七年级( 1七年级(下)新目标英语 Units 1-3 阶段复习
  08. 20
  08.3 一,单项选择. (10 分)
  1. His sister plays piano for an hour every day. A. an B. the C. a D. /
  2. They are arriving Shanghai next Monday. A. in B. to C. / D. on
  3. Robert and Jenny from Japan. A. is B. am C. be D. are
  4. ?What animals do you like? ?I like dogs, too. A. the other B. other C. others D. another
  5. There is on the table. A. some photos B. two apples C. some meat D. three bananas
  6. We usually eat some delicious food in the . A. park B. post office C. library D. restaurant
  7. Does Linda enjoy at Lana's birthday party? A. herself B. yourself C. himself D. themselves
  8. . Is there a pay phone in the neighborhood? A. OK B. Hello C. Excuse me D. I'm sorry
  9. Let's the quiet and beautiful park. A. like B. walk C. enjoy D. go
  10. ?I hope you have a good trip. ?. A. You're welcome B. I hope so C. All right D. Thank you 二,句子搭配. (10 分) Ⅰ Ⅱ
  1. Is Maria your new pen pal? A. He lives in New York.
  2. What language do you speak? B. It's in Japan.
  3. Where is his pen pal from? C. Yes, she is.
  4. Where does Sam live? D. She is from Australia.
  5. Does Mike have any brothers and sisters? E. Yes, she does.
  6. Where is Tokyo? F. No, he doesn't.
  7. Does Linda speak Chinese? G. I speak French.
  8. Why don't you like math? H. Yes, he can.
  9. Can e speak English? I. No, I'm not.
  10. Are you from Canada? J. It's too difficult. 三,完型填空. (10 分) (Lilei gets an e-mail 1 Jack Wilson. Jack is a student in Canada. He wants to 2 Chinese.) Dear Li Lei, My name is Jack Wilson. I 3 from Toronto, Canada. I am 13 years old. I'm a schoolboy. My favorite subject is 4 , because I like playing sports very much. There are 19 students in 5 class. My classmates are from six countries, but they are 6 to each other. My parents are from France. They 7 French. I speak English and French.
I know China is a great country. I want to make friends 8 China and I want to learn Chinese, 9 I don't have any Chinese textbooks. Could you 10 me? Please write back soon. Thank you. Jack Wilson.
  1. A. for B. to C. from D. of
  2. A. teach B. learn C. like D. know
  3. A. go B. do C. come D. live
  4. A. PE B. science C. math D. history
  5. A. his B. your C. my D. their
  6. A. bad B. happy C. interesting D. kind
  7. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk
  8. A. on B. at C. in D. with
  9. A. so B. and C. or D. but
  10. A. give B. help C. write D. leave 四,阅读理解. (20 分) ※A※ ※ In our city there is a big zoo. There are lots of different animals in it. There are some scary tigers and lions. They like eating meat and they eat much meat every day. There are also two big elephants and a baby one. Children like to ride them. The elephants are very kind and friendly. They eat much grass and bananas. In the zoo, we can also see different kinds of bears(熊)?brown bears, black bears and white bears. They are also slow and clumsy(笨拙). They stand on their back legs and lift their front legs to ask for food. They like cakes very much. Do you like pandas? There's only one in the zoo. Her name is Lingling. She is very cute. She likes eating bamboo a lot. She is kind of shy. She's very interesting and lovely.
  1. are lovely and interesting. A. Tigers B. Elephants C. Bears D. Pandas
  2. How many elephants are there in the zoo? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
  3. There aren't bears in the zoo. A. black B. grey C. brown D. white
  4. Elephants eat . A. grass and bananas B. meat and oranges C. bamboos and cakes D. grass and bread
