Unit 6 topic 1
New lesson
section B
主备人 南文彪
教学 时间 定稿 时间
教学 目标
Ⅰ. Aims and demands 目标要求
  1. (
  1)Learn the names of home items: lamp, clock, table, key, window (
  2)Learn other new words and phrases: talk about, near, under, put away, thing, dad, model, river
  2. Go on learning how to use the structure of“There be” and the prepositions of position.
  3. Learn to look after oneself. Put it away, please. You must look after your things. The main activities are 1a and
  3. 本课重点活动是 1a 和
  3。 There be 句型的运用 录音机/挂图/实物/多媒体 教 学 过 程 个人增减
教学 重点 教学 难点 教具 学具
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习 复习(时间:6 分钟)
  1. (利用 1a 的挂图, 引导学生复习 There be 句型, 并引入新单词和新句 型。) T: Now, let’s look at the picture. What can you see in it? S 1: I can see a sofa. T: Oh, I see. It’s near the desk. S 2: I can see a family photo. T: Can you see a clock on the wall? It’s near the photo. … T: What’s on the desk? Ss: There is a lamp, a computer, some books and so on. T: We can also say, “There are some books, a lamp, a computer and so on.” Is there a clock on it? Ss: No, there isn’t. (让学生通过观察去发现规律。) (板书) (
  1) What’s on your desk? There is a lamp, a computer, some books and so on. (
  2) Is there a clock on it? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. (
  3) It’s near the desk. Explain the phrase: talk about.
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间:6 分钟) 呈现 呈现 1a。
  1. (让学生听 1a 的录音, 回答下面的问题。) T: Listen to 1a and answer the questions. (板书) (
  1) Where’s the sofa? (
  2) What’s on the desk? (
  3) Where is the clock? (核对答案。)
  2. (让学生再听 1a,注意语音和语调。) T: Please listen to the tape and pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.
  3. (让学生根据语音和语调分角色朗读 1a。) T: Please work in pairs, and read the dialog in roles. Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固 巩固(时间:8 分钟) 巩固 1a, 完成 1b。
  1. (让学生合上书本, 看 1a 的挂图, 描述 Jane 的书房, 巩固 There be 句 型。) T: Please close your books and look at the picture in 1a. Then describe Jane’s study. OK?
  2. (根据 1a, 两人一组谈论自己的书房/卧室……, 并完成 1b。让学生理 解 under。) T: Now, I’ll give you some minutes to talk about your study/bedroom … Then act out your dialogs in pairs. Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习 练习(时间:15 分钟) 通过练习, 完成 2, 3,
  1. (
  1)(让学生看 2 的图, 听录音, 完成
  2。让学生掌握生词 table, key, put away, dad 和 thing。) T: Look at the pictures in 2, and listen to the tape and finish
  2. (
  2)(听完录音, 核对答案。) T: Who can tell us your answers? S1: “on, There are, keys”. S2: “behind, There’s, away”. T: That’s right. (板书) How many+可数名词复数形式+are there …? There are… How much+不可数名词+is there …? There is…
  3. (让学生看 3 的图片, 完成
  3。让学生掌握生词 window 和 model。) T: Let’s go to
  3. There are eight pictures in it. First, read the dialogs below Picture 1 and 2 by yourselves for one minute. (一分钟以后) T: Now, let’s look at Picture 1 and
  2. Make new dialogs according to
Picture 1 and
  2. (两分钟以后, 挑选两组表演。) T: I’ll choose two pairs to act them out. G1: A: What’s near the window? B: There is a guitar near it. G2: A: Are there any books on the shelf? B: Yes, there are.
  3. (家庭作业。) (让学生根据 4 中的图片写一篇小短文。不少于 60 字。) T: Write a short passage according to the picture in
  4. (at least 60 words) 教 学 方 法 总 结 提 高 讲授法,讨论法,分组法 小结 作业 There be 的用法
  1) What’s on your desk? There is a lamp, a computer, some books and so on. (
  2) Is there a clock on it? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. (
  3) It’s near the desk.
( )
  1.?Where are my keys, Dad? I can’t find them. ?Look! They’re under the table. You must . A.put it away B.put away it C.put them away D.put away them )
  2.Excuse me, can you tell me Xinhua Bookstore? A.the way to B.the way C.the road to D.the road )
  3.?Excuse me, may I speak to Linda? ? A.Sorry, I don’t know you. B.Who are you? C.Is that Linda? D.This is Linda speaking. )
  4.?Excuse me, is it from here to Zhongshan Park? ?It’s about seven kilometers. A.how long B.how often C.how far D.how much )
  5.Listen, one of the singing in Japanese. A.girl is B.girls are C.girl are D.girls is
( (
根据对话的情景,从方框中选择适当的句子填在画线处,使对话完整 通顺。其中有两项是多余的。 A: Excuse me. 21
B: Go down this street, turn right and walk on until you get to the end. 22 A: 23 24 It’s between the post office and the food shop.
B: It’s about seven kilometers from here. A: Which bus do I need to take?
B: First, you need to take bus No. 651, then you should change to the No. 426 bus at Yongding Bridge. A: Thank you very much. B: You are welcome! A. How far is it from here? B. How long will it take? C. It will take you there. D. Could you tell me the way to the People’s Hospital? E. You’d better take a bus. F. You can see the hospital. G. You can ask the policeman. 25


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