Unit 3 Language in use
  1. I have to do today. A. anything important B. something important C. important nothing D. important something
答案B。 答案 。形容词修饰复合不定代词时 应放在其后面。故排除 、 , 应放在其后面。故排除C、D,句意 是“我今天有重要的事情要做”,表 我今天有重要的事情要做” 示肯定用something. 示肯定用

  2. - Is chemistry more difficult than physics? - No, chemistry isn’t as as physics. A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult
答案B。( ) 答案 。(not)as…as中应接形容词 。( 中应接形容词 原级,结合上句“化学没有物理难”, 原级,结合上句“化学没有物理难” 是正确的。 故B是正确的。 是正确的

  3. Beijing is becoming and . A. more beautiful, more B. beautiful, beautiful C. more, more beautiful D. more beautiful, more beautiful
答案C。比较级+and+比较级,表示 答案 。比较级 比较级, 比较级 “越来越…”,多音节的形容词 越来越 , 形容词” “more and more+形容词”。 形容词

  4. children there are in a family, their life will be. A. The less, the better B. The fewer, the better C. Fewer, richer D. More, poorer
答案B。 比较级, 比较级, 答案 。the+比较级,the+比较级, 比较级 比较级 表示“ 表示“越……越……”,由句意得知 越 , “家里孩子越少,生活会越好”。 家里孩子越少,生活会越好” children是可数名词,应用few来修饰。 是可数名词,应用 来修饰。 是可数名词 来修饰

  5. The experiment was __ easier than we had expected. A. more B. much more C. much D. more much
答案C。 可修饰比较级, 答案 。 much可修饰比较级, 可修饰比较级 easier本身已是比较级,不能再用 本身已是比较级, 本身已是比较级 more.
Table tennis is more exciting than cycling.
Basketball is than football.
Swimming is than gymnastics.
Running is than skiing.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets. They need to learn English quickly ( quick). The music is loud (loud).
  1. We play our CDs (loud). loudly
  2. She plays the piano (bad). badly
  3. They are working (hard) to learn hard English.

  4. She speaks English well (good).
  5. This bicycle is (cheap). cheap
  6. Running is very (easy). easy
  7. She gets up (early). early
  8. She works quickly (quickly) and quietly (quiet).
  9. The teacher speaks slowly (slow) and carefully (careful).
  10. I don’t like to be late (late).
Work in pairs. Say which sports you like and don’t like. I like … and … I don’t like … or …
Around the world Olympic sports Judo is more dangerous than hockey. Hockey is more exciting than rowing. Rowing is more tiring than judo.
Work in pairs. Talk about your favourite Olympic sport. Say why you like it. What’s your favourite Olympic sport? My favourite Olympic sport is … Why do you like it? I like it because…
Our favourite Olympic sport Our favourite Olympic sport is: Swimming / cycling / table tennis We like it because it is: exciting / popular It is: more interesting than running…
请根据句意及汉语提示写出单词。 请根据句意及汉语提示写出单词。
  1. The film is (激动人心的 激动人心的). exciting 激动人心的
  2. Yao Ming is a popular (受欢迎的 受欢迎的 受欢迎的) basketball player in the world.
  3. History is(令人厌烦的 I don’t 令人厌烦的). boring 令人厌烦的 like it.

  4. Playing football in the street is 危险的 危险的). dangerous (危险的 Don’t do that!
  5. When you’re a child, life is one big (激动人心的活动 激动人心的活动 adventure 激动人心的活动).
请根据提示写出下列各句的同义句。 请根据提示写出下列各句的同义句。
  1. Unit 1 is easier than Unit
  2. (difficult) Unit 2 is more difficult than Unit
  2. Running is cheaper than skiing. (expensive) Skiing is more expensive than running.

  3. Basketball is safer than gymnastics. (dangerous) Gymnastics is more dangerous than basketball.
  4. Swimming is more tiring than rowing. (relaxing) Rowing is more relaxing than swimming.
  5. Table tennis is more exciting than hockey. (boring) Hockey is more boring than table tennis.


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