七年级下期末复习句型转换练习 七年级下期末复习句型转换练习
  1. Tom is studying in the classroom.
  2. I was at the party last Friday.
  3. She has a TV in her bedroom.
  4.They have to clean the classroom after school.
  5. Please tell him about it.
  6. He had a big breakfast yesterday.
  7. They come from Canada.
  8. Joan liked playing tennis and ping-pong.
  9. Jack does his homework at home.
  10. The little girl can play the piano well.
  11.Let's see the elephant first.
  12.I think she is very quiet.
  13. Jack would like a cup of tea.
  14.Tom read that book.
  15. My brother studies in No.6 Middle School. 二,请将下列句子改为一般疑问句.
  1. I was at school yesterday.
  2. They are doing their homework.
  3. Li Lei and Li Ping like pandas.
  4. She wants to be a teacher.
  5. My father bought a bike yesterday.
  6. There is some water in the glass.
  7. They did their homework last night.
  8. They sat on the chair.
  9. He'd like rice for lunch. 三,对下列句子中的划线部分提问.
  1. My friends speak English.
  2. John's favorite subject is act. Tom in the classroom. I at the party last Friday. She a TV in her bedroom. They to clean the classroom after school. tell him about it, please. He a big breakfast yesterday. They from Canada . Joan playing tennis ping-pong. Jack his homework at home. The little girl play the piano well. Let's the elephant first. I think she very quiet. Jack a cup of tea. Tom that book . My brother in No.6 Middle School. at school yesterday? doing their homework? Li Lei and Li Ping pandas? she to be a teacher? your father a bike yesterday? water in the glass? they their homework last night? they on the chair? he rice for lunch?
your friends ? John's favorite subject?
  3. He put his bike in front of the classroom. put his bike?
  4. These black shoes are ten dollars. are these black shoes?
  5. Ann left home at seven o'clock yesterday morning. _ __ __Ann __ home yesterday morning?
  6. My little brother likes dogs because they're friendly. __ __ your little brother __dogs?
  7. His favorite teacher is Mr Zhang.
  8. The chicken are taking photos.
  9. I want a medium bowl of dumplings.
  10. The girl would like cabbage and onion noodles.
  11. He can't stand sitcoms.
  12. It's windy in Beijing today.
  13. The girl is good-looking.
  14. The boy is tall and thin.
  15. They like playing volleyball? his favorite teacher? are the chicken ? bowl dumplings do you want? _ __ of noodles _the girl like ? does he sitcoms? the like in Beijing? the in Beijing? does the girl ? What the boy ? do they like ?