  5. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Children like to ride the elephants in the zoo. B. The elephants are very friendly to people. C. The bears always ask for food with their back legs. D. Lions and tigers are scary. ※B※ ※ Mr. and Mrs. Smith come from London, England. They work in China now. They teach English in a middle school. They like their work very much. They have two children, Sam and Sue. They are both in Shanghai with their parents. Mr. Smith can't speak Chinese, but his wife can speak it very well. Mr. Smith like swimming and reading, and Mrs. Smith has the same hobbies. They often go
swimming in the afternoon and read in the evening. Sam and Sue like playing games with Chinese boys and girls. Sam's uncle has a farm near London. He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in Shanghai, but he can't speak Chinese. So he is still there and goes to Chinese classes every day.
  1. Sam and Sue are from . A. Canada B. America C. England D. China
  2. What sport does Mrs. Smith like? A. Swimming B. Running C. Playing basketball D. Walking
  3. What does Sam's uncle do? A. A teacher B. A worker C. A farmer D. A doctor
  4. What does Sue like? A. Swimming and reading B. Learning Chinese C. Watching TV D. Playing games with Chinese boys and girls
  5. are in the different countries now. A. Mr. and Mrs. Smith B. Mr. Smith and his brother C. Mrs. Smith and her children D. Mr. Smith and his children 五,单词拼写. (10 分)
  1. Chinese is too d, I don't like it.
  2. He is not a Chinese, he is a J.
  3. My friends come from different c.
  4. There are three (图书馆) near here.
  5. I know you are (到达) next Sunday.
  6. Please enjoy the (城市) quiet streets and small parks.
  7. There are many yellow (树叶) on the tree.
  8. Dogs are (友好) and intelligent.
  9. Can you see the (漂亮的) girl over there?
  10. Sheep like to eat (草). 六,句型转换. (10 分)
  1. Tom likes bananas. (改为否定句) Tom like bananas.
  2. She does her homework at home. (划线部分提问) she her homework?
  3. There are some small parks in the city. (改为否定句) There small parks in the city.
  4. My cousin is a bank clerk. (划线部分提问) your cousin ? 七,选词填空. (10 分) help, animal, do, dog, friend, with, house, some, people, be Animals are our
  1. We can find different kinds of 2 on the earth. 3 animals are living in big forests. And some animals are living 4 man. Animals are very important to man. For example, 5 can train the elephants to 6 some heavy work. And they can also train the dogs to look after the
  7. A watch dog 8 very clever. It can 9 people in danger. Children like 10 very much.
八,书面表达. (20 分) 假如你是刚刚转入格林中学的一名新学生,同学都对你还不熟悉,请根据提示内容,写 一篇 60 词左右的文章,向同学们介绍一下你自己. Name Birthday Address Likes Reasons Li Hua December 25 Age From 12 Shanghai
On Green Street, between Green Restaurant and Bank of China Koalas quiet and lovely English interesting
七年级(下)新目标英语 Units 1-3 阶段复习答案 七年级( 1- 阶段复习答案
  08. 20
  08.3 九,单项选择. (10 分) 1-5 BADBC 6-10 DACCD 十,句子搭配. (10 分) 1-5 BGDAF 6-10 BEJHI 十一, 完型填空. (10 分) 1-5 CBCAC 6-10 DACDB 十二, 阅读理解. (20 分) (A) 1-5 DCBAD (B) 1-5 CACDB 十三, 单词拼写. (10 分)
  1. difficult
  2. Japan
  3. countries
  4. libraries
  5. arriving
  6. city's
  7. leaves
  8. friendly
  9. beautiful
  10. grass 十四, 句型转换. (10 分)
  1. doesn't like
  2. Where does do
  3. aren't any
  4. What does do 十五, 选词填空. (10 分)
  1. friends
  2. animals
  3. Some
  4. with
  5. people
  6. do
  7. house
  8. is
  9. help
  10. dogs 十六, 书面表达. (20 分)



