Unit1 Cycling is more dangerous than swimming.
形容词比较级的用法 写出下列形容词的比较级: 写出下列形容词的比较级: good long longer bad taller tall easy thinner big bigger more beautiful beautiful thin exciting more exciting better worse easier
Now match the words in Box 1 with the opposite words in Box
  1. dangerous
  2. difficult
  3. exciting
  4. expensive
  5. popular
  6. relaxing safe easy boring cheap unpopular tiring

  1.我比汤姆高 我比汤姆高. 我比汤姆高 I am taller than Tom.
  2.滑雪比跑步刺激 滑雪比跑步刺激. 滑雪比跑步刺激 Skiing is more exciting than running.
  3.在中国乒乓球比篮球要流行 在中国乒乓球比篮球要流行. 在中国乒乓球比篮球要流行 Table tennis is more popular than basketball.
  4.听音乐比打跑步要放松 听音乐比打跑步要放松. 听音乐比打跑步要放松 Listening to music is more relaxing than running.
  5.数学比语文难 数学比语文难. 数学比语文难 The maths is more difficult than Chinese.

  7.跑步比滑雪要简单. 跑步比滑雪要简单 Running is easier than skiing. 你的数学比我的要差.
  8. 你的数学比我的要差. Your math is worse than my maths.
  9.这些书比那些书要新. 这些书比那些书要新 These books are newer than those books.
  10.我也是学生.(also) 我也是学生 I am also a student.
  11.我们也喜欢打篮球.(also) 我们也喜欢打篮球 We also like playing basketball.
Listen again and check the sports they like.
Gymn- Basket Runn- Cycling astics -ball ing Dammi ng Betty
形容词比较级的用法 写出下列形容词的比较级: 写出下列形容词的比较级: good long longer bad taller tall thin better worse
badly worse thinner well better big bigger more beautiful beautiful exciting more exciting
Make some sentences This book is newer than that one. The elephant is bigger than the rabbit. big
Mary’s hair is longer than JoJo’s. Mary’s hair JoJo’s hair

  1. 只能修饰原级的词 只能修饰原级的词:very, so, too 例如, 例如,He is too tired to walk on.
  2. 可以修饰比较级的词 much, a lot, a 可以修饰比较级的词: little 等。 例如, 例如, Lesson One is much easier than Lesson Two. 第一课比第二课容易得多。
知识补充: 知识补充: 在本模块中, 我们学了一些以-ing结尾的 在本模块中 我们学了一些以 结尾的 词汇, 如exciting, tiring, boring, relaxing 词汇 这些以-ing结尾的表示情感和情绪的 等, 这些以 结尾的表示情感和情绪的 词多用于修饰物或事, 但若以-ed结尾 结尾, 词多用于修饰物或事 但若以 结尾 则 多用来修饰人。这样成对的词有: 多用来修饰人。这样成对的词有:
boring 令人厌烦的 令人厌烦的→bored 感到无聊的 moving 令人感动的 令人感动的→moved 感动的 tiring 累人的 累人的→tired 累的 relaxing 放松的 放松的→relaxing 感到放松的 interesting 有趣的 有趣的→interested 感兴趣的 exciting 激动人心的 激动人心的→excited 激动的
请根据句意用括号内所给单词的适当形 式填空。 式填空。
  1. Which is more beautiful (beautiful), this flower or that one?
  2. Running is more popular (popular) than skating.

  3. Rowing is more dangerous (dangerous) than swimming.
  4. Basketball is more exciting (exciting) than volleyball.
  5. David plays football better (well) than Mike.
请根据句意选择合适的单词并用其适当 形式填空,每词限用一次。 形式填空,每词限用一次。 relax, easy, basketball, safe, popular
  1. Basketball is my favourite sport.
  2. It’s not to go out at night. safe
  3. This question is much than that easier one.

  4. We don’t play cards. It’s unpopular in our school.
  5. Old people like walking, because it’s . relaxing
B: Yes, I’d love to. (
  2) ? How far is it from here A: About 20 kilometres. B: (
  3) ? How will we go there A: We will ride our bikes to the gym. B: (
  4) What time / ? When will the match start
A: The match will start at 10:00 in the morning. B: (
  5) Where will we meet ? A: Let’s meet at the school gate at 8 o’clock. B: All right. See you then. A: See you tomorrow.
Write a short passage about the sports you like.


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