Unit 10 重点词组] 一 .[重点词组 重点词组

  1. stay(stayed)at home 呆在家里
  2. be unfriendly with sb 对某人不友好 have an exam in+科目 考…试 我昨天刚考过数学
  3. go to the mountains 去山上/去爬山
  4. visit museums 参观博物馆
  5. study(studied)for exams 为考试复习
  6. play in the water 在水里玩
  8. walk back to ...走路回到.. walk to+地点= go to+地点 on foot 步行去某地 走路去学校
  10. go to New York City 去纽约城
  11. go to summer camp 去夏令营
  12. go to the beach 去海滩
  13.all day 整天 all night 整晚
  14. on vacation 在度假 go on vacation 去度假我想去上海度假。
  15. have (great /much/)fun 玩得愉快 have fun doing sth 做某事很开心 我很开心的学习英语。
  16. be crowded 拥挤 be crowded with 被…所挤满公车上挤满了人。
  17.be lost 走失、迷路(人),丢失(物)他昨天在街上迷路了。
  17. decide to do sth. 决定做某事 我决定努力学习。 他决定买了这本书。
  18. the Great Wall 长城
  19. the Palace Museum 故宫
  20. Tian'an Men Square 天安门广场
  21. a Beijing Hutong 一个北京胡同 二.重点句型
  1. Where did you go on vacation? 你假期上哪儿去了?I went to summer camp. 我去夏令营了。 他们假期上哪去了? 他们去纽约城了。
  2.How was your summer vacation?It was great.你的暑假怎么样。棒极了。 昨天天气怎样?下雨了。
  3. Did you / she / they go to Central Park? 你/她/他们去过中央公园吗? Yes, I / she / they did. 是的,我/他/她/他们去过。No, I /she /they didn't. 不,我/他/她/他们没有去过。
  4.We had great fun playing in the water.我们在水里玩得很开心。
  5.I don’t really enjoy it.我并没有真的玩得很开心。
  6.I found a small boy crying in the corner.我发现一个小男孩在角落里哭。 find(found) sb doing sth 发现某人正在做某事 in the corner 在拐角处 in the corner of..在..的角落里 我发现一个学生在上课的时候说话。
  7.He was lost and I helped him find his father. help sb. do sth. 帮助某人做某事 help sb with sth

  8.That made me feel very happy. make(made) sb do sth 使某人做某事 那使我哭了。
  9.I didn’t have any money for a taix. 练习 根据首字母完成单词
  3. The people in Shanxi were very friendly. (对划线部分 提问)
  1. That made me f very happy. the people in Shanxi?
  2. U, my kite broke, so I didn’t have much fun.
  4. She went to Hangzhou on vacation. (对划线部分提问)
  3. Today the w was cool, so we decided to play she on vacation? tennis.
  5. He went to school on foot this morning. (改为同义
  4. We played from breakfast t lunch. 句)
  5. The food in the hotel is a. He __ school this morning.
  6. Where did your family go on v? 一、单项选择
  1.The boys are having great fun in the waves.
  7. Did Julie go to the m last Sunday? A.play B.to play C.played D.playing
  8. My vacation is p good. What about yours?
  9. ?How was the museum? ?It was b.
  10. I walked back to the hotel so I was really t. I.请根据句意和汉语意思完成句子。
  1.Where did they (去度假)?
  2. We (为考试学习)last weekend.
  3. My friend’s vacation was (相当好).
  4. Last week Jim went to (夏令营).
  5. It’s interesting (去看电影). I. 请用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1. We often have a lot of fun (play) computer games.
  2. Miss Yang made us (read) the text again and again.
  3. I found him (smoke) in the room.
  4. His mother is friendly to us, but his father is (friend).
  5. There are so many people in the shop. It’s too (crowd).
  6. I don’t like the movie. It’s (bore).
  7. The weather was (sun) yesterday.
  8. We decided (go) out for a walk. II. 请按要求完成句子, 每空一词(含缩写)。
  1. She went to see her aunt last week. (改为一般疑问句) she to see her aunt last week?
  2. I did some reading at home yesterday evening. (改为 否定句) I reading at home yesterday evening.
  2.Thank you very much for us so well. A .teach B. teaching C. teaches taught
  3. How’s the weather in Shanghai ? . A. It raining. B. It is rain C .It is rainy. D. It rainy. D.

  4.It has five years of history. A. thousand B . thousands C . thousand of D.thousands of
  5.?When a sports meeting? Last Monday. A. had you B.do you have C.did you have D.will you have
  6.How is it going? . A. It's sunny. B. hot. It's C. right. D. It's It's pretty good
  7.Listen! Who ? A. sings so well. B. is sing so well C. is singing so well D. singing so well
  8. “You are a very beautiful girl.” “” A. No, I’m not. B. Sorry, I don’t. C. Thank you. D. Yes, I do.
  9. He didn’t have money for a taxi, he walked back to the hotel. A. any, aB. much, because C. any, so D. some, so
  10. On Sunday morning I helped my mother dinner. A. cooked B. to cook C. cooks
  11. ? He did some reading at home. D. cooking
A. What does your father do yesterday evening B .What does your brother do in the school C. What did your brother do over the weekend D. Where did your brother go last Sunday
  12. I cleaned my classroom . A. with three hours B. three hours ago C. in three hours D .three hours before
  13. Did you go shopping yesterday? . A Yes, I do B Yes, I did C Yes, I am D No, I couldn’t
  14. you soccer over the weekend? A. Did, played Did, plaied B. Do, played C. Did, play D.

  15. What they doing? They studying. A. are, are B. is, is C. was, are D. are, do
  16. --When __ Mr. Green __ to the town? --I think it __ last December. A. did...come; was B. did... come; is C. does.. come; is D. does... come; was
  17. -- you your key? -- Yes. It was in my desk. A. Did; find B. Did; found C. Do; find D. Are; find

  18. you busy last week? A . Are B. Was C. Were D. Do
  19. Your father in the meeting-room just now. A. aren’t B. wasn’t C. weren’t D. didn’t
  20. __ you seafood yesterday evening ? A. Did; had B. no; have C. Do; had D. Did; have
  21. --Where he go on vacation? --He went to the mountains. A. is B. does C. has D. did
  22. --How were the people there? -- unfriendly. A. They are B. They were C. He is D. She was
  23. We had great fun on the beach. A. to play B. playing C. play D. played
  24. The shops were too , so I enjoy it. A. crowd; don’t B. crowded; don’t C. crowded; didn’t D. crowd; didn’t
  25. -- What they now? --They are playing football. A. do, do B. are, doing C. can, do
  26. The funny story made us . A. to laugh B. laughingC. laugh D. laughed



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