七下单元测试卷( 七下单元测试卷(unit 7unit
  8) )
英才学校 袁少波 一.单项选择(20 分) 单项选择
  1.There are tomatoes in it, but there isn’t mutton in it. A.some, some B. some, any C. any , any D. any, some. milk, but he likes tea beer.
  2. He doesn’t like coffee A. and, and B. and , or C. or, and D. or, or
  3. Sarah tall and she short hair. A. .is, has B. is, is C. has , is D. has, has
  4. I was busy this week. A.a bit of B. a little bit C. a bit little D. a little bit of long black hair. She is a red hat.
  5. She is good- looking A .has, has B. with, on C. has , wears D. with, wearing
  6. bowl of noodles he like? A medium one A.What, does B. what size, would C. What kind, would D. How, would
  7.He’d like a bowl of noodles chicken and cabbage. A. has B. have C. with D. in
  8. We have dumplings and green tea. A. also B. too C. either D. neither
  9. What dumpling would Alice ? A. to like B. likes C. like D. want
  10. He a large juice. A. would like B. would likes C. like D. want , So he can go shopping and nobody him.
  11. The pop singer has a new A. song, know B. look, knows C. coat, knows D. CD, know
  12. I’d like some noodles. ? A. What would you like B. What kind of noodles would you like C.What dumplings would you like D. Can I help you
  13.Would you like something to eat? . I’m not hungry. A.I’d like it B. I would C. Yes, thank D. No, thanks
  14. Her brother a beard. A. have, B. don’t have C. doesn’t has D. doesn’t have
  15. does your friend look like? She is medium build. A. What B. How C. Why D. When

  16. Do you remember the popular singer long straight hair? A. has B. is C. looks like D. with

  17. Cathy medium build and curly hair. A. has, has B. is, is C. is, has D. is, has a

  18. Peter medium height? A. Does, does B. Has, has
Yes, he . C. Is, does D. Is, is

  19. Nancy always red dress and white shoes.
A. is
B. looks like
C. is wearing
D. wears

  20. Would you like some ? A. apples juice B. apple juices C. apple juice D. apples juices 二.完型填空(10 分) 完型填空 Hello, everyone. I’m an America girl. My favorite 1 is football. In my country, people call it 2 . I have a sister. 3 name is Lucy. We like 4 football on TV. We are football 5 , but we are not good 6 it. My favorite football 7 is David Beckham. He is good at 8 football. He has many fans 9 the world. Let’s 10 him our best wishes. Go for it, David Beckham.
  1. A. name B. drink C. food D. sport
  2.A. volleyball B. basketball C .soccer D. ping-pong
  3.A. Her B. Hers C. She D. Her’s
  4.A. to watch B. see C. watch D. to see
  5.A. teams B fans C. player D. shoes
  6. A. for B. at C. in D. on
  7. A. play B. plays C. player D. players
  8.A. do B. doing C. play D. playing
  9. A. all over B. on C. all D. over all
  10.A. make B. give C. play D. take 读理解(20 分) 三.阅读理解 A My sister Sharon and I look very different. She ‘s tall, and I’m short. She has short, curly dark hair, and I have long, straight blond hair. We both dark eyes, but Sharon wears glasses, and I don’t. And she always wears large earrings. I don’t wear earring. Sharon and I do many things together. We watch movies together, and we often go shopping. We play tennis together each Saturday. Often, people don’t know that Sharon and I are sisters, because we look so different. But we are also good friends.
  1.What does Sharon look like? She. A. is tall and has dark hair B. doesn’t wear earrings C. has long, straight blond hair D. is short and dark hair
  2.The sisters don’t together. A. exercise B. play tennis C. go shopping D. watch movies
  3. The two sisters both. A. wear glasses B. have blond hair C. like earrings D. have dark eyes
  4.what does the word “ different” mean in Chinese? A.一样的 B. 困难的 C. 不一样的 D. 友善的
  5.Which is the best title( 题目) for this reading? A. Meeting New Fiends B. My Hobbies. C. Two sisters D. Playing Tennis B Tom is a little boy, and he is only seven years old. One day he goes to the cinema(电影院). It is the first time for him to do that. He buys a ticket and then goes in. But after two or three minutes(分钟) he comes out, buys a second ticket and goes in again. After a few minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket. Two or three minutes after he comes out and asks for another(另一
张)ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office ( 售票处 ) asks him, “ Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet?” Tom answers,” No, I have no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears (撕) my ticket to pieces( 片)
  1.Tom wants to buy when the girl asks him . A. the second ticket B. the third ticket C. the fourth ticket D. the fifth ticket
  2.The big boy stops Tom at the door because . A.it is the big boy’s job. B. the big boy doesn’t like Tom. C.the big boy doesn’t know Tom D. Tom doesn’t buy tickets at all.
  3.The big boy is at the cinema. A. a bookseller B. a policeman C. a shopkeeper D. a worker
  4.From the story we know. A.the little boy have a lot of money B. the little boy knows nothing about the cinema C. the big boy isn’t friendly to Tom D. the girl wants to get more money
  5.Which of the following is Not Right in the passage? A.Tom buys the tickets for himself. B.Tom doesn’t go for the cinema before. C.Tom is too young to make friends. D.Tom has no friend at the cinema. 四.选词填空,用所给单词的适当形式填空, 每个单词只用一次. (10 分) 选词填空,用所给单词的适当形式填空, 每个单词只用一次. talk ,school, child, friendly, work, Chinese, live, be, speak, on Mr King is from the U.S.A. He 1 an American teacher. He teaches in a middle 2 in Hangzhou. He can 3 a little Chinese. He goes to 4 classes every Tuesday evening. He likes 5 in China. He says the Chinese people are very 6 . Mrs King is a farmer. She still stays in America. She has a lot of farm work to do there. Mr and Mrs King have two 7 , a son and a daughter. They are twins. They 8 in Hangzhou with their father. They go to school 9 weekdays in their father’s car. They can speak Chinese well. Look, they are 10 with their friends in Chinese in the classroom. 五.根据所给单词,首字母或中文意思填空.(10 分) 根据所给单词,首字母或中文意思填空
  1. She’s a ( 受欢迎的) teacher in school.
  2. Can you (记住) what her new look is?
  3. It’s time ( 回家 ) home.
  4. His sister is(中等的) build.
  5. My friend has(卷曲的) hair.
  6.David Beckham is the c of the English football team.

  7. Please give me a bottle of orange j.
  8.How did you s your weekend?
  9.Hang Hong is a famous s
  10.Beijing is the C of China. 六. 改写句子(10 分)

  1.She has curly hair.(否定句) curly hair. She

  2. Mary’s hair is blonde straight. (同义句) Mary blonde and straight .
  3. She likes dumplings, fish and apple juice. (改为否定句) She like dumplings, fish apple juice.

  4.I’d a small bowl of bowl of rice.( 改为选择疑问句) you like a small bowl a big bowl of rice?
  5.Jim’s brother would like a large bowl of porridge.(对划线提问) bowl of porridge would Jim’s brother like? 七. 书面表达(10 分)
请以 My English teacher 为题写一篇短文,介绍一下你的英语教师,内容包括他或她的年龄、外貌和 爱好等。



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