表示发生在过去的动作 或存在 的状态
时间(如 句子中常有 yesterday, last +时间 如last night) 时间
肯定句: 主语+动词的过去式 肯定句 主语 动词的过去式+….. 动词的过去式 主语+was/were+…… 主语 否定句:主语 动词原形+….. 否定句 主语+didn’t +动词原形 主语 动词原形 主语+ 主语 wasn’t/weren’t+…… 疑问句:Did +主语 动词原形 主语+动词原形 疑问句 主语 动词原形+……? Was/Were+主语 ……? 主语+ 主语
  1. look play hope plan start use watch love

  2. live
  3. stop

  4. study
is/am was see saw take took
are were give gave tell told
do/does did go went get got
come came find found make made
What did he do last weekend ?
He played soccer. soccer.
What did she do ?
She did her homework.
What did he do …?
He studied for a test. test.
What did she do just now(刚才)? now(刚
She read a book. She She did some reading.
What did they do last summer? summer?
They went to the beach. beach. They went swimming.
What did they do last weekend?
They went to the movies. movies.
What did she do yesterday?
She cleaned the room. She did some cleaning. cleaning.
--What did he do on vacation? He… -- How was his vacation? It was…
stayed at home and watched TV
played basketball
went to the mountains
went to the library
--What did she do on vacation? She… -- How was her vacation? It was…
cleaned her room
went shopping
did some reading
played computer games
--What did they do on vacation? They… --How was their vacation? It was…
studied for the exams
went to the movies
English is very interesting….
had a party
practiced English
Where did you go on vacation?
I went to the Great Wall.
Where did you go on vacation? I went to Central Park.
Where did she go on vacation? She visited her friend.
Where did she go on vacation? She went to New York City.
Where did he go on vacation? He visited the museum.
Where did they go on vacation? They went to summer camp.
They went to the mountains.
They went to the beach.


  7.practice English
  9.last weekend
  6.visit my aunt
  8.play tennis
  10.study for the math test
  1. I played football my friends Saturday afternoon. A. and, at B. and ,on C. with, on D. with, in A
  2. “What you last weekend?” “I played tennis.” A. did, do B. are, doing C. did, do D. did, did B
  3. “ your weekend, Sarah?” “It wasn’t very good.” A. How did B. How was C. How does D. What

  4.--What did Tony do last Sunday? A -- He the movies. A. went to B. goes to C. went for D. going to A
  5. ? Is that interesting book? -- Yes , but it is difficult. A. an ,a little B. an ,a few C. a ,little D. a ,bit
  6. did you the weekend? A. What ,spend B. How ,spend
C. What ,have to D. How ,spent
  7.I an exciting talk show yesterday afternoon. A. watch B. see C. saw D. looked
  8.It’s time for a walk with my dog. A. go B. going C. goes D. to go
  9.He is looking his nice dog. A. Of B. to C. about D. for D
  10.Mr Hu here yesterday. A. didn’t B. isn’t C. Weren’t D. wasn’t
1 Last summer my family and I (go)to the beach.
  2. When it (rain), I stayed at rained home and watched TV. did get
  3.What time you (get) to school this morning? were
  4.They(be)always late for class last year.
  5.What day(be)it yesterday?
A busy day
I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning, I cleaned my room. In the afternoon,I did my homework It was a little difficult. On Saturday night,I visited my aunt. My aunt cooked dinner for me.On Sunday morning,I went to the library. I read a book about history. Then in the afternoon, I played soccer with my friends.On Sunday
night, I watched TV. I saw an interesting talk show.
我想你们在假期都到过一些有名(趣 的地方 的地方, 我想你们在假期都到过一些有名 趣)的地方,请你写 一次你认为最有趣或最有意义的一次旅游,在那儿所 次你认为最有趣或最有意义的一次旅游, 发生的事情等,字数在60词左右的短文 词左右的短文。 发生的事情等,字数在 词左右的短文。
It was sunny and hot in the morning. We went to a beautiful beach. We had great fun in the water. In the afternoon, it rained. So we went to a museum. It was boring and crowded. So I went back. At night, the weather was cool, the rain stopped . So we decided to play chess. We played from 6:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. It was really fun. And we ate fried chicken and French fries. It was delicious.


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