Practice makes perfect!
标 语 年级复习宝 年级复习宝 语句 Where's your pen pal from?
  19. at school 学校; 长 关 你 学
*标记为 Unit 1

  20. the long weekend
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. be from 来
  2. New York 纽约
  3. the United States 国

  21. tell sb. about yourself 告 己 况
  1. Where is your pen pal from? 你 笔 来

  4. he United Kingdom …国 哪儿?
  5. one's (new) pen pal hx?
  6. in Paris (
  2. Where does he live?
  7. want a pen pal 6
  8. a pen pal in China 个笔 He lives in Paris.
  5)( 个 国 个 ( 国家
  4. Where is Sydney? S 尼
  10. in November _
  5. Does she have brothers or sisters? 她
  11. a little (French)
  12. like doing sth. 欢
  6. Does she speak English? 她说
  13. go to the movies 去看电
  7. I think + 从句
  14. in school 学校 ……
  15. too difficult m 困难
  8. What does he want? 56^
  16. write to sb. (soon) (尽
  17. pen pal wanted
  18. on weekends / Unit 2 Where's the post office?
)笔 She's from Japan. 她来 . 哪儿? .

  3. What language(s) does he speak? 5 说哪

  9. a very interesting country
? 哪儿?

语 吗? 语吗?
i 觉得……; 认为……;
么? 么?

  9. What does he like? 5 欢

Practice makes perfect!
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. (the) post office 邮局
  2. (the) pay phone 公
  3. near here
  4. on the street 这儿 电话 近
  21. welcome to sp. 欢 到 区

  22. the garden district * 园
  23. on fifth Avenue …"
大道 欢/ 这

  24. enjoy the city's quiet streets 静谧 街 街道

  5. on Center Street fV
  6. be across from
  7. be next to

  25. take a walk …
  26. through the park U 过公园
  27. on Center Avenue fV
  28. across from the park 大道 公园对
…… 边;贴近…… ……# ……z 间

  8. be between … and …
  9. be in front of ……zT 格

  29. a small house with an interesting garden 栋 个 园 ……? 开 街
  30. the beginning of …

  10. on Green Street
  11. be behind
  31. visit Bridge Street 览大桥街 近
  32.have fun … 开 得

  12. in the neighborhood
  13. go straight H

  33. a good place to have fun
  14. turn left/right # /' 转
  34. be hungry 饿
  15. be down Bridge Street …@大桥街
  35. buy some food 买
  16. on the right ' 边
  36. be arriving 6
  17. a clean/dirty park 园
  18. a quiet/busy street 道
  19. a new hotel
  20. an old hotel 家 家旧 馆 条 静 /N? 街 个清洁 /肮脏 公
  37. next Sunday (/
  38. let me tell you sth. 让
  39. the way to sp. 去
  40. take a taxi 车 机场 到达


  41. from the airport 来
Practice makes perfect!

  42. pass a bank 经过
  43. on your right/left 间银 你 /$ 侧 Reading a book. 读 Unit 3 书 .
Why do you like koalas?

  44. go down … …@……去
  45. go through … U 过……
  46. at New Park ?
  47. have a good trip
  48. around here 这 公园 途 近
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. be (very) cute (
  2. see the lions 看狮
  3. very + adj. -'
  4. kind of + adj. …… …… 聪 )可爱
  49. a quiet street off Fifth Avenue 条远 大道 静谧 街角; 街道

  5. be friendly and clever _b
  6. play with sb. # …… 起
  50. on the corner Ⅱ,Sentences:
  7. eat grass
  8. be very beautiful/shy/quiet -' 丽/u /

  1. Is there a …?
……吗? 静 , ./
  9. during the day O 当 ; ;
Yes, there is. /No, there isn't. ,没 .

  10. at night
  2. Where is the supermarket? It's next to the library. 它
  3. Thank you very much. -'
  4. It's there. 它
  5. if + 从句 那儿. 图书馆 哪儿?

