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七年级下英语期末卷 七年级下英语期末卷
一.听对话,选择正确的答案。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Where are they? A. In a school. )
  2. How much is it? A. $80 B. At home. B. $88 C. In a noodle house. C. RMB88
(15 分)
  3. What does Jim like? A. Rice. B. Beef. C. Tomatoes. )
  4. Would Sally like some vegetable dumplings for lunch? A. Yes. B. No. C. I don’t know.
  5.What’s your address? A. The library. B. The supermarket. C. 25 Center Street. 二、听两段长对话,选择正确的答案(10 分) A ( )
  6. What’s the weather like in Bill’s city? A. sunny B. snowy C. cloudy ( )
  7. What are Bill and Jim doing? A. watching a basketball game B. doing homework C. watching a big football game B ( )
  8. What’s Lin Tao’s mother’s job? A. a nurse B. a Chinese teacher C. an English teacher ( )
  9. What does Lin Tao want to be? A. a bank clerk B. a teacher C. a report ( )
  10. Why does Tom want to be a reporter? A. Because it’s interesting. B. Because he can meet interesting people every day. C. Because he like talking.
(8 5 分)
一、单项选择(15 分) ( )
  1. Here two letters you. ( ( A. are; to B. is; for C. is; to D. are; for )
  2. Can you tell me the way the tea house near here? A. to B. in C. at D. for beef. )
  3. ? I don’t like mutton I like beef a lot. ? I don’t like mutton, A. and, but B. and, and C. or, but D. or, and
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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  4. - -It’s Mary. A. What's she like? B. What does she do? C. Who's that? )
  5. My brother likes to black shirts. A. in B. put on C. dress D. wear )
  6. Ann is a girl. We all like her. A. bad B. unfriendly C. interesting )
  7. My son is a book in his room. A. looking at B. watching C. reading
D. How old is she?
D. nice D. looking
  8. Do you like noodles chicken? A. have B. of C. with D. has )
  9. -What size shoes do you want? -. A. Small shoes B. Size 36 C. 36 size D. Big shoes )
  10. do you go shopping? Sometimes. A. Where B. How often C. How long D. How much )
  11. They usually go home lunch. A. to; for B. to; at C. /; at )
  12. I’d like an action movie. A. see B. to see D. seeing D. watch D. /; for
  13.He’d like some and . A. beef, tomatoes B. beefs, tomatoes C. beef, tomato )
  14. Would you like some oranges? A. Yes, thanks B. No, please C. Yes, please did Mrs Black cook dinner? )
  15. For half an hour. A. When B. How long C. How often
D. beefs, tomato D. No, don’t help me.
D. How many times
二.完型填空。(10 分) Mumu is a Chinese boy. But now he 1 in the UK. He lives and 2 with Mr and Mrs Green in London. They are very nice to him. But they like different 3 . For breakfast, Mr and Mrs Green would like milk, eggs and some vegetables, sometimes they have fruits. Mumu would like milk and eggs, but he wouldn’t like vegetables 4 the breakfast time. Lunch is at one 5 . Mr and Mrs Green usually have large hamburgers. Mumu
doesn’t like 6 . He thinks they’re 7 . He would like some rice. After that, 8 like some fruits. 9 Mr and Mrs Green usually have afternoon tea. For dinner, Mr and Mrs Green have soup, beef, vegetables and fruit. Mumu wouldn’t like 10 beef, he’d like some noodles. B. is C. am D. isn’t ( )
  1. A. live B. have C. eats D. has ( )
  2. A. eat
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( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  3. A. vegetables )
  4. A. in )
  5. A. clock )
  6. A. them )
  7. A. not bad )
  8. A. they’re )
  9. A. Or )
  10. A. any
B. sports B. of B. time B. they B. unhealthy B. she’d B. So B. some
C. food C. at C. a clock C. it C. healthy C. he’d C. And C. many
D. TV shows D. on D. o’clock D. its D. delicious D. he’s D. But D. a lot
三、阅读理解。(30 分) A 阅读下面的两则广告,选择正确答案。 KFC Tel:62550011 Address: 28 Bridge Street Open: 9:00 a.m.~11:00 p.m. Food: fried chicken French fries hamburgers porridge Drink: coke coffee milk juice Dessert: ice cream Soup: vegetable soup ( Big Pizza(比萨饼) Tel: 88819056 Address: 102 Ting Street Open:9:30a.m.~12:00 p.m. Food: beef pizza mutton pizza fruit pizza vegetable pizza Drink: coffee milk fruit juice Dessert: ice cream Soup: Italy soup
. )
  1.If you’d like hamburgers, you can A. go to Big Pizza B. call 62550011 C. call 88819056 D. go to 102 Ting Street )
  2. What can’t you have in Big Pizza? A. French fries B. Milk C. Coffee D. Fruit pizza )
  3. What can you have at 11:30 p.m.? A. French fries B. Porridge C. Pizza D. hamburgers )
  4.Where can you eat ice cream? A. In KFC. B. In Big Pizza. C. Italy D. Both A and B. )
  5. 请你为其中的一家店设计一句广告词。
( ( ( (
B One day an old man is selling a big elephant. A young man comes to the elephant and begins to look at it slowly. The old man goes up to him and says in his ear, “Don’t say anything about the elephant before I sell it. Then I will give you twenty dollars.” “All right,”
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says the young man. After the old man sells the elephant, he gives the young man twenty dollars and says, “Now, can you tell me how you found the elephant’s bad ears?” “I didn’t find the bad ears,” says the young man. “Then why are you looking at the elephant slowly?” asks the old man. The young man answers, “Because I have never seen (从没见过) an elephant before, and I want to know what it looks like.” ( )
