七年级下册第一单元 英语复习
单音节 buy call drive lie shop take tell wait for car lot put thing leave night sleep dress wash start see look love night work pub street
双音节 enjoy postcard really ballet middy coffee greeting 多音节 anyway restaurant opera
词组 take photos wait for the Great Wall a good time at work at the moment see you later
词组 good night have lunch enjoy school trip put on lying in the sun send a postcard shop for presents
I’m standing on the great wall of china and talking to you . 我正站在中国的长城上和你通话。 我正站在中国的长城上和你通话。 We’re on a school trip and we’re having a good time. 我们正在学校的旅途, 我们正在学校的旅途,而且我们会过得很愉 快。 What are the others doing? 其它的人在干什吗? 其它的人在干什吗 We’re enjoying the school trip a lot. 我们将非常喜欢学校的旅途。 我们将非常喜欢学校的旅途。
At this moment ,in different places of the world people are doing different things. 在此刻, 在此刻,在世界不同的地方人们在做不同的 事情。 事情。 People are leaving work and are going home. 人们正在下班和回家 They’re waiting for buses and running for trains. 他们正在等汽车和等火车。 他们正在等汽车和等火车。
Some are having afternoon tea at home or working to pubs and having a drink. 一些正在在家喝下午茶,或走着去酒吧喝酒。 一些正在在家喝下午茶,或走着去酒吧喝酒。 Some are having dinner at home or in restaurants and some are going to the opera or watching a ballet. 一些正在家或餐厅吃晚饭, 一些正在家或餐厅吃晚饭,一些想去听歌剧 或看一场芭蕾舞。 或看一场芭蕾舞。 They are sleeping. 他们在睡觉。 他们在睡觉。
People aren’t getting up ,washing of getting dressed. 人们不在起床穿衣服。 人们不在起床穿衣服。 Children are staring their lessons. 孩子们开始他们的课程。 孩子们开始他们的课程。 They are seeing friends,calling home or shoping. 他们正在看朋友,给家里打电话或购物。 他们正在看朋友,给家里打电话或购物。
问句答语 ? Can you ...? Yes, I can. No, I can’t. ? Is he...? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t. ? Do you ...? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. ? Does...she ? Yes she does. No, she doesn’t. ? Did they...? Yes, they did. No, they didn’t. ? Would you...? Yes, I would. No. I wouldn’t. ? Were they...? Yes, they were. No, they weren’t. ? Should you...? Yes, I should. No, I shouldn’t.
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 6 5 4 3 2 1 always usually often sometimes seldom never
人主 称格 代 宾 词 格
you he
she it we you it us you
they their
m you him her e
物形 主容 代词 词性 名 词 性 my your his her its our your their
min your his hers its our your their e s s s s
时态 一般现在时:(
  3、主 语所具备的性格和能力。
  1、标志:often(经常),usually(通常),sometimes(有 时),always(总是),never(从不), on Sundays(在星期天), every day/month/year(每一天/月/年) 结构: (
  1)主语+连系动词be(am/is/are)+名词/形容词/数词/介词短语/副词 等做表语表状态(包括There be +n.) 现在进行时:表示说话瞬间或现阶段正在进行的动作。 标志 : now(现在)listen(看)look(听) 结构 : 主语+助动词be(am/is/are)+行为动词的现在分词(doing) 现在分词的构成:
  1.-ing: eat-eating
  2.辅音字母+e: taketaking



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