七年级上册英语试卷(满分 100 分) 姓名 Ⅰ.词汇运用 班级
A: 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空:
  1. There are seven (box) under the window.
  2. The car over there isn‘t _mine (me).
  3. What are (this)? They are pears
  4. (who) trousers are those?
  5. His teacher (be) Miss Gao. B: 根据句子意思,填上适当的单词,该词的首字母已给:(写出完整单词)
  1. There are many bikes and cars in the s.
  2. My bag isn’t at h, I can carry it.
  3. Jane is an A girl.
  4. Look! The kites are in the st.
  5. I see some green p on the table. C:根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空:
  1. Who are these (woman)? They are our teachers.
  2. Please color (they) brown and yellow.
  3. They are twin (sister).
  4. His favorite (animals) is cat.
  5. Let‘s open it and (see). D:根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词:
  1、There are (四十) students in the classroom..
  2、Their (家)was burnt(被烧毁的)
  3、They’re (work)in a car factory.
  4、Miss Li is our (one)English teacher.
  5、Can you (swim)in the river. E:完成句子:
  1. I have two . (knife) (child)
  2. Whose are these?
  3. These photos are hers. They are not . (I)
  4. What about shopping? (go)
  5. The little girl is on her hat now. (put)
  6. The man is opening the door. He isn't the door. (open 的反义词)
  7. What is the teacher doing? He is (write) the words on the blackboard.
  8. There some bananas in the bag.(be)
  9. Lucy and Lily can speak a little . (China)
  10. Is it to make cakes? (hard 的反义语) Ⅱ.选择填空。 ( )
  1. What do you have supper? A. for B. at C. with D. on
七年级上册英语试卷(满分 100 分)
( )
  2. She isn't good math. Could you help her her math? A. with, with B. at, at C. with, at D. at, with ( )
  3. We should learn each other. A. to B. with C. from D. for ( )
  4. Are you music? A. listen to B. listening to C. listening D. listen at ( )
  5. When Mary to school? A. is, go B. do, go C. do, goes D. does, go ( )
  6. What do you often do Sunday morning? A. on B. in C. at D. for ( )
  7. There a lot of food at home. A. are B. is C. have D. has ( )
  8. Do you have to buy a computer? A. many money B. enough money C. money enough D. a lot money ( )
  9. What about computer games? A. to play B. to playing C. playing D. play ( )
  10. Excuse me, we can't our tickets. A. look for B. find C. to look for D. to find ( )
  11. are Young Pioneers. A. All student B. All of students C. All of the students D. All students ( )
  12.The birds are singing the tree. A. on B. in C. of D. at ( )
  13.We are doing . A. our homeworks B. us homework C. we homework D. our homework ( )
  14. Some girls are on the hill. Where are ? A. another girl B. others girls C. the other girls D. the other girl ( )
  15. What are they doing? They . A. take photos B. are taking photo C. take a photo D. are taking photos __this book? ( )
  16.How do you A. read B. want C. like D. write ( )
  17.Who teaches _ _ English this team? A. we B. us C. our D. ours ( )
  18.She doesn’t like milk but likes orange. A. at all B. little C. a lot D. a lot of ( )
  19. There are _ pens pencils in the box. A. not, and B. no, and C. don’t, / D. no, or ( )
  20.He is _ American. I’m English. A. a, a B. an, a C. the, the D. /, /
七年级上册英语试卷(满分 100 分)
( )
  21. There‘s old pencil on the book, pencil is mine. A. a/an B. a/the C. an/the D. the/the ( )
  22. pictures are there on the wall? A. How many . How much C. Whose D. what ( )
  23. He has lights in the room. A. any B. no C. a D. not some ( )
  24. The boy is only two, but he can up to hundred. A. count B. listen C. go D. ask ( )
  25. She has a sister, he has , too. A. the one B. ones C. one D. her ( )
  26. What color are the cats? I think white and black. A. they’re B. them C. it‘s D. it ( )
  27. Everyone my purse looks like yours. A. say B. says C. tells D. tell ( )
  28. It’s Jim‘s bag. Give , please. A. it him B. him it C. them him D. him them ( )
  29. are they? They are my friends. B. Who B. Whose C. Which D. What ( )
  30. There are on the table. A. 3 bottles of oranges B. 3 bottle of oranges C. 3 bottle of orange D. 3 bottles of orange III.句型转换:
  1. He knows his name. (疑问句) he his name?
  2. There are some flowers on the teacher‘s desk.(否定句) There flowers on the teacher’s desk.
  3. The girls put on their football shoes. (祈使句) Please put on shoes, girls.
  4. Lily‘s father and mother are at home today. (同义句) Lily’s at home today.
  5. We have six classes in Grade One. (同义句) we are six classes in Grade One.
  6. Kate‘s skirt is on the clothes line. (划线部分提问) on the clothes line?
  7. It’s nine ten.(划线部分提问) the time?
  8. Are those flowers yellow? (用 trees 改选择疑问句) Are those __ __ trees yellow?
  9. We can spell our names. (改单数) _ can spell __ .
  10. Some of us are very well. (划线部分提问) __ are some of you?
七年级上册英语试卷(满分 100 分)

  11. We have 8 pencils in the box. (划线部分提问) How pencils you have in the box?
  12. I can speak some Chinese.(改为否定句) I speak Chinese.
  13.What’s your father?(同义句改写) What your father ?
  14. Tony works in a hotel.(对划线部分提问) Tony work?
  15. There is a computer on the desk..(对划线部分提问) on the desk? Ⅳ.连词成句
  1. how, is, blue, T-shirt, much, this
  2. red, are, each, those, sweaters, 50 dollars
  3. you, like, small, do, bags, ones, or, big
  4. pants, are, these, black, how much
  5. what color, you, do, want
  6. have, we, in all colors, sweaters, 30 yuan, at, each
  7. you, it, have, it, we, name
  8. may, today, is, first
  9. born, on , I , was , fifteenth , August
  10. his, is , birthday , September , second



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