1.Where is your pen pal from? --He’s from Australia. =Where does your pen pal come from? -- He comes from Japan. Where are you from? --I’m from the United States.
  2.Where does she live? --She lives in Paris.
  3.What language does he speak? --He speaks French.
  4. Where is Toronto? --It’s in Canada. Unit 2
  1.Is there a bank near here (in the neighborhood)? --Yes, there is. It’s on Center Street. No, there isn’t.
  2.Where’s the supermarket? --It’s across from the post office.
  3.Go straight down New Street and turn right.
  4.Turn left at Bridge Street.
  5.There’s a pay phone on your left. Unit 3
  1.Let’s see the koalas. --Why do you like koalas? --Because they’re very cute.
  2.Why does he like elephants? --Because they’re kind of interesting.
  3.Where’re lions from? -- They’re from South Africa.
  4.What (other) animals do you like. --I like dolphins. Unit4
  1.What does she do?/ What’s her job? /What’s she?
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--She is a doctor/reporter/bank clerk/waiter…
  2.What do you do?? ?I’m a shop assistant.
  3.Where does she work? She works in a hospital/TV station/bank/restaurant.
  4.What does she want to be ? -- She wants to be a policewoman.
  5.Why does he want to be a policewoman? --Because it’s an exciting job. Unit 5
  1.What are you doing??I’m watching TV.
  2.What is he/she doing??He/She is cleaning.
  3.-What are they doing? -They’re talking on the phone
  4.Is Nancy doing homework? --No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.
  5.-Do you want to go to the movies? --Yes, I do./Sure./That sounds good.
  6.When do you want to go --Let’s go at 8:
  7.Where is he eating dinner? (现在进行时) --He’s eating dinner at home.
  8.-Where do people play basketball? (一般现在时) --They play basketball at school. Unit 6
  1. How’s the weather in Jiaxing? =What’s the weather like in Jiaxing? It’s sunny and hot. (windy and cool)
  2. How’s it going? --Pretty good/Great/Not bad/Terrible/Just so-so.
  3.What do you do when it’s raining? --I stay at home and read a book
  5..V-ing 变化规则: Unit 7
  1.short/curly/long/straight hair:短/卷/长/直发
  2.medium height/build:中等高度/身材
  3.look like:看起来象
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  4.the captain of the basketball team:篮球队队长
  5.be a little bit quiet:有点儿少言寡语
  6.stop doing sth.:停止做某事
  7.like playing chess :喜欢下棋
  8.wear glasses:戴眼镜
  9.a pop singer:一个流行歌手
  10.a new look:一个新的形象
  11.black/brow/blonde hair:黑色/棕色/金黄色的头发
  12.last month:上个月
  13.a woman with long black hair:一个有着长长金发的妇女 Unit8
  1.What kind of:哪一种
  2.would like sth.:想要某东西
  3.a small/medium/large bowl of noodles: 小/中/大碗的面条
  4.orange juice: 桔子汁
  5.green tea:绿茶
  6.a dumpling house/House of sumplings: 一家饺子店
  7.phone number:电话号码
  8.tomato soup:西红柿汤 Unit 9
  1.do one’s homework:做家庭作业
  2.play soccer:踢足球
  3.clean one’s room:打扫某人的房间
  4.go to the beach:去海滩
  5.play tennis:打网球
  6.go to the movies:去看电影
  7.last weekend:上周末
  8.do some reading:阅读
  9.practice English:练习英语
  10.study for the match test:为数学考试准备
  11.last week :上周
  12.on Saturday morning :在星期六的早晨
  13.a talk show:一个谈话节目
  14.go for a walk:去散步
  15.a nice day:晴朗的一天
  16.play with:与…一起玩
  17.a busy weekend:一个繁忙的周末
  18.look for:寻找
  19.watch a movie:看电影
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  20.It’s time to do sth.:是做某事的时候了 Unit10
  1.visit sb.拜访某人<
  2.summer camp :夏令营
  3.visit museum:参观博物馆
  4.on vacation:度假
  5.great weather:好天气
  6. all day/night/year:整天/夜/年
  7.have great fun playing:玩得高兴
  8.be crowded:拥挤
  9.find sb. doing sth.:发现某人正在做某事
  10.be lost:迷路
  11.help sb.do sth.:帮助某人做某事
  12.make sb. do sth.:使某人做某事
  13.be tired:疲倦
  14.decide to do sth.:决定做某事
  15.The Great Wall:长城 Unit11
  1.talk/game/spors show:谈话/游戏/体育节目
  2.soap pera:肥皂剧;连续剧
  3.situation comedy/sitcom:情景喜剧
  4.don’t mind/like:不介意/喜欢
  5.can’t stand:不能容忍
  6.think of:认为
  7.agree with sb.:同意某人意见
  8.in fact:事实上;实际上
  9.a thirteen-year-old boy:一个 13 岁的男孩
  10.sports shows:体育节目
  11.Animal World:动物世界
  12.Tell it like it is!:实话实说
  13.Culture China:中国文化
  14.Chinese cooking:中国烹饪
  15.key ring:钥匙链
  16.ask sb. about sth:问某人关于某事
  17.colorful clothes:颜色鲜艳的衣服
  18. English Today:今日英语
  19. Sports News:运动新闻 Unit12
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  1.be late for class:上课迟到
  2.listen to music:听音乐
  3.have to :不得不
  4.what else:别的什么
  5.sports shoes:运动鞋
  6.go out :出去
  7.after school/class:放学/下课以后
  8.What's up ?:什么事?
  9.school magazine:校刊
  10.I don’t .either.:我也不
  11.on school nights:在学生有课的晚上
  12.Children’s Palace:少年宫
  13.school/family rules:校/家规
  14.make dinner:做饭
  15.wear a uniform:穿制服
  16.gym class:体育课
  17.enjoy nice words about my looks:喜欢赞美自己的话
  18.wash the clothes:洗衣服
年级 内容标题 分类索引号 主题词 供稿老师 录入
初中 学科 G.6
版本 分类索引描述 教学法 栏目名称 审稿老师 审核
七年级(下)单元重点句型、词组 七年级(下)单元重点句型、词组
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   ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 哈佛大学★ 英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站: 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供 七年级下英语句型转换专题训练经典必备 七年级英语句型转换专练 七年级英语句型转换专练 一.把下列句子改为否定句 1. There are some pay phones on that street. There pay phones on that street. ...