   )》第 《英语口语(1)》第 1-3 单元自学指导 英语口语( )》 第 1-3 单元涉及的语言功能包括介绍、问候,邀请、通知,请求、提供帮助,所涉及的话题是结 交西方朋友、邀请/被邀请时应注意的事项以及美国高等教育的现状。 一、文化背景知识 1.结交新朋友: 结交英语国家的朋友,要注意文化习惯的不同,有时会出现一个表达方法虽无语法、词汇方面的 错误,却不能进行有效交流或造成误解的情况。因此需注意: 英美国家的人以他们特有的方式互相问候,问候语有正式、非正式之别; 初次见面时有些话题可以谈论 ...


   五年级英语上册 五年级英语上册 1-3 单元练习 姓名 一、把下列句子翻译成英文。 把下列句子翻译成英文。 1.这是你的字典吗? 班级 2.不是。这是 Tony 的字典。 3.她是做什么的? 4.她是一个医生。 5.你有一些信封吗? 6.是的,我有。 7.你有一些邮票吗? 8.不,我没有。 9.Jenny 有一些邮票吗? 10.是的,她有。 11.我们有什么? 12.我们有一些糖。 13.我们有一些盐吗? 14.不,我们没有。我们需要一些盐。 15.我们有一些豆腐吗? 16.不,我们没有。我 ...


   李阳疯狂英语高考作文成功之路 秘诀一:背诵一篇经典范文胜过自己写十篇文章。 秘诀二:背诵最好的方法就是随身携带!利用每天大量的零碎时间疯狂操练,你一定能成功! 秘诀三:记不住和智商没有任何关系,每个人都是伟大的天才!记不住的唯一原因就是:重复得远远不够! 秘诀四:天才的秘诀就是:通过反复的练习,把一件事情做到炉火纯青的境界! 成功之路第一篇:暑假打工 题目要求】 暑假过后,你的外籍教师要同学们汇报自己假期所从事的社会活动和自己的感想。请写一书面材料交给外教: 你在2005年暑假到一家肯 ...

英语选修7 1~3单元

   nit 1 disability n. 伤残;无力;无能 disabled adj.伤残的 hearing n. 听力;听觉 eyesight n. 视力 △syndrome n. 综合病征;综合症状 △infantile paralysis 小儿麻痹 △Rosalyn n. 罗莎琳(女名) lap n. 跑道的一圈;重叠部分;(人坐着时)大腿的上方 ambition n. 雄心;野心 ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 dictation n. 口授;听写(的文字) △Sa ...


   英文书信的格式概述 英文书信的格式概述 1、信头(Heading) 、信头( ) 指发信人的姓名(单位名称) 、地址和日期,一般写在信纸的右上角。一般公函 或商业信函的信纸上都印有单位或公司的名称、地址、电话号码等,因此就只需 在信头下面的右边写上写信日期就可以了。 英文地址的写法与中文完全不同,地址的名称按从小到大的顺序:第一行写门牌 号码和街名;第二行写县、市、省、州、邮编、国名;然后再写日期。标点符号 一般在每一行的末尾都不用,但在每一行的之间,该用的还要用,例如在写日期 的时候。 日 ...


   初中一年级下册英语课文 第一课 第一单元 我们玩得很开心 贝蒂:你好,妈妈,你能听到我说话吗? 贝蒂的妈妈:使得,我能。你在哪里? 贝蒂:我正站在中国的长城上跟你通话呢? 贝蒂的妈妈:真的吗? 贝蒂:我们参加学校的郊游,而且玩的可高兴啦。 贝蒂的妈妈:好极了,贝蒂。其他人在做什么呢? 贝蒂:哦,托尼在吃冰激淋,王辉正在拍一些照片,玲玲在买礼物和明信片,大 明则躺在阳光下吃午饭。 贝蒂的妈妈:你能给我也寄一张明信片吗? 贝蒂:好的。我和玲玲正在写明信片呢。我们非常喜欢学校的这次郊游。好了, 我 ...


   七年级英语上册作文汇总 七年级英语上册作文汇总 1. 根据格内容,写一篇介绍 Salina 的文章。 Name: Salina Goes to bed:10:30 Like : Comedies Birthday : 8 August Favorite subjects : Eats dinner: 6:30 Can: dance and sing Age : 14 Wants : to see a funny movie music, English, PE 2.假使你是校《英语角》的一名 ...


