9. What l does your father speak? He speaks French. What’s your favorite s? My f subjects are math and science. Does she have any brothers and s? Please write and tell me about y. W does Paul live? He lives in Canada. Can you w a letter to me soon? Where a your pen pals from? They are from Australia and France. He l going to the movies with his friends and playing chess. Where does his pen friend c from? He comes from America.

  10. Is that y new pen pal? Yes,he is .
  11. Is there a post office in the n? Yes ,there is.
  12. Just go s and t left.
  13. Take a walk t the park on Second Avenue.
  14. September 1st is the b of a new term.
  15. There is a b over the river.
  16. T don’t like him because he is a policeman .
  17. .She is a w, and she works in a restaurant .
  18. .I have much money w me.
  19. .I like t with people and wstories .
  20. .My work is i and exciting .
  21. The animals are very d..
  22. Zhaobenshan is a good a and we all like him very much
  23. Can you s your new pen to me ?
  24. I hope you have a good t to Hangzhou.
  25. W do you like pandas? Because they’re kind of cute.
  26. Look!The kids are f kites over there in the open air.
  27. I want to be a rand work for a TV station.
  28. Many children are p basketball on the playground now.
  29. Listen! The girl is s an English song in her room.

  30. In summer,people like to s at the swimming pool. In winter ,children like to play w snow.
  31. Everyone is ha good time in the park.
  32. We all enjoy waction movies.
  33. Li Jie is the cof the football team.
  34. Her mother is of medium b..
  35. What s bowl of noodles would you like??I’d like a large bowl.
  36. Do you like to twith people?
  37. His grandfather likes telling jvery much.
  38. Our Chinese teacher often t us interesting stories.
  39. A are in the zoo.
  40. Her p are both farmers.
  41. ?Where does Ann s??She studies at No.14 Middle School.
  42. Be qin the library ,please.
  44. I have a J friend, but she can speak Chinese very well. It’s very cold in w and hot in summer..

  45. I like summer because it’s severy day .
  46. If you want to borrow some books , you can go to the l.
  47. China is a cand Beijing is a city..
  48. The students went to summer camp and t some photos.
  49. He is a policeman . It’s an i but dangerous job.
  50. Look! The c are playing football on the playground.
  51. Listen! The birds are s in the tree.
  52. There is a orange in the basket. o homework now.

  53. Kate and I are doing

  54. Does he h a sister? Yes ,she does.
  55. My father ha new car. He likes it very much.
  56. Tony sits b Jim and me. We are good friends.

  57. Last weekend,we visited the C Palace.

  58. ?Why do you like pandas? ?B they’re very cute.
  59. Where’s your pen pal from? He is from Beijing ,C. . . e . story?

  60. The people in Guangxi are very f
  61. Don’t climb the tall tree. It’s d

  62. Do you like to write an interesting and
  63. They teach in a middle school, they are t
  64. I like my job, because it’s r
  65. .In spring, the l .
on the trees turn green.

  66. The post office is on the First A.
  67. Lucy likes playing the p very much.
  68. My parents want to v
  69. Let’s r Japan one day.
the newspaper together . . I’m afraid to go there alone(独自).

  70. The zoo near my home is very d
  71. Go a
the street when the traffic light (灯) is green.

  72. Can you write to me s?
  73. Go down this street and turn r.
  74. The people in the market are very c
  75. We can see many kinds of a in the zoo.
  76. Don’t t
  77. I’m very h too much in class. . I want something to eat. .

  78. Sometimes we take a walk a dinner.
  79. He found a little girl c in the corner on his way home..
  80. They decided to go there on f.
  81. I didn’t have any money f a taxi,so I walked back home.
  82. She isn’t doing her homework. She's doing some r.
  83. It's seven in the morning. The Blacks are h breakfast.
  84. My brother is ta shower now.
  85. You should p speaking English every day.
  86. She enjoys nice w about her looks.