  16. My weekend was great.
  17. I went to the beach on vacation.
  18. She visited her grandmother last weekend? 四,请将下列句子改为同义句.
  1. What do you think of our school ?
  2. What's your father?
  3. How's the weather there?
  4. Do you want any bananas?
  5. Tom's hair is long.
  6. Did you have fun in the park?
  7. It's time for school.
  8. Jim's uncle isn't from Beijing.
  9. Can I help you?
  10.He has no dog and no family.
  11.She dosen't see anything in the bag.
  12.They showed six things to us .
  13.Don't smoke in the hospital.
  14.He is often later for class.
  15.We like key rings, too.
  16.He is tall.He has shortt hair.
  17.I ' like beef and tomato noodles.
  18.You can't take it here.
  19.What else do you like?
  20. We enjoyed oursevles in the zoo.
  21.I'd like to drink green tea.
  22.How is everything ?
  23.We study very hard each.
  24.How about doing some reading?
  25.How was the weather? 五,根据汉语意思,完成下列句子,每空一词.
  1. 这附近有银行吗?有.
was weekend? you go on vacation? did she last weekend? do you our school ? What your father ? the there? you some bananas? Tom hair. Did you have a in the park ? It's time to school. Jim's uncle from Beijing. can I you? He dog family. She in the classroom. They showed . in the hospital. He for class. We key ring. He is . . I'd like noodles it here. What do you like? We in the zoo. drink green tea. I How ? of very hard. some reading? the weather ? a bank here? Yes,there is. our school. I love meat, but I vegetable. We home because there are no buses. your weekend? My brother a policeman. Bill is . He has hair. He in with his . My friend comes . Who your brother ? Where you lunch yesterday?I lunch at home. He at home. did the kids the weekend? My pen pal is a boy.
arrive school. I have to bed nine o'clock. Do you enjoy in China? Would you like with us? ?What does your friend ? ?He is , and has .
  22. ?您想要什么面条? ? noodles you ? ?牛肉面. ? .
  23. ?放学后,你经常做什么? ?What do you often do ? ?踢足球. ?I often .
  24. ?他去哪儿度假了? ?Where did he go ? ?他去了海滩. ?He .
  25.上周我看了一部肥皂剧,它使我很兴奋. Last week I saw a . It made me very excited.
  26. 我不介意年青人怎样看我. I don't mind what young people me.
  27.李明的假期过得怎么样? Liming's .
  28.她从来不快乐. She has fun.
  29.他受不了老人穿颜色鲜艳的衣服. He the old people . .
  30.感谢你加入我们. Thanks 六. 根据句意及所给汉语提示,用该短语的适当形式完成下列句子.
  1. The girl looks (有几分) shy. She talks little.
  2. ?What does your father do, Mary? ?He works in a (电视台) .
  3. The (投币式公用电话) is (在……对面) the library.
  4. Lisa went to the movies last weekend. She (玩的开心;) there.
  5. ?Are they (谈论) the animals in the sitting room? ?No, they are (在电话上交谈).
  6. ?Is there a big supermarket (在临近的地区)? ?Yes, there is. It's (在……旁边) the hospital.
  7. Do you watch TV (在晚上)
  8. ?Why don't you (看电视) at home? ?Because the (电视节目) is boring.
  9. ?Who are Ben and Sam (和……交谈)? ?The two (女警察)
  10. ?How can we (到达)the Hongxiang Hotel? ?You can (乘出租车) from the airport. (穿过) the Center Avenue and (向左拐). It's (在……前面) Hualing Store.
  11. ?Where is your (笔友) from? ?He is from New York . ?Do you often (给……写信) him? ?Yes. We usually send e-mails to each other.
  12. My house is (在……之间) the No. 1 Middle School and the Nanshan Park. My parents always (散步) in the park (饭后)
  13. My brother wants to be a (银行职员)
  14. ?I think English is very interesting. ?I (同意)you.
  15. Look! They're (等待)the bus.
  16. They decided to go to .(少年宫)

  21. ?你的朋友看上去什么样? ?他中等体格,长着卷曲的头发.

  17. What do you think of (故宫)?
  18. What about the (运动鞋)?
  19. My father works in a .(警察局)
  20. My friend enjoys .(拍照)
  21. Where did you go (在度假)?
  22. He doesn't live there (不再).
  23. Let me help you (寻找)your pen.
  24. (怎么样) going shopping?
  25. (该……的时候了)get up.
  26. Tom (不得不) stay at home and do his homework.
  27. My sister likes (阅读).
  28. Mike had (两碗) rice for lunch.
  29. (实际上),he is very clever.
  30.My English teacher likes (讲笑话)
  31. He got up early (为了)catch the bus.
  32. My mother works for a (邮局). 七, 请用方框中所给短语的适当形式完成句子,每个短语仅用一次. wait for; on the right; go out to dinners; come from; police station; go straight; at night; pretty good; the way to...; beach volleyball; in order to; take photos; during the day; post office; school play
  1. ?How is it going, Jeff? ? .
  2. Does your mother work in a or in a ?
  3. ?Who is your English teacher at the school gate? ?Her son, I think.
  4. ?Can you tell me the Garden District? ?Sure. It's not far. and it's of the hotel.
  5. ?It's snowing outside. Let's . ?That sounds great.
  6. ?I like singing and dancing. ?If you want to be in the please call Mary at 767-66
  7. ?Why do people want to ? ?Because they think the food in the restaurants is more delicious than that cooked at home.
  8. ?Look at the young kids. What are they doing on the beach? ?They are playing . How happy they are!
  9. I'm going to listen to the tapes improve my English.
  10. Koalas Australia. They sleep , but they get up and eat leaves .



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