红河中学2010-2011学年度第一学期期末考试卷 红河中学2010-2011学年度第一学期期末考试卷 2010 学年度第一学期 七年级
I.单项选择。 (每小题1分,计30分) ( )
  1. This is alarm clock. A. a ( B. an C. the D. /
A. she (
B. he
C. her
D. his
  12.、 I two baseballs and my friend five baseballs. A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has
  13.、 Is that your book? Yes, . A. it is B. it isn’t C. it’s D. this is
  14.、 Miss Wei often helps us our English. A. at B. in C. of D. with
  2. We don’t like. A. broccoli B. broccolis C. a broccoli D. broccolies (
  15.、 I want the music club. A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join
  3. . Is this your pen? A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Hi
II.写出下列词的相应形式。 (10分)
  10、do not(缩写形式)
  4. 、Do you have two ? A. tennis racket C. tennis’ racket B. tennis rackets D. tennis’ rackets

  9、does not (缩写形式) III、 读一读,对一对:对号入座(10分) 。 ( )
  1. Where is her pen pal from? )
  2. May I have a look at your ticket? )
  3. When is your birthday? )
  4. What’s his phone number? )
  5. What color is your box? )
  6. Who’s your favorite film star? )
  7. Can you play the piano? )
  8. Do you like playing chess? )
  9. What time does it close on Sunday? )
  10. What is Lucy doing in the river?
  5. 、He his homework at school. A. doesn’t do C. isn’t do B. don’t does D. does not
  6、. this your guitar? A. Am B. Is C. Are D. Do
A. At
  4.P.m. B. She’s swimming. C. No, I don’t. It’s hard for me. D. Zhou Runfa E. It’s 243-08
  76. F. Sure. Here it is. G. No, I can’t. H. He’s from the UK. I. It’s blue and yellow. J. December 4th
( (
  7. Let’s now. A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to
( ( ( ( ( (
  8. How much are these shoes? twenty dollars. A. Are B. There C. They’re D. Their
  9. 、My father usually a shower the morning. A. take; in B. takes; in C. take; on D. takes; at
  10.、 you play the violin? A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When
)11 、This is my sister Ann. Is a student?
IV. 看一看,找一找:改错题,下列句中均有一处错误,找出来并改正在横线上(10分) 。
  1. Her’s favorite sport is tennis.

  2. Miss Tian singing a new song.
  3. My father usually go to work at 7:
  4. Are this your brother, John?
  5. Math is me favorite subject.

Do you know? (
  10), I don’t know. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 9 ( ( )
  1. A. is )
  2. A. is )
  3. A. This )
  4. A. your )
  5. A. it )
  6. A. your )
  7. A. your )
  8. A. do )
  9. A. How )
  10. A. OK B. am B. am B. That B. his B. one B. my B. my B. don’t B. What B. Not C. are C. are C. It C. her C. her C. an C. his C. isn’t C. What’s D. do D. do D. One D. my D. me D. a D. her D. am not D. How are
V、从 A、B、C、D 中选择最恰当的选项填进文章中去,你会读到一个有意思的故事。 (10分) I like my Chinese teacher very much. He is a 2 and 1 man, about 25 years old. He is tall 3 us jokes(笑话)
black short hair. He is a very humorous(幽默的) person. He often 4 to make our class more 5 . In class, he is a very
6 teacher. If we don’t
listen to him carefully, he will give us some punishment(惩罚) by 7 us some questions. But after class, he becomes a very good 8 of us. He often talks with the girls and plays 10 teacher. D. aged D. at
with the boys. All of us really like him. He is our ( ( (
  1. A. old )
  2. A. and )3A. tells B. young B. for B. says B. storys B. difficult B. strict
C. Thank you D. Sorry
VII.经过一学期的英语学习,你的阅读理解能力一定有了很大提高。(10分) C. very old C. with C. speaks C. story C. interesting
Dear Mr. Wang,
D. speak Someone comes to the office to see you in the morning, but you and your wife are out. D. stories D. boring home wears a pair of glasses. He tells me his telephone number is 334266
  85. He is often at home at D. asked D. friends D. basketball D. a favorite 7:00 pm. So you can call him in the evening. ( )
  1. The author(作者) writes this note(便条) to . B. Mr. Wang’s wife C. Mr. Wang’s classmate D. me He comes here at 10am. Because he is very busy, he goes away half an hour later. He tells me that he is your classmate at college(大学). Now he teaches Chinese in a high school(高中) in this city and he lives near the No. 6 Middle School. He is a very tall man with short hair. He
( )4 A. a story ( ( ( ( ( ( )5 A. tired )6 A. busy )
  7. A. ask )
  8. A. teacher
C. interested C. asking C. friend
D. Well
B. asks B. teachers
  9. A. a basketball )10 A. favorite
B. the basketball C. basketballs B. the favorite C. favoritest
A. Mr. Wang (
  2. Mr. Wang’s classmate is . B. a worker C. a farmer D. an actor
VI、完形填空。(10分) I (
  1) Li Lei. This (
  2) a ruler. (
  3) is (
  4) ruler. I spell (
A. a teacher (
  3、 When is Mr. Wang’s classmate often at home?
R-U-L-E-R. That is (
  6) eraser. It’s (
  7). I (
  8) spell it. (
  9) do you spell it,
A. In the morning (
B. In the afternoon.
C. At 7:00pm.
D. We don’t know.
I go to school ….
  4、 How long does Mr. Wang’s classmate stay in the office? B. An hour. C. Two hours. D. Half an hour.
A. Ten hours. (
  5、 Which of the following is TRUE? A. 、 Mr. Wang and his wife are classmates. B. Mr. Wang’s classmate is short. C. Mr. Wang goes out with Mrs. Wang in the morning. D. Mr. Wang’s classmate meets Mr. Wang in the morning. VIII.. 单词拼写(每小题1分,共5分) 。

  1、. My mother and father are my p.
  2、. I’m a student. I do my h every day.
  3、 C is our homeland(祖国).
  4、. E me, is this your pen?
  5、 Bill’s pants are long, but Emma’s pants are s. Ⅸ、书面表达(共5分) 请根据下列提示,写一篇10句话(大约50-70个字左右)的自我介绍。 (
  1)我叫 Frank, 今年14岁,是一名 Guang Ming Middle School 的学生; (
  2)可参照以下句型:I can …. I like …. My favorite… is/are …. My hobby is …/ My hobbies are ….


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