一.词汇 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词, 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词,把下面这些单词分别写在不同 的栏目里。 的栏目里。 Ping-pong, biology, English, pants, hamburger, white, broccoli, Chinese, shirt, black, basketball, coat, egg, volleyball 你还能想起同类的单词吗?请你把它写在补充栏里。 你还能想起同类的单词吗?请你把它写在补充栏里。 类 别 分 类 补 充
food 食品 clothes 服装 sports 运动 colors 颜色 subjects 学科 二.选择填空 选择填空 ( )
  1. “Where does your pen pal Simon live?” “He lives Ottawa, Canada.” A. in B. on “My favorite subject is math.” A. her A. get A. ten o’clock A. gets up A. Are A. How old A. but A. interesting A. talking to B. his B. take B. B. Saturday get up C. your C. do C. December 19th. C. is getting up “Yes, I do.” C. Can C. How many C. so C. boring C. waiting for ( )
  3. Every morning, I a shower before breakfast. ( )
  4. “When is your mother’s birthday?” “It’s .” ( )
  5. “What time does Alice usually get up?"“She at six.” ( )
  6. “you want to go to a movie?” B. Do B. How much B. and B. exciting B. listening to C. to ( )
  2. “What’s favorite subject?”
( )
  7. “This T-shirt is beautiful. is it?” “It’s fifty dollars.” ( )
  8. I think this kind of movie is interesting, my friends don’t like it. ( )
  9. “Why don’t you like history?”“Because I think it’s .” ( )
  10. Look! The children are the school bus. 三.方框选词(10 分) 方框选词( 读下面两段对话,根据对话内容从方框中选择适当的单词填空。 读下面两段对话,根据对话内容从方框中选择适当的单词填空。 games, do
- 1 -
Conversation One: John: Hello, Jack. Let’s play computer (
  1). Jack: That sounds fun. But I don’t have a computer. John: Well, do you have a volleyball? Jack: Yes, I (
  2). John: Then let’s play volleyball. Jack: Oh, volleyball (
  3) so difficult. John: Well, we can (
  4) football. Jack: All right. Let’s go. brother Conversation Two: Alice: I have some new photos of my family. This is my sister. Mark: (
  1) is she? Is she at the library? Alice: No, she’s in the living room. She is doing her homework. And that’s my (
  2). Mark: Is he doing his (
  3), too? Alice: No, he’s seeing his an action movie on TV and (
  4)french fries, and this is a picture of my (
  5) and my mother at Huaxing Clothing store. They really like(
  6). 四.连词成句(10 分) 连词成句(
  1. go to school, on Sunday, doesn’t, Jim .
  2. play chess, can’t, my mother .
  3. favorite color, is, her, what ?
  4. is, my English book, where ?
  5. at school, has lunch, Miss Li, usually . 五.对话排序(10 分) 对话排序( 的一段对话。请你根据对话内容,把它们连接起来, 这是 Nancy 和 Nick 的一段对话。请你根据对话内容,把它们连接起来,并在括号内填上相 应的字母。 应的字母。 Nancy ( B) What sports do you like? ( ( ( )
  1. Why do you like it? )
  2. do you want to play it now? )
  3. What movie?
- 2 -
( ( A. B. C. D. E. F.
  4. But I don’t think so. Thrillers are usually boring and scary. )
  5. I like comedies. Nick Sorry, I don’t. I want to go to a movie. I like basketball. What kind of movies do you like, then? Because it’s exciting. Sleepless Night. It’s a thriller and it’s interesting. Oh, I like comedies, too. (A)
