服装类 clothes : socks, T-shirt, shirt-shorts, sweater, shoes, skirt, pants, hats, bag, jacket 月份 months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 数词 numbers(基数词汇(归纳):
  1.称呼 relatives: parents(mother=Mom; father =Dad);grandparents(grandfather=grandpa; 称呼 grandmother=grandma);uncleaunt; brothersister; sondaughter; cousin; friend (pen friend) Mrs. /// Miss/// Mr
  2.职业 profession: dancer, singer, swimmer, painter, teacher, student, musician , runner, actor, writer 职业
  3.姓(last name) :Smith, Green, Black, Brown, White, Hand, Miller, Hall 姓 男孩名(boy's first name):Alan, Jim, Tony, Mike, Jack, Nick, Bob, Tom, Tim, David, Dave, Paul, Tommy, peter, Barry, Ed , Bill, Mark, Peter, Dale, Frank, Eric, 女孩名(girl's first name) :Jenny, Gina, Mary, Linda, Kim, Sonia, Jane, Kelsy, Anna, Lucy, Lily, Mona, Emma, Sally, Sandra, Alice, Cindy, Grace, Helen,
  4.名词归类 名词归类(n) : 名词归类 学习用品 school things: backpack, eraser, pencil (pencil case, pencil sharpener), pen, bag, dictionary, English book , math book, book, case, ruler, school ID card), map 地方名 places: bedroom, room, club, school, class, family, floor , city, china, America, store, hotel, home, classroom 家具 furniture: desk, dresser, drawer, chair, bookcase, sofa, bed; 用品 family things: photo, picture , alarm clock , clock, key, watch, quit, computer, telephone (phone), card, video tape, ring, plant, CD, TV 水果 fruits:pear, strawberry, orange, apple, banana, number, day, sport 蔬菜 vegetables: tomato, potato, carrot, broccoli, 其它食物 food: ice cream, hamburger, salad, French fries, egg, chicken, 三餐名 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desset 数词: 数词: one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten-eleven-twelve-thirteen-fourteen-fifteen-sixteen-seventeen-eig hteen-nineteen-twenty-thirty-forty-fifty-sixty-seventy-eighty-ninety-hundred 序数词; 序数词 first-second-third-fourth-fifth-sixth-seventh-eighth-ninth-tenth-eleventh-twelfth-thirteenth-fourteenth-fifteenth-si xteenth-seventeenth-eighteenth-nineteenth-twentieth-thirtieth-fortieth-fiftieth-… 重点 baseball, ping-pong, 运动器材 instruments for sports: soccer, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, bowling, golf, badminton, bat, racket, baseball bat, tennis racket, chess 学科 school subjects: music, P.E., Chinese, English, biology, politics, history, geography, math, computer, physics, chemistry, art, science, self-study.(homework) 重点 节日或活动 festival or activities: school day, music festival, speech contest, school trip, English party, birthday, basketball game, Teachers' Day, Children's Day, Spring Festival, May Day, New Year, Christmas Day, date of birth, 时间 time: hour, day, morning, afternoon, evening, week, weekend, month, year, am, pm 周 days in a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday ,Saturday ,Sunday, 电影 movies: thriller, comedy, documentary, action movie, romance, tragedy, Beijing opera, 乐器:musical instruments; piano, drum, guitar, trumpet, violin, 乐器 5 评价性语言 description words: interesting, relaxing, fun, funny, difficult, easy, boring, good, great, nice, fine, exciting, useful, helpful, happy, sweet, sad, scary, successful, 6 形容词 adj : big, short, small, long, welcome, healthy, late, busy, early, sorry, old, favorite, new, little, many
7 介词 preposition : in, on, under, next to, near, behind, of , for, to, with , about, before, after, around 8 动词的运用 v: take-bring , call, let, watch, play, know, spell, thank, excuse, meet , answer, look, have, sound, play, please, let, need, is, am, are, can, do , does, run, eat, like, help, want, sell, see, buy, come, afford, think , learn, find , go , speak, sing, paint, draw, join, dance, show, brush, get, work, wish , tell , start , write,, listen, love, survey,
  9.颜色 color: red, green, black, white, orange, white, blue, brown, gray, 颜色 10 缩略形式与完全形式 That'sThat is It'sIt is 缩略形式与完全形式: I'm I am Where'sWhere is They'reThey are She'sShe is What'sWhat is He'sHe is You'reYou are Let'sLet us don'tdo not doesn'tdoes not name's name is isn'tis not aren'tare not can't--can not 副词 adv: then, well , best, soon, really, too, around, about, usually , next, very, 疑问词:How(how much, how old, how many ), What(what color, what subject, what club, what time, what class,, 疑问词 what about…..), who , why ,where ,when
  11. "an"的使用 的使用:an orange///an eraser///an apple///an English book///an interesting book/// an ID card///an 的使用 alarm clock/ an uncle/ an exciting movie//an "a/e/f/h/i/l/m/n/o/r/s/x/"
  12.反义词或对应词 first-last, question?answer, ask-answer, white-black , Yes-No lost-found , she-he , 反义词或对应词: 反义词或对应词 boy-girl , this-that ,these-those , on-under, it-they come-go, big-small, long-short , old-new, sell-buy, boring-interesting(fun), on- under, sad-happy, difficult-easy,
  13.同音异形词 four-for too-two-to son-sun 同音异形词: 同音异形词
  14.同义词 同义词: family name=last name telephone=phone picture=photo thanks=thank you. next to 同义词 == near==beside
  15.连词 (and, because, but, or, so ,well) 连词: 连词 eg: I have an eraser and a pen.(连名词)// This is Paul and that's Alice.(连句子) I have a black and White TV.(连形容词). And this is my friend.(连上句)
  16..分清代词:I(主格)my(形物)?me(宾格) she(主格)?her(形物) he(主格)?his(形物) you(主 格)your(形物) they(主格)them(宾格) it(主/宾格)it's(它是) we(主格)us(宾格)
我 主 格 宾 格 所有格 I me my 你 you you your 他 he him his 她 she her her 它 it it its 我们 we us our 他们 they them their

