七年级下英语 unit1-3 单元测试 姓名: 姓名:
一、单项选择。( 分) 单项选择。(15 。( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Giraffe are )
  2. Let’s A in , at interesting. A. kind of B. kinds of C. kind for B. see C. watch dolphins first in the zoo. A. look B on , at C on , in A.do A.busy B. is C. are B.lazy C.clever
成绩: 成绩:

  3. Sometimes they work the day and sometimes night. )
  4.Where your teachers from? )
  5.He is .He is very good at math. )
  6. What’s your favorite
? ? Hong Kong.
A. country B. city C. subject )
  7.My mother doesn’t like . A.run B.swimming C.skating )
  8.? she during the day??Yes,she does. B.Do;sleep C.Are;sleeping A.Does;sleep )
  9. Are there any books in the school library????? B.What
AYes, they are. B. No, there are. C. Yes, there are. ( )
  10.? are koalas from??Australia. A.When C.Where ( )
  11、Can you tell me the way to and turn B Walk policeman B through , at because doing , work It’s it the bank? park. C is C C Go to Sure. the street A Walk , at ( ( ( ( )
  12、I want a A to be , job left the
down , on do , job
an exciting .

  13、Welcome to A good , walking )
  14、We are at
a place to . good , have fun B be C can
B fine , enjoy
the library . Please quiet .A do

  15.He _walk after dinner .A likes taking a B like take a C likes to take Li Lei gets an e-mail 41 Jackson Wilson. Jack is a student in Canada. He
三、完形填空 (10 分) wants to 42 Chinese.
Dear friend,
My name is Jack Wilson. I am from Toronto, 43 . I am 13 years old. I’m a schoolboy. I know China is a great China and I want to learn Chinese. There are nineteen students in
44 . I want to make friends(交朋友)
class. My classmates are from six
47 50
countries. They are learning English. My parents are from France. They I speak English and French. There are many Chinese learn Chinese , 49 Please write back soon. Thank you.
French. me ?
in Toronto. I want to
I don’t have any Chinese textbooks. Could you
Jack Wilson
  16. A. for B. to C. from D. of )
  17. A. teach B. learn C. speak D. know )
  18. A. Canada B. Japan C. Australia D. France )
  19. A. city B. country C. people D. school )
  20. A.on B. at C. in D. to )
  21. A. his B. your C. my D. their
  22. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk )
  23. A. there B. here C. peoples D. students )
  24. A. so B. and C. for D. but )
  25. A. give B. help C. write D. leave 四 阅读理解 (30 分) A.阅读理解,根据短文内容,判断句子正(T)误(F) Susan is a little girl.She is five years old.She doesn’t go to school and doesn’t know how to read and write.But her sister Mary is a school girl.She is ten. One day,Susan sits at the table with a pen in her hand and a piece of paper in front of her.“What are you doing,Susan?”Mary asks. “I’m writing a letter to my friend,Rose.”Susan says. “But you can’t,”Her sister says.“You don’t know how to write.” “Well,”Susan says.“Rose is only four.She doesn’t know how to read.” ( )
  31.Susan is a maths teacher.She is a good girl. ( )
  32.Mary knows how to read and write. ( )
  33.Susan doesn’t know how to read and write.( )
  34.Rose studies very hard. ( )
  35.Rose is over five years old. (A) A French woman goes to London to see her son. She knows a little English, but can not speak it very well.One day she goes to a shop.She wants to buy a hen(母鸡) for supper.But she can not remember(记得) the English word for “hen”.Just then the shop waiter asks her: “Can I help you?” “I want the egg’s mother ”the woman ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
answered. The shop waiter does not understand(明白) her and says:“ Sorry,
have not any bigger(较大的) eggs.” Suddenly(突然) the woman remembers(记起) the word “cock(公鸡)”.She says:“ I want the cock’s wife!” This time the shop waiter laughs(笑). ( )
  26.The woman goes to London. A. to learn English B .to have supper C. to see her son ( )
  27.The woman. A. only knows a little English B .knows much English C. doesn’t know English ( )
  28.The shop waiter think the egg’s mother must be””. A. bigger eggs B .the cock’s wife C. hens ( )
  29.The shop waiter laughs because he . A.understand the woman at last B.think it is interesting(有趣的) C. does not understand the woman ( )
  30. Is the woman clever(聪明的)? A. Yes he is B. No she isn’t C. Yes she is (B) ) Mr. and Mrs. Smith come from London, England. They work in China now. They teach English in a middle school . They like their work very much. They have two children, Sam and Sue. They are both in Shanghai with their parents. Mr. Smith
can’t speak Chinese, but his wife can speak it very well. Mr. Smith likes swimming and reading, and Mrs. Smith likes swimming and reading, too. They often go swimming in the afternoon and read in the evening. Sam and Sue like playing games with Chinese boys and girls. Sam’s uncle works on a farm near London. He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in Shanghai, but he can’t speak Chinese. So he is still(仍然) there and goes to Chinese classes every day. ( )
  31.Where are Sam and Sue from ? A. Canada B. America C. England ( )
  32. What sport does Mrs. Smith like ? A. Swimming B. Running C. Playing basketball D. Walking ( )
  33. What does Sam’s uncle do ? A. A teacher B. A worker C. A farmer D. An actor ( )
  34. What does Sue like ? A. Swimming and reading B. Playing computer games C. Watching TV ( )
  35. are in different countries now. A. Mr. and Mrs. Smith B. Mrs. Smith and her children C. Mr. Smith and his brother D. Mr. Smith and his children 选词填空。 五、选词填空。(10 分) next to, Excuse me, speak, Let?s, reporter