  11. eat leaves 树 边.
  12. eat meat 感谢你.
  13. relax 20 hours *
  14. over there …果…… Ⅱ,Sentences:
  6. I know + 从句
  7. When + 从句
  8. I hope + 从句 i 道……
  1. Let's see the pandas first. 让 当……? 时 吧. i ……
  2. Why do you want to see the lions? 为 *
  9. What are you doing? 你 么? 你 看狮 ?
/?, 那儿
20 个钟头


Practice makes perfect!
Because … ~ 为…… 欢 么动
  9. get sth. from sb./sp. 从 /h} 得到

  3. What animals do you like? 你 ?

  10. wear a white uniform UE
  11. in the day EO

  4. What other animals do you like? 你还 别 么动 ?

  12. TV station 电视
  13. talk to sb. #hx 说话

  5. Isn't he cute? 5 可爱吗?
  2. Why are they looking at me? 为 看 ? 么 们

  14. meet interesting people 见
  15. ask them questions 问
  16. ask sb. sth. 问
  17. work late 工
  18. be very busy -'
  19. go out to dinners Q ; 去 饭 得晚 们问题
  7. Where do you want to go now? 你现 去哪儿?
Unit 4
I want to be an actor.
  20. police station 警 局 家医 个 激/
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  21. in a hospital
  1. a shop assistant P
  2. a bank clerk 个银 员
  22. an exciting/interesting job 职员 ? 职业
  3. work in that restaurant
  4. want to be a / an 6
  5. work with sb. #hx 交道
  26. have a job for you as a waiter
  6. give me their money 给
  7. give sb. sth. 给
  27. summer job
  8. get their money from me 从 们 钱
  29. write stories 写故
那间 为
  23. a newspaper reporter 个报 记
  24. work hard 努 起工 ;
  25. meet people 与 见 ;结交 份 工

钱 工 给你 期工 起谈话
  28. talk with sb. #hx
Practice makes perfect!

  30. work for a magazine 为 份杂 工 工 She wants to be a policewoman. 她 个女警 . 时,…… ( 为

  31. work for us as a reporter 为

  4. Sometimes …
  32. a busy but exciting job 工
  33. other interesting people 其
  34. be in the school play 校园剧 Unit 5
  35. happy children school 4 乐儿童学校
  36. an international school for children of 5-12 个针对 5 到 12 岁儿童办
  37. children of …(岁数) ……岁 国际学校 们 个 份 却 激

  5. Where does your sister work? 你 ) 哪儿工 ? 女
  6. Dear sir or Madam, 亲爱
I'm watching TV.
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. watch TV 看电视
  2. talk on the phone
  3. TV show 电视节
  4. write a letter 写 电话

  38. want a P.E. teacher to teach soccer 6 师教 球 去 /那么多 这间电视录 这家电视电 Ⅱ,Sentences:
  1. I want to be an actor. i6
  2. What does he do? 5+^ He's a waiter. 5 个 为 么 务员. ? ;

  39. want sb. to do sth. 6hx *
  40. so many 多 ;

  5. read a book/books 读书;看书
  6. wait for 等 ;等待 ( ; )/hx ……
  41. at the TV studio

  7. talk about sth./sb. 谈论 厂
  8. some of … ……f?D

  9. in the first/second/next/last photo 员.
  10. at the pool
  11. at home 这个(那个) 家 起 这张 张/J 张/( 张/` 张

  12. be with sb. #hx
  3. What does Anna's mother want to be?
  13. in this photo 娜 妈妈 为 么样 ? Ⅱ,Sentences:
Practice makes perfect!

  1.What are you doing? 你 I'm watching TV. i
  1. What's he doing? 5 He's reading. 5 过 么? Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. how's = how is ……怎样 气 京 (电脑) 戏
看电视. 干嘛?

  2. the weather in Shanghai x?O
  3. in Shanghai/Beijing x 阅读.
  4. play computer games … 电
  2. That sounds good. 那
  3. What's he taking? 5
  4. What's he waiting for? 5
  5. What's he reading? 5 读 起来 拿 等 错.
  5. Uncle Joe 乔 么?
  6. in picture d 么?
  7. Around The World 环绕 么? 界; 图 df /