六.阅读理解(30 分) 阅读理解(
根据上面短文内容,判断正误 根据上面短文内容,判断正误, 正确的写 T,错误的写 F (5 分) ,
  1. Everyone likes the idea of early morning classes.
  2. Hilmi says there are no buses early in the morning.
  3. Hwa-Jeong does a lot of things in the morning.
  4. Isabel goes Jogging in the morning.
  5. Hilmi watches TV in the morning. 根据短文内容,回答问题,用方框里的词填空,把答案写在横线上。(5 根据短文内容,回答问题,用方框里的词填空,把答案写在横线上。( 分) 。(
  6. Who checks email in the morning?
  7. Who likes the idea of early morning?
  8. Who needs a lot of coffee in the morning?
  9. Who likes to watch TV at night?
  10. Who gets up at 5:00 in the morning?
- 3 -
根据短文内容,判断正误, 根据短文内容,判断正误,正确的写 T, 错误的写 F(5 分) (
  1. Youth hostels are cheap.
  2. Many foreign students stay at hostels.
  3. All hostels offer single rooms.
  4. There are youth hostels in 100 countries.
  5. Most hostels have libraries.
  6. Most hostels have shared kitchens. 根据短文内容, 选择正确答案( 根据短文内容 选择正确答案(5 分)
  7. Hostels are . A. libraries. A. 昂贵的 B. kitchens B. 便宜的 C. hotels C. 多数的
  8. Inexpensive means .
  9. What is the main idea in the first paragraph? A. Sightseeing is expensive. B. Traveling is fun. C. Most people can afford a youth hostel vacation.
  10. What is the main idea in the second paragraph? A. Hostels are places where people share rooms. B. Hostels help you understand people from other countries. C. Students usually stay at hostels. (C)
- 4 -
下面是动物园大门前的广告,请阅读这个广告,并回答广告后面的问题。(10 下面是动物园大门前的广告,请阅读这个广告,并回答广告后面的问题。( 分) 。(
( ( (
  1. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the passage? B. Six. C. Seven. B. with a ticket of $
  2.00 C. freely )
  2. A child under 12 can go to the zoo . )
  3. Now Mr. Smith is in the zoo with his two sons, one aged 14 B. $
  3.00 C. $
  4.00 C. 3:00 p. m. Sunday. C. To throw things everywhere.
A. Five.
A. with a ticket of $
and the other 10, how much are the tickets together? A. $
  2.00 ( ( A. 8:00 a. m. Monday. )
  4. Which of the following is the visiting time? B. 9:30 a. m. Friday. )
  5. Which of the following can we do in the zoo? B. To take a few nice photos.
A. To give some food to the fish.
请你仔细阅读下面的招聘广告。 七、Please read the ad carefully. 请你仔细阅读下面的招聘广告。
- 5 -
假如你是李刚,你想要应聘,请你根据招聘广告中的要求,在表格空白处至少填出两项你所能做 的事情。并根据表格中的所有信息,发一封 e-mail, 介绍你的个人情况、兴趣爱好及能力。字数 40~
  60。信的开头、结尾已给出。 Name Li Gang Age 13 School No. 1 Middle School like reading, computers, playing basketball can
Dear sir: I want to join your Winter Camp to help the children with sports and music. My I think I can be good with the children and I hope to get your letter soon. Yours, Li Gang
- 6 -
初一英语第一学期期末练习题参考答案与解析: 参考答案与解析: 参考答案与解析
一、 类 food 食品 clothes 服装 sports 运动 colors 颜色 subjects 学科 二、
  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. C 别 hamburger pants ping-pong green biology 分 broccoli shirt basketball white English 类 egg coat volleyball black Chinese 补 充