  87. Do you mind o the window?
  88. I was s at the bad news.
  89. The old woman can’t s the idea that old people can’t be beautiful.
  90. She doesn’t mind what young people t of her.
  91. He was tired and he didn’t want to do a any more.
  92. The girl is very shy .She doesn’t want to talk w others.
  93. What’s the w like today? It’s sunny and hot.
  94. How’s it g? Pretty good..

  95. What do they think of e thing?
  96. Can you please put my letter in next month’s m?
  97. He doesn’t like talk shows. I don’t like talk shows, e.
  98. She w to the library and read a book about history.
  99. Sichuan food is very d. 1
  00. The things in the supermarket are very e.
  1. language
  2.subject, favorite
  3. sisters
  9. come
  10. your
  11. neighborhood
  12. straight, turn
  13. through
  15. bridge
  16. Thieves
  17. waitress
  18. with
  19. talking,writing
  20. interesting
  21. dangerous
  22. actor
  23. show
  24. trip
  25. Why
  26. flying
  27. reporter
  28. playing
  29. singing
  30. swim, with
  31. having
  32. watching
  33. captain
  34. build
  35. size
  36. talk
  37. jokes
  38. tells
  40. parents
  41. study
  42. quiet
  43. Japanese
  44. winter
  45. sunny
  46. library
  49. interesting
  50. children
  54. have
  55. has
  56. between
  58. Because
  59. China
  60. friendly
  63. teachers
  64. relaxing
  65. leaves
  66. Avenue
  67. piano
  68. visit
  69. read
  70. dangerous
  71. across
  72. soon
  73. right
  74. crowded
  75. animals
  77. hungry
  79. crying
  80. foot
  81. for
  82. reading
  85. practice
  86. words
  88. surprised
  89. stand
  90. think

  93. weather
  94. going
  95. each
  96. magazine
  97. either
  99. delicious 1


2006-2007八年级下英语期末专项复习 作文

   2006学年第二学期厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习五书面表达 厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习 2006-2007 学年第二学期厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习五书面表达 一、请写一篇短文,词数 60-90 字左右,描述自己最喜欢的一样物品,比如:手表,围巾, 书包,自行车,MP3 等等。内容应包括以下几点: 1. 物品的来历(自己买的,别人送的。。 。) 2. 物品的简单特征。 3. 你喜欢它的原因。 二、 假如你是李新。 根据所给的英文提示词, 给你在美国的笔友 Bob 写一封信, ...


   九年级英语专项复习(完成句子) 九年级英语专项复习(完成句子) 1. I to talk with her. 互相学习。 3. I can’t help you . --I’m too busy. 他刚考试不及格。 6.He doing the homeworksupper. 7.Fruits and vegetables you. 8.His parents him. 10.John has a lot of family rules. 9. him two hours to d ...


   语法专项复习-直接引语和 语法专项复习 直接引语和 间接引语 Zou Runxia For example: 1.Mary said,“I have a story book.” Mary said she had a story book. 2.He said,“Are you interested in English.” He asked me if/whether I was interested in English. 3.He asked me,“What can I do fo ...


   六年级英语上册专项复习(听读句子填写所缺的单词) 南海区丹灶镇罗行小学 谢志良 1. My pen pal in Shangdong. 2.,the library is next to the hospital. 3.Don’t put any in the soil. 4.The sun shines and the water vapour. 5. If you enjoy helping people, you can be a. 6. Look at 7.You can 8. 9. ...


   课本作文专项 课本作文专项 (1) One day, a man called Wang Wei was visiting New York. When he got P8 to the hotel, he found his ID card was lost. He was very upset. He looked for it everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Wang Wei was so worried. What should he do? ...


   小学英语六年级专项练习( 小学英语六年级专项练习(四) Class Name NO. Mark Listen and judge 你将听到一段独白或对话,根据录音内容判断下列句子的对 错。对的请在题前的括号内打“√” ,错的打“×” 。该对话将读三遍。 (一) 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( (二) 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( (三) 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( (四) 1. ( 2. ( )My home is near the ...