see the tigers first. ? the bank. at a TV station.

  37. What language does your pen pal
  38. The post office is
  39. I want to be a
. Is there a restaurant in the neighborhood?
  40. 根据中文提示完成句子。 六、根据中文提示完成句子。(10 分)
  41.图书馆就在公园的对面。 The library is just the park.

  43.他的笔友来自澳大利亚。 His pen pal Australia.
  20.你还喜欢其他什么动物? animals do you like? 45 小偷不喜欢警察。 don’t like . 句型转换( 七.句型转换(10 分) 句型转换
  46.There is a bank near here. (改成一般疑问句)I a bank near here?
  47. His father is a doctor.(就划线部分提问) his father ?
  48. Her uncle wants to be a doctor because it’s kind of interesting.(同上) her uncle to be a doctor?
  49. Is Jack’s pen friend from Canada?(改为同义句) Jack’s pen friend Canada?
  50. His family want to see the animals on Sunday.(对划线部分提问) his family to see the animals? 书面表达(15 分) 八、书面表达 根据下列词和词组介绍一下熊猫的习性, 之间。( 。(10 根据下列词和词组介绍一下熊猫的习性,数字在 50?80 之间。( 分) Ling ling two years old nice, beautiful, shy big and fat, black and white eat bamboos(竹子) be from China



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   英语六级完美过级方案 听力是很多同学头疼的一块,我发现很多同学四六级差一点但没过都是卡在听力上的。 很多人认为听力很难,因此平时就放弃听力的提高机会,想从其他方面多提高一点,其实我 觉得这是一个很大的误区。 真正说难提高的我觉得是阅读, 我觉得除了掌握正确阅读技巧之 外,长期的训练才会有好的效果,阅读的提高没大家想的那么容易。综合部分主要考查词汇 的运用,我觉得六级考试最难考的部分就是它了,虽然有的人把六级词汇背个两三遍,但不 见得在这方面能拿好分数,这部分对词汇的要求实在有些过高,有些选项 ...


   Source: 2008-01-21 我要投稿 恒星英语学习论坛 Favorite V vacant a.空的;未被占用的 vacation n.假期,休假 vacuum n.真空;真空吸尘器 vague a.模糊的,含糊的 vain a.徒劳的;自负的 valid a.有效的;正当的 valley n.(山)谷,溪谷;流域 valuable a.值钱的;有价值的 value n.价值;价格 vt.评价 van n.大篷车,运货车 vanish vi.突然不见,消失 vanity n.虚荣心 ...