is a pencil.
  5. Excuse . Is teacher GaoHui? V 句型转换: 句型转换:
  1.This is my pencil.(变为一般疑问句并作否定回答) pencil? No, it .
  2. What’s the English for this?(同义句转换) What’s English?
  3. that, ID card, your, ?, is (连词成句)
  4. This is a ruler.(就划线部分提问) this ?
  5. My mother is fine. (就划线部分提问)
  6.This is a pen in English. (对划线部分提问) VI 完成句子: 完成句子:
  1.这是你的铅笔刀吗?是的。它是是我的铅笔刀。 Is this ? Yes, .
  2.那是她的戒指吗?不是的,是他的戒指。 Is that ? No, . .
  3.这个用英语怎么说?这是一个桔子。 in English ? .
  4.你怎么拼写它? the word ? VII 补全对话 根据首字母 : 补全对话(根据首字母 根据首字母): Mike: Good morning , Tom, How are you? Tom: F, thank you . And you? Mike: I’m fine, too. Is this your p? Tom: Yes, it’s m pencil. Mike: W this in English? Tom: It’s a old book. Mike: And what’s this? Tom: It’s a d Mike: How do you s it? Tom: D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y. dictionary? Mike: Is it an E Tom: No, it’s a C dictionary. Mike:Very good. Oh, it’s time to go home . G. Tom: Bye-bye. VIII 完形填空。 完形填空。
This boy is Peter Smith. His__1 name is Peter. His _2 name is Smith. This is 3school. His school __4__ number is 200485
  67.His teacher is Miss White. Miss White 5 a good teacher. Li Min is a Chinese boy. Li Min is his good __6at school. Look! _7 a pencil sharpener. Is the pencil sharpener __
  8. ? I _9know. Let’s__10 Li Min at 495-65
  48. ( )
  1.A.first B. family C. last D. one ( )
  2. A. first B. good C. last D. this ( )
  3.A.you B. that C. his D. it ( )
  4.A.computer B. name C. phone D. ID card ( )
  5.A.no B. not C. is D. am ( )
  6.father B. friend C. boy D. class ( )
  7.A.What’s B. This’ s C. That’s D. The name’s ( )
  8.Li Min B. Li Min’s C. Li Min is D. The Li Min ( )
  9.A. don’t B. isn’t C. am not D. do ( )
  10.A. ask B. call C. write D. look
六. 根据所提供的材料和要求,完成下例任务: 根据所提供的材料和要求,完成下例任务:
A Look! I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 78900
  03. It is his telephone number. ( )
  1. What color is the pencil case? A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green. ( )
  2. I am Tom. That is not my. A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler ( )
  3. has (有) a pencil. A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim ( )
  4. found the pen in the lost and found case. A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim ( )
  5. I am Tom. Is my telephone number 7890003? A. Yes. B. No. C. OK. B. 读对话,根据对话内容选择最佳答案. Diana: I’m looking for my ID card and pencil case. Mike: OK. What’s your name? Diana: My name’s Diana Schwartz. Mike: How do you spell your last name ? Diana: S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z. Mike: OK. Here you are . Diana: Thank you very much. Mike : You’re welcome . And is this your pencil case? Diana: No, it isn’t. My pencil case is blue. I think it’s Steve’s pencil case. Mike: Hi, Steve! Is this your pencil case? Steve: Oh, yes. And that’s my pen. Thank you . Mike : That’s OK. ( )
  6. Diana is looking for her . A. pencil case B. pencil case and ID card C. pen and pencil ( )
  7. Diana’s last name is . A. Diana B. Schwartz C. Steve’s ( )
  8. The ID card is . A. Diana’s B.Mike’s C. Steve’s ( )
  9. That’s pen. A. Diana’s B. Mike’s C. Steve’s ( )
  10. Diana’s pencil case is .
A. blue
B. red C
C. yellow
Peter: I lost a gold watch. If you find it, call me at 680-74
Jim: I found a computer game. My phone number is 512-88
  43. Henry: I lost a set of keys. Who found them, please call 476-35
  39. Sam: I found a notebook with the name “Kenvin Clark”. My phone number is 555-02
  87. Lost & Found