  8. join CCTV's Around The World show 参加
  6. Who are Ben and Tim talking to? '# 电视 b# 谁说话?
  9. on vacation
  7. What are they talking about? 5 们 么?
  11. lie on the beach 躺
  8. Where are they all going? 5 们将 儿?
  13. this group of people 这群
  9. Where is he swimming? 5 ? 滩
  10. Is Tina there? 娜 那儿吗?
  15. look cool 看起来 No, she isn't. ,她没
  11. Here are some … 这儿
  12. Are you surfing? 你 No, I'm not. , 没 .
  16. in this heat ……
  17. have a good time … 开 得 浪吗?
  18. in restaurant(s) . *
  19. as usual ' Unit 6 It's raining! 样, 家
栏 假期 ; 滩
  10. take photos / a photo
  12. look at 看 ……
  14. people playing beach volleyball ;a 球
这种热度 ; 得

  20. my whole family iR
Practice makes perfect!
  1. How's the weather in … /there? 那儿 ? It's raining/snowing. (x It's cloudy/sunny/windy. )/~O /刮风 气. 多 /# . 气(阴 气
  4. not very good 大
  5. ask for 请求;
  6. describe sth. h
  7. the most interesting `?
  8. the most difficult ` 困难
  9. the following three things (? ( ) 件 求;寻求;

  2. How's it going?近来怎么样? Great. /Not bad. /Pretty good. /Terrible! ! ./还 ./ 当 ./m (可 )

  10. in order to 为
  11. improve one's English 高 ( ) 语

  3. some, others … D
  4. I'm surprised + 从句
……,其 i 对……
  12. improve sth. 高/改进 惊. Ⅱ,Sentences: 国 冬
  1. Is the library between the hotel and the mall? 图书馆 购 街 间吗? 那儿! 家医

  5. It's winter in France. ( 这时) .
  6. What do you do when it's raining? 当 时你 么?
No, it's not! ,它没

  2. Do you work in a hospital? 你 *
  7. What is the weather like? O 气怎么样? 工 *
  8. Happy New Year! ? 年 ! 吗?

  3. Please tell your pen pal what your neighborhood is like. 请告 你 笔 你 邻居 么样 .
Review of units ( 1-
  6) Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. in the blank
  2. look for 寻
  3. eat one's lunch hx?… 空格 ; 空 处

  4. Talk about where people are from. 谈论 们来 哪儿.

  5. Talk about what people are doing. 谈论 们 干 么.
Practice makes perfect!
Unit 7 What does he look like?
  18. be a little bit heavy 儿 ; 儿 丽
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. look like 看 去 ;长得 短发

  19. have beautiful long black hair 长发
  20. never do sth. 决
  21. stop talking 属 属 等 等 高 说话 ;从

  2. have short/curly/long/straight hair /卷发/长发/ 发

  3. be of medium height
  4. be of medium build
  5. in Class Five …"
  6. have big eyes
  7. wear a red dress U
  8. wear white shoes UE

  22. stop doing sth. +hC
  23. have curly brown hair
  34. play chess ( 棋 卷发
双大 条红裙

  35. this person 这个
  36. wear glasses 戴
  37. have a beard 镜 大

  9. the captain of the basketball team 篮球队 队长
  10. have short straight hair
  11. be very popular -' 欢 短短 发

  38. remember sb. 记得
  39. the pop singer with funny glasses and long curly hair 戴 歌 稽 镜还 卷发

  12. be thin and be of medium height 长得
  40. have a new look , 等 高
  41. not … any more
  13. have short curly blonde hair 金 卷发 短短
  42. Ruth(xP ) from New York 来 纽约 鲁 …… 个

  14. be (very) good-looking -'
  43. go shopping 购
  15. a little bit 儿 *
  44. last month
  16. be a little bit quiet
  17. tell jokes 讲 话
  1. What does your friend look like? 你

静 Ⅱ,Sentences:
Practice makes perfect!
长 么样?
  11. lunch special …
  12. get dumplings 饺
  13. ice cream d 淇
  14. a small orange juice P3 Ⅱ,Sentences:
  1. I'd like some noodles . i6K 认识 . 过 条. 桔 儿
She is of medium build, and she has long hair. 她 属 等 ,并 长头发.