七年级下英语句型 免费下载

   七年级(下)单元重点句型、词组 Unit1 1.Where is your pen pal from? --He’s from Australia. =Where does your pen pal come from? -- He comes from Japan. Where are you from? --I’m from the United States. 2.Where does she live? --She lives in Paris. 3.What language do ...


   七年级英语句型转换专练 七年级英语句型转换专练 一.把下列句子改为否定句 1. There are some pay phones on that street. There pay phones on that street. 2. Lucy is writing a letter to her sister. Lucy a letter to her sister. 3. Mary often plays sports after dinner. Mary often sports ...


       本文由0127就贡献     doc          没有  百度文库财富值请到  www.365xueyuan.com  免费帮下载  百度文库积分资料     高考英语作文高考英语作文-经典句型 英语作文 一、 … the +形容词最高级  + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen (known /heard/had/read, etc) 例句 :Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever ...


   英语字根 1,ag=do,act 做,动 2,agri=field 田地,农田(agri 也做 agro,agr) 3,ann=year 年 4,audi=hear 听 5,bell=war 战争 6,brev=short 短 7,ced,ceed,cess=go 行走 8,cept=take 拿取 9,cid,cis=cut,kill 切,杀 10,circ=ring 环,圈 11,claim,clam=cry,shout 喊叫 12,clar=clear 清楚,明白 13,clud=cl ...


