Unit 2 Where’s the post office
一. Asking ways: (问路)

  1. Where is (the nearest) ……? (最近的)……在哪里?

  2. Can you tell me the way to ……? 你能告诉我去……的路吗?

  3. How can I get to ……? 我怎样到达……呢?

  4. Is there …… near here / in the neighborhood? 附近有……吗?

  5. Which is the way to ……? 哪条是去……的路?
二.Showing the ways: (指路)

  1. Go straight down / along this street. 沿着这条街一直走。

  2. Turn left at the second turning. 在第二个路口向左转。

  3. You will find it on your right. 你会在你右手边发现它。

  4. It is about one hundred metres from here. 离这里大约一百米远。

  5. You’d better take a bus. 你最好坐公交车去。(You’d better+动词原形)

  1. across from …… 在……的对面
across from the bank 在银行的对面

  2. next to…… 紧靠……
next to the supermarket 紧靠超市

  3. between……and…… 在……和……之间
between the park and the zoo 在公园和动物园之间
among 表示位于三者或三者以上之间

  4. in front of…… 在……前面
There is a tree in front of the classroom. 课室前面有棵树。
in the front of…… 在……(内)的前部
There is a desk in the front of the classroom. 课室内的前部有张桌子。

  5. behind…… 在……后面
behind my house 在我家后面

  6. turn left/ right 向左/右拐
on the left/right of…… 在某物的左/右边
on the left of our school 在我们学校的左边
on one’s left/right 在某人的左/右边
on my left 在我左边

  7. go straight 一直走

  8. down /along…… 沿着……(街道)
down/along Center Street 沿着中央街

  9. in the neighborhood=near here 在附近
10 welcome to…… 欢迎来到……

  11. take /have a walk 散步

  12. the beginning of…… ……的开始,前端
at the beginning of…… 在……的开始,前端
in the beginning 起初,一开始

  13. have fun=have a good time=enjoy oneself 玩得开心,过得愉快
我昨天玩得很开心。 I had fun yesterday.
I had a good time yesterday.
I enjoyed myself yesterday.

  14. have a good trip 旅途愉快

  15. take a taxi 坐出租车

  16. 到达:get to +地方
get here/ there/ home 到这/那/家
arrive in +大地方 I arrive in Beijing.
arrive at +小地方 I arrive at the bank.
reach +地方

  17.go across 从物体表面横过
go across the street 横过马路
go through 从空间穿过
go through the forest 穿过树林

  18.on + 街道的名称。 Eg: on Center Street
at + 具体门牌号+街道的名称 Eg: at 6 Center Street

  1.enjoy doing sth 享受做某事的乐趣,喜爱做某事
I enjoy reading. 我喜爱读书。
到目前为止,我们学了两个特殊的动词finish和enjoy,都是要带 doing.
I finish cleaning the room. 我扫完了这间屋子。

  2.hope to do sth 希望做某事
I hope to pass this exam. 我希望通过这次考试。
hope +从句
I hope tomorrow will be fine. 我希望明天将会晴朗。
(从句即是一个小句子,这个小句子又放在大句子中,从属于大句子,所以叫从句。如tomorrow will be fine是一个从句,它又放在I hope 的后面,形成句中有句。)

  3. if 引导一个表示假设的句子。
If I have much money, I will go to the moon. 如果我有许多钱,我就会去月球。
If you are hungry, you can buy some food in the supermarket.
2 quiet busy
3 dirty clean
4 big small


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