1.做家庭作业 do (one's) homework 做家庭作业 watch TV
  2.看电视 看电视
  3.打扫 清洁 clean= 打扫/清洁 打扫 do the/some cleaning eat dinner=
  4.吃饭 吃饭 have dinner read=
  5.看书 看书 read a book= do some/the reading talk on the phone
  6.电话交谈 电话交谈
U 5 sb7 2nd
wait for sth./sb.
  7.等候某物 某人 等候某物/某人 等候某物
  8.等候(某人)做 wait (for sb.) to do 等候( 等候 某人) sth. 某事 Who are you waiting
  9.你正在等谁 你正在等谁? 你正在等谁 for?
  10.在公共汽车亭 at the bus stop 在公共汽车亭 a bottle of milk
  11.一瓶牛奶 一瓶牛奶 we all=all of us
  12.我们都 我们都
  13.那听起来不错 That sounds good. 那听起来不错. 那听起来不错
U 5 sb7 2nd
表建议的句型: 表建议的句型:
  14.让我们做某事 让我们做某事 吧!
  15.为什么不做某 为什么不做某 事?
  16.你为什么不做某 你为什么不做某 事?
  17.做某事好不好? 做某事好不好? 做某事好不好
Let's do sth.= Why not do sth.?= Why don't you do sth.?= What/How about doing sth.?
U 5 sb7 2nd
go shopping= go to the shop do the/some shopping=
  19.购物 购物 shop
  20.谢谢你的帮助 Thanks for your help.= 谢谢你的帮助. 谢谢你的帮助 Thank you for your help.
  21.谢谢他们的礼物 Thank them for their 谢谢他们的礼物. 谢谢他们的礼物 gifts.
  22.谢谢你们帮助了 Thanks for helping 谢谢你们帮助了 him.= 他. Thank you for helping him.
  18.去购物 去购物
U 5 sb7 2nd

  23.谢谢她帮助了我 Thank her for helping me. 谢谢她帮助了我. 谢谢她帮助了我
  24.这儿有些肉给他 Here is some meat for 这儿有些肉给他 们. them.
  25.这儿有三条围巾 Here are three scarves 这儿有三条围巾 给她. 给她 for her.
  26.与某人在一起 be with sb. 与某人在一起
  27.与某人一起做某 do sth. with sb. 与某人一起做某 事
  28.在第一张相片里 in the first photo= 在第一张相片里 in Photo One/ 1
U 5 sb7 2nd
现在进行时: 现在进行时 am/are/is + doing 常与现在进行时态连用的词: 常与现在进行时态连用的词 now, listen, look, right now 等. (
  1)我现在正在学校打篮球. 我现在正在学校打篮球. 我现在正在学校打篮球 I'm playing basketball at school now. (
  2) 听,她正在唱歌. 她正在唱歌. Listen! She is singing. (
  3) 看,他们在打篮球. 他们在打篮球. Look! They are playing basketball. (
  4)他就在游泳池游泳. 他就在游泳池游泳. 他就在游泳池游泳 He is swimming at the swimming pool right now.
Unit 5 revision

  1.你在干什么?我现在正在读书. 你在干什么? 我现在正在读书 我现在正在读书. 你在干什么 What are you doing now? I'm reading now.
  2. 她在干什么? 她在做作业. 她在干什么? 她在做作业. What is she doing? She is doing her homework.
  3. 他在干什么? 他在看报纸. 他在干什么? 他在看报纸. What is he doing? He is reading the newspaper.
Unit 5 revision
  1.Li Lei is doing his homework. (划线部分提问) What is Li Lei doing?
  2.Mary and Dave are cleaning the classroom.(改为一般疑问句) Are Mary and Dave cleaning the classroom?
  3.She is reading a newspaper.( newspaper.(改成否定句) ) She isn't reading a newspaper.
  4.He wants to be an actor.(改为一般疑问句) Does he want to be an actor?
  5.They are waiting for Tom. (划线部分提问) Who are they waiting for?
Unit 5 revision
1--Jim cleaning (clean) his room Is
--Yes he is.
are playing
  2.look,they (play) soccer.
  3.The family often (eat) dinner at7:00a.m eat
  4.I want to talk (talk) to you, Jeff.

  5.What language can he (speak)? speak
Unit 5 revision



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   1. 能源危机: energy crisis 2. 民族自豪感: national pride 3. 经济和技术的进一步发展: further advances in economy and technology 4. 设法对付压力: manage one’s stress 5. 非常流行: be very prevalent 6. 采取行动: take action 7. 保持积极的态度: keep a positive attitude 8. 实现诺言: keep one’s prom ...


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