  1. the elephant. A. The young man sells B. The old man sells C. The two men sell D. The old man buys ( )
  2. The young man is looking at the elephant slowly. He wants to find out . A. which foot of the elephant is bad B. how heavy it is C. which ear of the elephant is bad D. what it looks like ( )
  3. The young man . A. knows the elephant has bad ears B. wants to buy the elephant C. looks after the elephant D. gets some money from the old man ( )
  4. The young man . A. is not interested in elephants (be … interested in 对…感兴趣) B. knows what an elephant looks like C. has seen some elephants before D. has never seen an elephant before ( )
  5. Hearing what the young man said, the old man will probably(可能) be A. angry B. happy C. dangerous D. hungry C Bob Pearson is an old man. He has two big houses and a new car. He has no wife. But he is a father of four children. He has two sons and two daughters. One son is from England. His name is Bill. The other son is from America. His name is Mike. One of his daughters is from China. Her name is Lanlan. The other one is from Japan. Her name is Mikou. Bob Pearson is not the children’s real(真正的) father, but he loves them very much. The children love their “father”, too. Bob Pearson has many toys for the children. He gives different toys to different children. The boys play with toy cars. The girls play with dolls and toy animals. Bob Pearson is the children’s “father”, and he is their friend, too. ( )
  1. There are people in Bob’s family. A. four B. five C. six D. no ( )
  2. The children his own children. A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t ( )
  3. His children are from countries. A. the same B. American and Japanese C. different D. English and Chinese for his daughter. ( )
  4. Bob bought A. toy cars B. dolls C. toy animals D. B and C ( )
  5. Which of the following sentences is right? A. Bob Pearson is a very nice young man. B. Bob and Mikou like toy animals. C. The young Bob had a wife. D. Lanlan is a Chinese girl and likes dolls.
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四.单词拼写。(10 分)
  1. I don’t like reading (任何的) books.
  2. He is sleeping (在 期间) the night.
  3. He likes listening to these (故事).
  4. Don’t play with fire, children! It is (危险的).
  5. These girls are (女警察).
  6. Many people don’t like his new (造型).
  7. Wang Lin is the (队长) of the basketball team.
  8. The bus is (拥挤的). There are too many people in it.
  9. My brother wants to be a police officer. He thinks it’s an (激动人心的) job.
  10. Her desk is on the (右边). 五、任务型阅读 (10 分) Mr. Mason is standing in front of a car. He is looking at it. It is a beautiful car and it is very big. Mr. Mason likes big cars. Mr. Mason is standing in front of a policeman. The policeman is looking at the car, too. He is writing in a notebook. Now he is giving a piece of paper to Mr. Mason. Policeman: Excuse me, sir. Mr. Mason: Yes? Policeman: This is for you. Mr. Mason: What is it? Policeman: It’s a ticket. Mr. Mason: A ticket? Policeman: Can you see the notice(布告)? Mr. Mason: Yes. Policeman: It says “NO PARKING”. Mr. Mason: This isn’t my car. 根据上面的内容完成下面的句子:(一个空格只能写一个单词)
  1. The policeman is standing Mr. Mason.
  2. This policeman gives Mr. Mason a .
  3. Mr. Mason says that car isn’t . your car here.
  4. “No Parking” means you can’t
  5. The car is on the . 六、选词填空。 (10%) help, fly, with, class, of, shop, make, after, play, some, he, no Mike is a student No.2 Middle School. He has from Monday to Friday. He has much homework to do school. At the weekends, he his parents do farm work. Sometimes he goes with his mother. He doesn’t have time to play football in the day. So he often with his friends in the evening. But now he a model plane in bedroom. He wants it in the park tomorrow.
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听力材料及答案 听力材料及答案
一. 听对话,选择正确的答案。
  1. W: Hello! Can I help you? M: Yes, I’d like a bowl of noodles, please.
  2. W: What can I do for you? M: I’d like a blue sweater. W: Here you are. It’s eighty-eight dollars.
  3. W: I like some rice and beef. What about you, Jim? M: I don’t like any rice or beef, I like tomatoes a lot.
  4. W: Would you like some vegetable dumplings for breakfast, Sally? M: No, but I’d like them for lunch.
  5. W: Where do you live? M: I live at 25 Center Street, between the library and the supermarket. (C B C A C ) 二、听两段长对话,选择正确答案。 1 A: Hello, this is Jim, who is that? B: Hi, Jim . This is Bill. A: Oh, Bill, What’s the weather like there? B: It’s cloudy. What are you doing now? Jim A: I am watching a big football game. B: Great! Me too! 2 A: Lin Tao , Can I ask you some questions? B: OK. A: What does your mother do? B: She is a teacher. She teaches English. A: What do you want to be? B: I want to be a teacher too. What about you? Tom A: I want to be a reporter.. I can meet interesting people everyday. (C C C B B) 笔试部分答案 一、单项选择 DAC C D DCCBB D BAC B
二、完型填空。 BCCCD ABC CA 三、阅读理解 (A)B A C D 略 (B)B D D D A (C)B D C D D 四、单词拼写 any, during, stories, dangerous, policewomen, look, captain, crowded, exciting, right
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五、任务型阅读 behind, ticket, his, park, street 六、选词填空 of, classes, after, helps, shopping, any, plays, is making, his, to fly
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