写出下列形容词的比较级: 写出下列形容词的比较级: good long longer taller bad tall thin big beautiful exciting thinner bigger more beautiful more exciting easy
better worse easier
单音节形容词的比较级以及以 ly, er, er; 加 er; 结尾的形容词在词尾直接加- 构成. 以e结尾的形容词在词尾直接加-r 构成.
ow结尾的形容词在词尾 ow结尾的形容词在词尾
例: dark → darker; quick → quicker ; clever → cleverer; simple → simpler; narrow → narrower
以重读闭音节结尾的形容词, 以重读闭音节结尾的形容词, 双写尾字母加er 双写尾字母加
多音节形容词的比较级在其前加more构成。 多音节形容词的比较级在其前加more构成。 more构成 例: important → more important; beautiful → more beautiful
表语形容词以及由分词变来的形容词,在其前加 表语形容词以及由分词变来的形容词,在其前加more 构成。 构成。 例:afraid →more afraid; interesting → more interesting; pleased → more pleased。 。
少数形容词的比较级是不规则的。 少数形容词的比较级是不规则的。 例:good → better; bad → worse; far → farther / further。 further。 er。 以y结尾的,把y变I ,加er。 结尾的, 例:early → earlier
基本句型: 基本句型:
原级比较: 原级比较:
  1. 由“... + 形容词 + as... 或“... + 形容词 + 名词 + as.. ...as ...”或 ...as ... .. 构成。 .”构成。 构成 My grandpa is as energetic as a young man. Exercise is as useful a way as any other to lose unwanted weight. I try to find as much information as I can about what happened.
  2. 由“... ...not so (as) + 形容词 + as... 或“... ...”或 ...not so (as) + 形 ... ...”构成 容词 + 名词 + as... 构成。 ... 构成。 Luckily the weather was not so wet as it is today.
  1. 由“……形容词比较级 + than... 构成。 ...”构成 形容词比较级 ... 构成。 He is more concerned about others than about himself.
  2. 由“... ...many / much more + 可数 / 不可数名词 + than... ...” ... My friend earned much more money than I did last year.
特殊句型: 特殊句型:
“比较级 比较级” 原级”
  1. “比较级 + and + 比较级”或“more and more / less and less + 原级” 构表示“越来越……”的意思,与这类结构搭配的常用动词有grow, ……”的意思 结 构表示“越来越……”的意思,与这类结构搭配的常用动词有grow, get, become等 become等。 She felt herself becoming more and more nervous. As the winter is drawing near, it's getting colder and colder. 名词。
  2. the + 比较级 + of the two + 名词。 Jane is the taller of the two children in our family. 比较级…… ……, 比较级……” 表示“ ……, ……”。 ……”,
  3. “the + 比较级……,the + 比较级……”,表示“越……,越……”。 The more magazines you sell, the more money you will get. “否定 比较级” 相当于最高级。
  4. “否定 + 比较级” 相当于最高级。 ? Wait until we get a satisfactory reply, will you? ? I couldn't agree more. The idea sounds great to me. 名词(than...) ...)” 结构常出现在以never never构成的完成
  5. “a + 比较级 + 名词(than...)” 结构常出现在以never构成的完成 时态的动词后面。 时态的动词后面。 sings! How beautifully she sings!I have never heard a better voice. 倍数表示法:... :...times as...;
  6. 倍数表示法:...times as + 形容词原级 + as...; ...times than...;... ...;...times ...times + 形容词比较级 + than...;...times the + 性质名词 + of...。 of...。 The dining hall is three times as large as that one. The dining hall is three times larger than that one. The dining hall is three times the size of that one


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