七年级英语上册 Module1-Module4 一. 重点易错词汇
  1. 明 信 片 postcard
  2. 外 孙 女 granddaughter
  3. 饭 馆 restaurant
  4.芭蕾舞 ballet
  5.咖啡 coffee
  6.问候,致意 greeting
  7. 节 日 festival
  8. 龙 dragon
  9. 灯 笼 lantern
  10.发生 happen
  11.传统 tradition
  12.涂, 绘画 paint
  13. 装 饰 decoration
  14. 理 发 haircut
  15. 饺 子 dumpling
  16. 焰 火 fireworks
  17. 圣 诞 节 Christmas
  18. 野 餐 picnic
  19.外孙女 granddaughter
  20.游览 sightseeing
  21.文化 culture
  22. 外 国 的 foreign
  23. 假 日 holiday
  24. 天 气 weather
  25. 燃 料 fuel
  26. 昂 贵 的 expensive
  27. 秋 天 autumn
  28. 舒 适 的 comfortable
  29. 机 器 machine
  30. 科 技 technology
  31.运输 transport
  32.平稳的 smooth
  33.不舒服的 uncomfortable 二. 词组
  1.拍照 take photos
  2.等待,等候 wait for
  3.长城 the Great Wall
  4.穿上 put on
  5.现在,此刻 at this moment
  6.春节 Spring Festival
  7.为。 。准备好 get ready for
  8.舞龙 dragon dance
  9.元宵节 Lantern Festival
  10.扫去 sweep away
  11.在工作 at work
  12.温习 revise for
  13.剪纸 paper cut
  14.新年前夜 New Year's Eve
  15.一年到头 all the year round
  16.吃野餐 have a picnic
  17.期待 look forward to
  18.游览 do some sightseeing
  19.去骑自行车 go cycling
  20.外出 go out
  21.在将来 in the future
  22.卫星电视 satellite TV
  24.有线电视 cable TV
  25.变暖 get warm
  26.狂风暴雨 heavy rain and strong winds
  27.玩的愉快 have a good time
  28.喝下午茶 have afternoon tea
  29.穿衣服 get dressed
  30.传统节日 traditional festival
  31.剪头发 have a haircut
  32.放烟花 set off fireworks
  33.举办聚会 have a party
  34.呆在床上 stay in bed 三. 重点句子
  1.我正站在长城上跟你讲话。 I am standing on the Great Wall and talking to you.
We are on a school trip and we are having a good time.
  3.其他人都在干什么? What are the other doing?
  4.大明正在给玲玲照相,Betty 正在买好多礼物和贺卡,王辉正躺在阳光下。 Daming is taking a photo of Lingling, Betty is buying lots of presents and postcards and Wang Hui is lying in the sun.
  5.此刻,世界上不同地方的人正在做着不同的事情。 At this moment, people in different places of the world are doing different things.
  6.他们正在等汽车或者赶火车。 They are waiting for buses or running for trains.
  7.他们正在家里或者在饭店里吃晚饭。 They are having dinner at home or in restaurants.
  8.你正在为春节做准备么? Are you getting ready for Spring Festival?
  9.我们通常在春节时把门和窗涂成红色。 We usually paint doors and windows red at Spring Festival.
  10.我们经常用剪纸来装饰门窗。 We usually decorate doors and windows with paper cuts.
  11.我们也买新衣服,并且每个人都剪头发。 We also buy new clothes and everyone has a haircut.
  12.我们经常在午夜看电视,并且通常会有焰火。 We usually watch TV at Midnight, and there are usually fireworks.
  14.大明,你周末要去干什么? Daming, what are you going to do at the weekend?
  15.周六上午我将要检查我的邮件,然后我要做作业。下午,我要上钢琴课。 On Saturday morning I am going to check my email, and then I am going to do my homework.In the afternoon, I'm going to have a piano lesson.
  16.早上我要呆在床上,然后我要温习功课。 In the morning, I am going to stay in bed, and then I am going to revise for my test.
  17.我正期盼着与我父母一起去迪士尼乐园。 I am looking forward to going to Disneyland with my parents.
  18.将来会有学校么? Will there be schools in the future?
  19.他们会把作业通过邮件发给老师么? Will they send their homework to teachers by email?
  20.老师不会在黑板上用粉笔写字。没有人会用纸,铅笔或者钢笔。 The teachers won't write on the blackboard with chalk.And no one will use paper, pencils or pens.
  21.将来会有狂风暴雨。 There will be heavy rain and strong winds.
