Please look at the following sentences

  1.What day is it today?
What day was it yesterday?

  2.What’s the weather like today?
What was the weather like yesterday?
What did I do last weekend?
On Saturday
morning afternoon
played basketball
went shopping
1a. Match the words with the pictures.

  1. did my d homework
  2. played soccer b
  3. cleaned my room f
  4. went to the beach c e
  5. played tennis
  6. went to the movies a
What did Lucy do last weekend?
What did he do last weekend ?
do homework
did homework
He did his homework on Saturday morning.
What did they do last weekend?
play soccer
played soccer They played soccer on Sunday afternoon.
What did she do last weekend?
play tennis
played tennis
She played tennis on Saturday morning.
What did he do last weekend?
clean the room
cleaned the room He cleaned the room on Sunday afternoon. /d/
What did they do last weekend?
go to the movies
went to the movies They went to the movies on Sunday night.
What did he do last weekend?
go hiking
went hiking He went hiking on Saturday afternoon.
What did she do last weekend?
do some reading
did some reading She did some reading on Saturday morning.
What did she do last weekend?
visit her grandparents
visited her grandparents She visited her grandparents last weekened.
What did they do last weekend?
go fishing
went fishing They went fishing on Saturday morning.
What did they do last Saturday?
have a party
had a party They had a party last Saturday.
1b. Listen and write the day and “morning”, “afternoon” or “night” below each picture.
A: How was your weekend? B: It was happy. A: What did you do? B: We went to the beach.
A: How was your weekend? B:It’s was(good,great,happy,ok,bad) A:What did you do last weekend? B: I …...

  1. visit(a person)
  3.go to the beach
  5. do some reading
  2. go to (a place)
  4. have a party
  6. clean the room

  7. play soccer
am/is are do go have play clean visit
→was → were → did → went →had →played →cleaned →visited
Make sentences
activities went to the movies when took a shower Yao Ming Jolin did his homework Mr bean Jackie Chan visited friends Zhao Wei had a party I cleaned her room we played tennis they
morning Saturday afternoon last Sunday night
e.g: I played tennis last Sunday afternoon.
Task 3:Do a survey.
Ask your friends: How was your weekend? What did you do last weekend? Name How was the weekend?Activity (活动) I Li Jin Ma Kun … Great Not bad Ok Not very good went to the beach
Give a report like this: My weekend was great, I went to the beach with my parents. My friend , Li Jin’s weekend was not bad, she…… My friend, .....
Yesterday Once More when I was young, 火眼金睛 I'd listen to the radio waiting for my favorite songs when they played I'd sing-along it made me smile those were such happy times, and not so long ago how I wondered where they‘d gone but they‘re back again just like a long lost friend all the songs I love so well


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   少儿英语教学理念 一、3-12 岁儿童英语学习的重要性 在我们眼中,孩子拥有无限的创造激情和活力,不用担心和怀疑 我们的孩子是否聪明和优秀,因为孩子本身就是一个大大的宝藏,家 长顾虑的只是是否有发现“宝藏”的慧眼。儿童发展专家认为,语言 儿童发展专家认为, 儿童发展专家认为 是一种非常复杂的智力结构系统, 当儿童的语言能力发展到一定阶段 是一种非常复杂的智力结构系统, 后,便开始带动记忆力和理解力的发展;也就是说,在语言学习的关 便开始带动记忆力和理解力的发展;也就是说, 键期受到有效培养的 ...


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