  1.Found: Is this your computer game? Please call Phone #
  3.Lost: A gold watch. My name is .My phone number is .
  2.Lost: . My name is Henry Cooper. Please call at
  4.Kevin: Is this your ? Please call at
IX 书面表达
假如你叫 Kelsey, 在一所外国语学校学习英语, 昨天你在学校的阅览室中发现了一本笔记本. 请你写一份失物招领,电话号码 是:0539-7258
  81. Found: 假如你叫 David,你不小心丢了一本词典,现在你想写一个寻物启事。请拾到的同学打电话与你联系,电话号码是:5296432 Lost:
A: Yes. You are right. I. 词汇 B) 根据对话内容,补全所缺部分。 A) 用下列所给单词的适当形式填空。 A: Excuse me, Wang Dong. Is this your bag?
  1. Look! Are (that) maps? B: (
  16) My bag is here.(
  2. Where (be) the children’s mother? it’s that girl’s bag.
  3. Five (box) are on the bed. A: OK. (
  18) Is this your bag?
  4. Mr Wang has two (child). One is ten and the other C: Oh, yes. It’s my bag. A (
  5. Mum, (these) is my friend. C: Thank you very much. B) 用正确的物主代词填空。 A: (
  6. I am in Class
  2. This is class.
  7. Wang Hong, this is bag. Here you are. III. 句型转换-按要求改写下列各句, 每空一词。
  8. The boy is my friend. name is Tom.
  21. It’s a pencil-box. (改为复数句) are .
  9. This is a bird. name is Polly.
  10. The girl is Lucy. bag is on the desk.
  22. Thank you. That’s OK. (改为同义句) Thank you. That’s . II. 补全对话
  23. These are Chinese books. (改为否定句) A),补全句中所缺单词。 These Chinese books. A: Look at the picture. It’s Ann’s family(家庭). B: Is this man (
  11) father?
  24. They are children. (改为单数句) A: Yes, (
  12) is Ann’s father, Mr Read. He a . B: Who’s this (
  25. Those are hills. (对划线部分提问) A: She’s Ann’s mother. Who is the boy, do you(
  14)? B: I think he is Ann’s (
  15). Ⅵ. 阅读理解
Wang Hua is a Chinese boy. He is twelve. He is in Class Two, Grade One. This is his cat. I don’t know its name. I think it is three. That is his school bag. You can see a pencil-box, an English textbook (课本), two Chinese textbooks, some exercise books and an English-Chinese dictionary(英汉词典) in it. His good friend is Peter. Peter is an English boy. He is twelve, too. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。 ( )
  26. Wang Hua is a Chinese boy. ( )
  27. He is in Class One, Grade Two. ( )
  28. I know his cat is Mimi. ( )
  29. You can’t see a ball in his school bag. ( )
  30. Peter is Chinese, too. 根据汉语提示,用英语编写一段对话 段对话。 根据汉语提示,用英语编写一段对话。 提示:李雷指着书问林涛用英语怎么说,林涛告诉了他,接着又问林涛是否会拼写它,林涛说会拼写。李雷表示感谢。 Li Lei: Lin Tao: Li Lei: Lin Tao: Li Lei: Lin Tao: Li Lei: Unit 2 I
  3. 请原谅
  7.my blue backpack
  8.call her at
  9.her beautiful watch
  10.an orange baseball
  11.your English dictionary
  12.your computer game II
  1.my Her
  2.not her
  3.his it
  4.that a
  5.your his III
  1.I you

  2.she ,my

  4.that ,it
  5.me this
  1.Is this your isn’t 2 .this in
  3.Is that your ID card?
  4.What’s in English
  5.How is your mother
  6.What’s this in English VI
  1. your sharpener it isIt’s my sharpener
  2.her ring It isn’t It’s his ring
  3.What’s this It’s an orange
  4.How do you spell VIII Fine pencil my what’s an dictionary spell English Chinese Goodbye VIII
  1.Jim 512-8843
  2.set of keys, me 476-3539
  3.Peter 680-7432

  4.notebook Sam 555-0287
I. A)
  1. those
  2. is
  3. boxes
  4. children
  5. this B)
  6. my
  7. your
  8. His
  9. Its
  10. Her II. A)
  11. her
  12. he
  13. woman
  14. know
  15. brother B)
  16. No, it isn’t.
  17. I think
  18. Excuse me.
  19. Here you are./ Here it is.
  20. That’s all right. III.
  21. They, pencil-boxes
  22. all right
  23. are not
  24. is, child
  25. What are those Ⅵ. 26-30 TFFTF



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