  22.机器会在农场上,工厂里和办公室里干那些枯燥无聊的活。 Machines will do all the dull jobs on farms, in factories and offices. 四.基础练习
  1.My mother is s for presents for my grandpa; his birthday is coming.
  2.Every Saturday my family have dinner in r.We don't cook at home.
  3.The boy is four years old, and he can get d by himself.
  4.It's m now, and people are having lunch.
  5.G from Beijing! Wish you all the best!
  6.Christmas is one of the most important western traditional f.
  7.Look, the boys are making l to get ready for the festival.
  8.The room is very beautiful; there are lots of d in it.
  9.Chinese usually eat d on Spring Festival's Eve.
  10.I like sweet rice p ; I think they are delicious.
  11.I am looking forward to l on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.
  12.My grandpa like Chinese c very much, so he goes to China every year.
  13.Look, the boys are setting off f and they are very beautiful.
  14.What's the w like today? It's sunny.
  15.I don't want to buy the book, it's so e, I don't have enough money.
  16.Science and t are very important for the fast development of a modern country.
  17.The sea is not rough at this moment, it is s. 参考答案:
  17.Smooth (二) .介词
  1.We are a school trip and having a good time.
  2.Would you please take a photo me?
  3.Daming is eating ice cream and lying the sun.
  4.My mother is shopping presents for my family.
  5.It's six in the morning; some people are leaving home work.
  6.How do you get ready the final exam?
  7.My father is working; he is work.
  8.We usually decorate the house paper cuts.
  9.Children are very interested Father Christ
  10.I am going to revise my test.
  11.Then my wife and I are going to lie the beach because we like sunshine.
  12.They will send their homework the teacher email.
  13.The teacher always writes on the blackboard chalk.
  14.There are lots of machines the farm. 答案:
  12.to, by

  14.on (三)根据时间状语写出句子。
  1.Daming and Lingling, shop for postcards
  1) at this moment
  2) this afternoon
  3) always
  4) yesterday 参考答案:
  1)Daming and Lingling are shopping for postcards at this moment.
  2)Daming and Lingling are going to shop for postcards this afternoon.
  3)Daming and Lingling always shop for postcards.
  4)Daming and Lingling shopped for postcards yesterday.
  2.Betty, eat lunch and lie in the sun
  1) now (what 特殊)
  2) soon (what 特殊) 参考答案:
  1)Betty is eating lunch and lie in the sun now.
  2)Betty is going to eat lunch and lie in the sun soon.
  3.He with his parents, run for trains
  1) now
  2) tomorrow morning
  3) every weekend 参考答案:
  1)He is running for trains with his parents now.
  2)He is going to run for trains tomorrow morning.
  3)He runs for trains every weekend.
  4.Lingling, look forward to, swim
  1) at this moment
  2) yesterday 参考答案:
  1)Lingling is looking forward to swimming at this moment.
  2)Lingling looked forward to swimming yesterday. (四)单项选择 ( )
  1.Daming is lying . A.under sun B.under the sun C.in sun D.in the sun ( )
  2.Look at the young man.Hethe bus. A.waits for B.is waits C.is waiting D.is waiting for ( )
  3.What is your mother doing?Shefor apples. A.is shopping B.is buying C.buys D.shops ( )
  4.Who's he?Peter,I think. A.writing B.writing to C.writting to D.is writing ( )
  5.My father oftenhis friendsthe phone. A.talks with, on B.talking on, with C.talking with, in D.is talking, in ( )
  6.Sometimes in different , some people are doing __thing.
A.place,same B.places,same C.place, the same D.places,the same ( )
  7.I am the school trip now. A.on B.in C.at D.oning ( )
  8.Now we're in Shenzhen; we're Beijing tomorrow. A.leave for B.leaveing for C.leaving D.leaving for ( )
  9.My mother likesa ballet at the theatre and playing at home. A. seeing, games B.watching, games C.watching, game D.seeing, game ( )
  10.People aren't dinner.They are sleeping. A.having B.haveing C.have D.to have ( )
  11.Are youthe Spring Festival?-Yes,we are. A.get ready for B.getting ready C.get ready to D.getting ready for ( )
  12.Jim with his friends going to visit the Forbidden City Sunday morning. A.am, in B.are, on C.is, on D.be, at ( )
  13.He a good teacher. A.is going to is B.is going to be C.is going to D.is going to are ( )
  14.He is looking forward to . A.have a picnic B.going sightseeing C.do some sightseeing D.watch TV ( )
  15.Why is Li going to the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong? A.see B.look at C.watch D.visit 答案:1-5 DDABA 6-10 DADBA 11-15 DCBBC



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