Chant: Noodle Jazz
What would you like? What would you like? Noodles,noodles. I’d like noodles. What kind of noodles? What kind of noodles? Beef and potato, beef and potato. A medium bowl of beef and potato noodles.
Make your own food jazz. (编写自己的food jazz .) 编写自己的 )
Make a survey
Ben …
kind of noodles
beef and tomato
size bowl of noodles
(可设计问题:What kind of noodles would you like? 可设计问题: 可设计问题 What size bowl of noodles would you like?)
Give a report like this:
I’d like …. Ben would like … He’d like a large bowl….
g f b
d a e
h c
Do you like to drink these things?
a glass of water a bag of milk
a cup of tea
a bottle of juice a tin of coke
a cup of coffee
Pair work
A:What do you like? B:I like …and… A:What don’t you like? B:I don’t like…or…
Listen again and fill in the order form on page
  81. ORDER FORM Address:
15 Peace Road
Telephone number: 3982845 Order:
Chicken,fish and cabbage,16 mutton and carrot dumplings. Tomato soup, one large green tea and one small orange juice
Make a healthy diet(健康食谱 健康食谱) 健康食谱 for your breakfast
We’d like …, …and … for our breakfast.
Task: Discuss
Where can we eat noodles? Would you like to eat here? Why? Where else?
?6-- ?3
?10-- ?5
?15-- ?10
Read the newspaper ad. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. juice cabbage soup dumplings have
House of Dumplings!
At the House of Dumplings! We have some great specials! Special 1 has beef and onions, and is just RMB 10 for
  15. Special 2 is only RMB 8 for 15, and has and mutton. cabbage Orange juice is only RMB
  2. The dumplings soup and lunch special is RMB
  10. Come and get your dumplings today!
House of Dumplings!
At the House of Dumplings! some great specials Special 1 beef and onions Special 2 cabbage and mutton
Special 3 orange juice
RMB :10 RMB : 8
RMB :2 Special 4 dumpling and soup lunch RMB:10
specials banana Apple ice cream medium orange juice green tea
特别提醒: 特别提醒:千万别忘 了介绍你店的特点。 了介绍你店的特点。 Special 1 is….Special 2 is…
order food in a noodle house Act in groups or pairs as the waiter 服务员) (服务员) and the customers(顾客). (顾客)
Make a menu for the week.
Mon. Breakfast porridge
Thurs. Fri.
Lunch Dinner
Give reasons for your menu:



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