  1.live 是不及物动词,经常与 in 连用,表示住在某地,因此答案为 A.
  2. 因为答句是“My favorite subject is math.” 所以问句一定是“What’s your favorite subject?” 故 答案为 C.
  3. take a shower 是固定短语,所以答案为 B.
  4. 因为问句中询问生日的日期, 回答应该是生日在哪一天 故答案为 C.

  5. 问句为一般现在时,答句也应该用同样的时态,而且主语是第三人称单数,故答案为 A.
  6. 因为答句是 Yes, I do. 问句也应该用提问,因此答案为 B.
  7. 根据答句的意思,问句应该问的是“多少钱”,英语中询问某物品多少钱用 how much. 故答 案为 B.
  8. 前后两句话的意思有了转折,应该用 but 把两个句子连起来,因此答案为 A.
  9. 根据问句是意思,答句应该阐述自己不喜欢历史的原因,interesting 和 exciting 都不符合题 意, 故答案为 C.
  10. 本题根据句子末尾的 bus, 应该判定学生们正在等公共汽车,故答案为 C. 三、 Conversation One:
  1. games Conversation Two:
  1. Where
  2. do
  3. is
  4. play
  3. homework
- 7 -

  2. brother

  4. eating

  5. aunt

  6. shopping
本题主要考查学生判断、理解、分析的能力,应该根据上下文的意思和自己已经学习过的知 本题主要考查学生判断、 理解、 分析的能力, 识来决定要填写的答案。 识来决定要填写的答案。 例如: 例如:
  1.是根据我们已经学习过的短语 play computer games.
  2. 根据上句 do you have a volleyball? 应该用 do 来回答。
  5.因为后面一句为 Is she at the library? 因此,前一句话一定是询问地点:Where is she? 因此 应该选择方框中的 brother.
  6.因为题中的 Is he doing his…? 四.
  1. Jim doesn’t go to school on Sunday.
  2. My mother can’t play chess.
  3. What is her favorite color?
  4. Where is my English book?
  5. Miss Li usually has lunch at school. 五.
  1. D 六. (A)
  1. F
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F
  6. C
  7. B
  8. C
  9. C
  10. B
  1. 根据文章中 Hilmi 和 Hwa 说: can’t catch a bus at that time of the morning. 和 A morning class I would be no good for me. 故答案为 F.
  2. 根据文章中 Hilmi 说 I can’t catch a bus at that time of the morning. 与问题中的句子意思不 符,因此答案为 F.
  7. Isabel 在文章中说: A 7:00 class would be perfect for me. 故答案为 B.
  8. 因为文章中说: I always have several cups of coffee.故答案为 C. (B)
  1. T
  2. T
  3. F
  4. F
  5. F
  6. T
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A
  1. 文章的第一段主要向读者提出 Sightseeing abroad can be expensive. But there is one type of International vacation almost anyone can afford. Why not travel with a group of friends and It’s a friendly, inexpensive type of hotel.因此本题答案为 T.
  2. 由根据文章中的 Hostels are found in 70 countries around the world. 得出: 本题答案为 T.
  3. 根据文章中的 In hostels, several people share a room together?mostly students from different countries. 得出: 本题答案为 F.
  4. 文章说: Hostels are found in 70 countries around the world.因此本题答案为 F.
  5. 文章说: Some hostels have cafeterias and libraries.因此,本题答案为 F.
  6. 文章的最后一说: Most just have a kitchen and everyone prepares meals there together. 大多数 的旅店有一个厨房,大家在一起做饭. 因此,本题答案为 T.
  7. 根据文章中的 What is a hostel? It’s a friendly, inexpensive type of hotel. 因此,本题答案为 T.
  8. 根据全篇文章的意思: hostel 这种旅店几个人合住一个房间, 大家共用一个厨房, 而且几乎 每个人都能负担得起,因此, 本题答案为 B.
  9. 文章的第一段主要向读者提出建议:有一种国际性的旅游几乎任何人都能负担得起,并建 议读者和朋友一起入住这样的国际旅店。因此,本题答案为 C。
  10. 本段主要解释单词 hostel, 在这种旅店中, 这种旅店几个人合住一个房间, 因此, 本题答
- 8 -

  2. A

  3. E

  4. C

  5. F
案为 A. (C)
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. B tigers bears monkeys dogs
  1. talk about: 谈论,谈到广告中提到 Indian elephants giraffes 六种动物. 因此, 本题答案为 B.
  2. 在 Tickets 一栏中有: Under 12 免费. 因此, 本题答案为 C.
  3. 在 Tickets 一栏中我们读到: Grown?ups: $
  2.00; 成人 票价为$
  2.00; Children: Over 12 $
  1.00; 十二岁以上儿童的票价为$
  1.00, 因此, 本题答案为 B.
  4. visiting time: 参观时间; Opening time: 开园时间 9:00a.m?4:00p.m; except (除了)Friday 都不属开门时间, 因此, 本题答案为 C.
  5. Keep the zoo clean! 保持园内清洁; Do not touch, give food or go near the animals. 不准触摸 动物, 不准向动物投食物或走近动物. 文中没有提到不准拍照, 因此, 本题答案为 B. 七、 Dear sir, I want to join your Winter Camp to help the children with sports and music. My name is Li Gang. I am thirteen(years old). I study/am a student in No. I Middle School. I like reading and playing basketball. I like computers, too. I can surf the Internet and send emails. I think I can be good with the children and I hope to get your letter soon. 1 Everyone likes the idea of early morning classes. 2 Hilmi says there are no buses early in the morning. 3 Hwa-Jeong does a lot of things in the morning. 4 Isabel goes Jogging in the morning. 5 Hilmi watches TV in the morning. 在 Opening time