   英语语法入门学习 1、所有格:He is Fred's best friend.(-'s) 2、动词现在时的第三人称单数:Alfredo works.(-s) 3、动词过去式:Fred worked.(-ed),但亦有不规则变化。 4、现在分词/进行时态:Fred is working.(-ing)([注]如果动词的末音节 为辅音结尾的闭音节,则须双写末辅音,如 running) 5、过去分词:The car was stolen.(-en);Fred has talked to the p ...


   学好英语的 20 条钻石法则 钻石法则一:发音永远是第一位的! 钻石法则一:发音永远是第一位的! 成千上万的人学了十年英语还不能说标准的英语,发音仍然带有“超级浓重的中国口 音”,导致和外国人交流的时候,听说都成了严重的问题。 还有一大批人,因为发音没有过关,导致经常被人笑话,从而失去了学英语的信心和 兴趣。因为发音没有过关,导致单词死活背不下来!因为发音没有过关,无法朗读和背诵课 文,导致无法真正掌握语法,无法真正形成语感! 总而言之,发音是英语大厦的基石,要不惜一切代价,彻底掌握纯正英语 ...

英语四级单词表 免费下载

   大学英语四级考试大纲 A a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ...

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   A(294 个) a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛 弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态 的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺 乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ...


   英语教学反思 8 篇免费下载 时间过得真快,转眼间,我已在学校担任英语教学 10 年多了,回顾已经过去 的一些日子,真是感慨万分。我激动,也深知自己所担负的重任。 英语是人与人之间用来交流的, 在课上我经常鼓励学生勇于开口, 大胆说英语, 用英语交流,调动学生的积极性,要求学生不怕犯错误,敢于开口,用英语与老 师和同学交流。其实有好多学生在内心也都有用英语与老师同学交流的欲望,但 他们迫于“压力”,怕说错或说不好会被老师批评、同学嘲笑,于是选择了保持沉 默。所以在课上我积极引导学生排除这种心 ...



   Mulan 导演:袁丽娟 导演 类别:动作/剧情/爱情 类别 主演:花木兰?丁彰荣 主演 李 尚?潘洁(反串) 土酋、陛下?魏哲 李德首(李尚父亲)?沈伟 士兵?袁丽娟、魏哲、沈伟 Pat(木兰父亲)?袁丽娟 (反串) 武术指导:沈伟 武术指导 道具准备:魏哲、沈伟 道具准备 PPT制作 制作:沈伟 PPT制作 Long time ago,there was a war in china... Lishang's father is dying,but he says:" Just ...


   黄冈中学河南学校八年级英语试卷 黄冈中学河南学校 Ⅰ. 单项选择。 (每小题 1 分) ( )1. ?How much did you buying the new bike??Three hundred yuan. A. pay B. cost C. take D. spend ( )2. ?Mike felt sad because he failed his exam yesterday. ?I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s . A. cheer him on ...

外研社版 新标准《小学英语》三年级起点 第三册 Module 7

   新标准《小学英语》 外研社版 新标准《小学英语》三年级起点 第三册 Module 7 赵晶 教学年级:小学四年级 课题名题:We’re going to go to Hainan. 课时说明:第 1 课时(40minutes) 一、教材分析: 教材分析: 本节课是外研社新标准小学英语第三册第七模块第一单元第一课时, 本节课 所需时间为 35 分钟。课前的学习内容主要是复习所学有关动作、指令的单词。 学习如何用 be going to 结构来描述自己的出行计划。根据这一主要内容,我确定 了本课 ...


   中国人民大学 2004 年英语专业考研基础英语试题 I.Vocabulary and Written Expressions. (10 Points) . Directions; Write in the blank the letter of the item which best completes each sentence. 1. Tough-talking ward councilor Tony Jones warned yesterday that the drive to cl ...


   英语的基本句型第一篇 (一)Subject (主语) + Verb (谓语) 这种句型中的动词大多是不及物动词,常见的动词如: work, sing, swim, fish, jump, arrive, come, die, disappear, cry, happen 等。 1) Li Ming works very hard.李明学习很努力。 2) The little girl cried even harder. 小女孩哭得更厉害了。 3) The accident happened ...