  17.要求掌握:1,名词单复数的变化.P98(重点:pens, pencil cases, dictionaries, photos, watches, movies, .要求掌握: tomatoes, potatoes, documentaries, buses, teeth, comedies, strawberries, sports, shoes, shorts, pants……)
  2.动词的第三人称单数的变化.P102 (重点: play-plays, like-likes, have-has, do-does, watch-watches, go-goes, brush-brushes, get-gets, want-wants, …..) 句型转换 陈述句(肯定 否定);一般疑问句 肯定回答,否定回答 肯定,否定 一般疑问句,肯定回答 否定回答.) 陈述句 肯定 否定 一般疑问句 肯定回答 否定回答
  1.She is a girl.She is not a girl.Is she a girl? Yes, she is./ No, she isn't.
  2.I have a backpack. I don't have a backpack.Do you have a backpack? Yes, I do. //No, I don't. She has a backpack.She doesn't have a backpack.=Does she have a backpack? Yes, she does./// No, she doesn't.
  3.She can speak English well. She can't speak English well.Can she speak English well?
  4.单变复 单变复:This is a dictionary.These are dictionaries. 单变复 复变单:Those are my brothers.That is my brother. 复变单
  5.对划线部分提问 变特殊疑问句 对划线部分提问=变特殊疑问句 对划线部分提问 变特殊疑问句):My notebook is on the dresser.Where's your notebook? My notebook is on the dresser.What's on the dresser? My name is Lily.What's your name?
My telephone number is 1231231What's your telephone number? Eight and two is eight.What's eight and two? The rulers are green.What color are the rulers? This(That,It) is an English book.What's this/that/it? I have an eraser.What do you have? The girl is thirteen years old.How old is the girl? The blue skirt is $
  40.How much is the blue skirt? Tom and Lucy have three apples.How many apples do Tom and Lucy have? The girl has an eraser.What does the girl have? Shirley is my English teacher.Who is your English teacher? My name is Kelsy, K-E-L-S-Y.How do you spell your name "Kelsy" My favorite subject is English.What's your favorite subject? She likes music best.What does she like best? Lily gets up at around 8:
  00. What time does Lily get up ? Her brother goes to school at 9:00 on Sunday morning.When does her brother go to school? I like math because it is interesting.Why do you like math? I want to join the swimming club.What club do you want to join?
  6.选择疑问句 Can you sing or dance? //Do you like science or Chinese? 选择疑问句: 选择疑问句
  7.肯定陈述句 I like hamburgers for lunch. ///I sell the socks for only $
  3. 肯定陈述句: 肯定陈述句
  8.否定陈述句 : I don't like comedies and I don't like thrillers.= I don't like comedies or thrillers. 否定陈述句
  9.否定前置 否定前置:She doesn't think the boy wants to join the club. //I don't think he is at home. 否定前置


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   1) I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。 2) No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won‘t make you cry. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。 3) The worst way to m ...


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