   六年级英语复习题 (满分 100 分 90 分钟完卷 1 分书写分) 一、正确抄写下列各句,注意大小写及标点符号:4% 1 I a plese cola want 2. liyan is in class 5 grade 6 二、词组互译:英语翻译成汉语,汉语翻译成英语 20% 1.very well 6.在六(2)班 2.here you are 7.朝......看 3.our headmaster 8.用英语(表示) 4.my deskmate 9.我的孪生妹妹 5.listen to ...


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   怎样上英语复习课 复习在整个学习活动中是十分重要的一个环节."温故而知新"的道理大家都懂. 因此 如何上好复习课一直是老师们关心的问题。如果复习这一环节做得好,教学效果一定不错。 但在平时,只要一提复习课,人们会想到许多的篇子,大量的练习题. 老师不辞辛苦的出题, 判题,把自己投入到题海里。这样的工作方法使得老师觉得疲惫不堪,效果不尽人意。于是 抱怨学生不够投入,不够聪明.对于学生来说这种做法会使他们失去兴趣,厌烦学习,甚至放 弃这门功课.针对以上的种种现象,我尝试了一些 ...


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   2010 年中考九年级英语复习计划 近几年的学业考试试卷的难度系数 0.75, 也就是说容易题和中等题占的比例 很大。要想拿到这些分数,必须依纲靠本,回归基础,回归课本。要在激发学生 的参与意识和实践运用方面下功夫,设法促使学生积极主动地上好复习课,增强 学生的语言运用能力,减轻学生过重的课业负担,提高复习课的教学水平,达到 《英语课程标准》对学生知识和能力的要求。 所以,我们第一轮复习的重点就是带领同学从第一册开始,梳理学过的词汇 和语法知识。并以《中考说明》为依据,附以各种形式的复习练习 ...


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   三、名词所有格用法   【速记口诀】   名词所有格,表物是“谁的”,   若为生命词,加“’s”即可行,   词尾有s,仅把逗号择;   并列名词后,各自和共有,   前者分别加,后者最后加;   若为无生命词,of所有格,   前后须倒置,此是硬规则。   【妙语诠释】 ①有生命的名词所有格一般加s,但如果名词以s结尾,则只加“’”;②并列名词所有格表示各自所有时,分别加“’s”,如果是共有,则只在最后名词加“’s”;③如果是无生命的名词则用of表示所有格,这里需要注意它们的顺序与汉语不同 ...


   一、餐厅收银工作程序 餐厅收银工作是记录餐饮营业收入的第一步,也是财务管理的重要环节之一。它要求每一名收银员熟练地掌握自己的 工作内容及工作程序,并运用于工作中,真正地起到监督、把关的职能作用,为下一步的财务核算奠定良好的基础。其 工作内容主要包括: (一)班前准备工作 1、餐厅收银员依照排班表的班次于上岗前需签到,由餐厅收银领班监督执行,并编排报表。 2、收银员与领班或主管一起清点周转金,无误后在登记簿上签收,班次之间必须办理周转金交接手续,并在餐厅收 银员周转金交接登记簿上签字。 3、领 ...


   七年级英语 英语(下)复习提纲 复习提纲 英语 复习 Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? 一.短语: 短语 1.be from = come from 来自于2.live in 居住在--3.on weekends 在周末 4.write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信给某人 5.in the world 在世界 世界上 世界 8. 14 years old 14 岁 6.in China 在中国 中国 7.pen ...


   E 度中考网 www.zhongkao.com 初一上英语复习汇总 人教版初一上英语看似简单易学,其实并非如此。如果适当拓展和延伸,不难发现中学 英语语法体系的各个部分在这本书中都有所涉及, 英语语言结构的基本框架悄然呈现。 如果 在学习过程中对这些分散的语言点进行系统的整合,对其中的基本规则达到熟练掌握的程 度,显然会为整个中学阶段的英语学习奠定基础,今后的学习就会事半功倍,成功是水到渠 成的事了。 中学英语语法体系: 中学英语语法体系: 一、词法: (一)名词:可数与不可数;专有名词;名 ...