   中考词汇专项复习 A Quick-answering Game A30分 分 词汇大比拼 B50分 分 游戏规则( 游戏规则(game rules): ): 本游戏共有四种题型, 本游戏共有四种题型,各占不同的分值 (其中 四种题型 其中 A、B部分各两题,C、D部分各有三题),分 部分各两 部分各有三 , 、 部分各 、 部分各有 成两组进行抢答 每组有500分基础分,答对 抢答, 分基础分, 成两组进行抢答,每组有 分基础分 加上相对应的分值,答错扣分。 加上相对应的分值,答错扣分。 C ...


   初三完型填空专题复习 大冶十中九年级英语备课组 一、完形填空命题原则 基本上遵循“ 基本上遵循“突出语篇,强调应用, 注 重实际”的设计思路。试题特点鲜明,“考查 的设计思路。试题特点鲜明,“ 考生在阅读的基础上对词汇知识的掌握情况” 考生在阅读的基础上对词汇知识的掌握情况”, 即要求考生通读短文,掌握大意,综合运用所学 的词汇,语法等知识,从试题所提供的词汇,短 语中判断出使短文意思通顺,结构完整的词汇或 短语。 二完型填空的考查趋势 " 将由局部理解向整体理解转移: 1. 试题考查点减 ...


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   www.91keys.com 育儿知识、家庭教育、影音资源、搞笑创意图片、试卷下载 尽在启思家长学校论坛 八年级下 Units5-6 基础知识巩固 I 词组 take away 拿走 make a living 谋生 all over the world 全世界 all the time 一直 let … in 允许某人进入 have a difficult time doing sth.做某事有困难 做某事有困难 in order to improve my English 为了提高英语 ...



   无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备, 1. 无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备,你都很难在 这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲。 这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲。(no matter how) No matter how experienced you are as a speaker, and no matter how full your preparations are, it is difficult to give a speech at such a ...


   高中英语新课程阅读习惯的研究课题 高中英语新课程阅读习惯的研究课题 江西省南丰第一中学 乐华山 一,问题的提出 阅读理解能力的提高一直是高中英语教学中最受重视的项目, 做好阅读理解题是直接影 响高考获得高分的关键. 很多学生的阅读能力, 主要依靠英语课本中有限的阅读材料--资 源十分贫乏,内容陈旧,文章词语数量和内容也很有限.同时,学生对阅读习惯不重视,阅 读习惯的不好,导致阅读理解成绩提不高和对英语文化认知能力认识程度不够. 二,问题的发现 针对我们普通高中英语阅读教学的现状以及学生阅读水 ...


   核心词汇预览 1 Unit 1 Unit 1 核心词汇预览(Lesson 1 ~ Lesson 10) 核心词汇预览( ) breakthrough 突破 diversion 转移 stimulus 刺激 courtesy 有礼貌的举止(或言词) literacy 识字 irritate 使恼怒 originate 起源于 brisk 轻快的 incentive 鼓励 weary 疲劳的 ambiguous 含糊不清的 deteriorate 恶化 manipulate 操纵 blush 脸 ...


   牛津小学英语6B 牛津小学英语6B Unit 5 The seasons (Part A) Spring Summer seasons Autumn Winter Learn the new words season 季节 spring spri What’s the weather 春天 like in spring? 春天的气候是什么样的呢? 天气 Learn the new words What’s the weather like in spring ? It’s warm . 春天 ...


   2011 届高三六校联考英语试题 届高三六校联考 六校联考英语试题 命题:惠州一中高三英语备课组 2010-12 注:本试题分为语言知识及运用、阅读及写作三个部分,满分 135 分;考试用时 120 分钟。 注意事项: 1.答卷前,考生务必用黑色字迹的铅笔或签字笔将自己的姓名和考生号、试室号、座位号填写在答题卡上, 用 2B 铅笔将考生号填涂在答题卡相应位置上 2.选择题每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目选项的答案信息涂黑,如需改动,用橡皮擦干 净后,再选涂其他答案,答案不能 ...