   本资料来自于资源最齐全的21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 初二英语 1-3 单元 周练习 一.翻译短语。 1、两块鸡肉 2、一茶匙蜂蜜 3、混合在一起 4、两箱梨 儿 5、喝两袋牛奶 6、制作水果沙拉 7. 后天 8. 校队 9. 过来 10. 谢谢你的邀请 11. 帮他姐姐看孩子 12. Can you come to my party? 13. go to the doctor 14. have a piano lesson 15. What’s the date today ...


   七年级( 1七年级(下)新目标英语 Units 1-3 阶段复习 2008. 2008.3 一,单项选择. (10 分) 1. His sister plays piano for an hour every day. A. an B. the C. a D. / 2. They are arriving Shanghai next Monday. A. in B. to C. / D. on 3. Robert and Jenny from Japan. A. is B. am C. be ...


   倒店乡中心小学 五 年级 英语 讲学稿 第 单元第 5、6 课时 执笔 陶广蒙 课题 审题 What can you do? 课型 时间 新授 2010.11 本课时主要是在前两课时的基础上,使学生能听说读写主要句型, 学习目标 并在合适的情景中自然的使用。Read and write 部分为学生创设了趣味性 极强的情景, 在活动中可以很好的完成教学目标。 接下来的 Pronunciation 帮助学生感悟发音规律,新知呈现部分安排的两个活动一张一弛,更符 合小学生的年龄特点。 同时,唱一唱 ...



   2008-2009 学年度四年级第二学期期末检测 听力部分 一、这一大题中有 6 幅图画,请你仔细听录音,根据录音的先后顺序给下面的 图画从 1 到 6 标上序号。每个句子连续两遍。 分) (6 四、听录音,在相应的时间与活动之间连线。 (10 分) ( ) ( ) ( ) 五、听录音,给下面物品标上价格,并与相应的单词连线。 分) (8 colourful ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、下列每小题中有两个单词,你将听到其中的一个,请把你听到的单词的字 母标号写在题前的括号里。每个单词连读两遍 ...

中考英语作文、完形填空、听力技能 技巧

   2009 年写作部分出现的主要问题 第一节补全对话满分 10 分, 得满分者 8 人, 0 分者 14 人, 得 平均得分 5.42 分, 难度系数为 0.54。 在阅卷过程中,我们发现考生在做补全对话试题时存在以下主要问题: 1)对常用问句类型不熟悉。如:针对下文中的回答“Yes. I go to school every day.”还是有不少学 生用 How often 提问(67 题) 。 2)对常见日常对话的问答不清楚,源于日常生活中运用太少。如: Is that Mike spea ...


   让有效提问之花在课堂绽放 开化县华埠镇封家中学 程琳 摘要:课堂提问对英语教学起着非常重要的作用。它是教师训练学生思维、提 高学生理解能力以及提高教学质量的主要手段。有问必有思,有思必有果。课是问 出来的,不是讲出来的。本文旨在论述初中英语课堂中利用提问对课堂教学所起的 作用,并结合教学实际进行了阐述与探讨。 关键词:提问、英语课堂教学、作用、原则 古语亦云:学起于思,思源于疑。可见设疑提问是教师应具备的一种教学基本 功。提问是沟通学生与教材的重要手段,对检查学生的学习情况,引发学生的探究 ...

仁爱版七年级英语试题 Unit 1

   仁爱版七年级英语试题 Unit 1 一.选用 am, am not, is , isn’t , are , aren’t 填空. Yes, I . 1. you a student? 2. How you? I fine, thanks. 3. How your mother? She fine, thank you. 4. My name Wang Fei. I a teacher. I a student. 5. What her name? Her name Maria. 6. Thi ...


   本文由atlantllp贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 人教版小学三年级英语(上)测试卷 班级: 姓名:总分: 听力部分(50分) 一、听录音,并为图片标上序号。 (18分 ) ( )( ) ( )( ) ( ) ( ) 二、选出你听到的单词序号。 (10分) ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. pen )2. A. bag )3. A. ruler )4. A. crayon )5. A. eraser B ...