  2. Do you remember …? 你记得……吗?
  3. I don't think he's so great. i 那么 . 认为

  4. Nobody knows me. 没

  2. What kind of noodles would you like? 你 哪种 条?
  5. Here come the movie actors. 电 来 .

  3. What size bowl of noodles would you like? 你 多大 条?

  4. What kind of noodles do you have? 你这儿 Unit 8 I'd like some noodles. 哪种 条? 多大份
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. I'd like = I would like i6
  2. what kind of … 哪种……
  3. beef and tomato noodles g
  4. what size bowl of … 多大
  5. he'd like = he would like 56 红柿

  5. What size do you have? 你这儿 儿 ?

  6. I like … and … i
欢……# …… 欢……# …… 号

  7. I don't like … or … i ……

  8. Special 1 has beef and onions. .
  6. a small/medium/large bowl of … / f 号 / 大 …… 8 到 15
  7. orange juice 橙
  10. Orange juice is only 2 RMB. 橙
  8. green tea 绿茶 .
  9. at the House of Dumplings 饺
  10. have some great specials D?? 来 饺 吧! 馆 . 份儿

  9. Special 2 is just/only RMB 8 for
  15. J 号

  11. Come and get your dumplings today! 今

  12. What kind of dessert would you like? 你
Practice makes perfect!

  9. stay at home
  10. have a party 举
家 对 阅读

  13. We have 2 great new specials. i 们这儿 两款 .

  11. do some reading 阅书;进
  12. practice English 练习
  13. play the guitar 弹吉 语

  14. What size of dessert would you like? 你 多大份儿 甜 ? 个假期.

  15. I'd like a vacation. i6 *
  16. Anything else? 还

  14. study geography 学 么吗?
  15. spend the weekend 度过 *
  17. Would you like any drinks? 你 么吗?
  17. at No.3 Middle School f Unit 9 How was your weekend?
  18. for most kids 对 大多数 学 来说 个( 当) 喝 儿
  16. middle school f 学
Ⅰ,Useful expressions:
  1. clean one's room ; 扫 间 滩/…

  19. have a (really) busy weekend

  2. go to the beach/pool/mountains 去 /
  3. go to sp. 去 ( ) 个

  20. cook dinner for me 为
晚 关 历

  21. read a book about history 读 书 /7 期/
  22. talk show 访谈节
  23. see an interesting talk show 看

  4. last weekend/week/month

  5. on morning/evening/night/afternoon 7 期 /晚 /‰ /(…
节 歌 ( 欢)

  24. write a new song 写
  25. enjoy one's weekend

  6. visit sb. 1 访/看
  7. do some homework/sports +? 业/运动 科/数学

  8. study for the science/math test 为 考试学习(复习)

  26. go for a walk (with sb.) (
Practice makes perfect!

  27. sit down #(
  28. watch sb. do sth. 看 )
  29. wasn't = was not (过去时) 狗 没 ( 过 i 们问 干 么 .

  5. Do you think everyone enjoys their weekends? 你认为 个 都 欢 们 时 该 吗? 家 . .

  6. It was time to go home. It is / was time to do sth.

  30. have no dog and no family 没 家
Unit 10
  31. not want to do anything +)C



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   文都考研频道 英语模拟试题( 英语模拟试题(一)参考答案及解析 Section Ⅰ Use of English   1.[答案] B 本题考查形容词词义辨析。 [解析]本句意思是:拥有大量资本不仅可以带来经济和政治权利,还可以获得丰厚的利润。 extensive “大量的, 广泛的” 可以修饰 profit; quantitative “量的, , 定量的” comprehension ; “综合的,全面的” ;sophisticate ...


   新视野大学英语视听说教程第二册 听力练习录音文本和答案 UNIT1 II. Listening Skills 1. M: Why don’t we go to the concert today? W: I’ll go get the keys. Q: What does the woman imply? 2. W: I can’t find my purse anywhere. The opera tickets are in it. M: Have you checked in the ...


   八年级上期末考试英语试卷( 八年级上期末考试英语试卷(总分 105 分) 一, 单项选择。(1×20) 1. do you shop? I shop every week. A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How far 2.Yao Ming was born September 12, 1980.He is outstanding basketball player. A. on , a B. in , a C. on , an D. in ...


   常用商务英语术语 常用商务英语术语 1. 出口方面的词汇 出口信贷 export credit 商品倾销 dumping 优惠关税 special preferences 贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade 进口配额制 import quotas 对外贸易值 value of foreign trade 普遍优惠制 generalized system of preferences 缩略形式 GSP 出口津贴 export subsidy 外汇倾销 exchang ...