Topic1 Is there a computer in your study?
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in front of
Fill in the blanks with in, on, under, behind or in front of.
A: Where is the mirror? B: It’s __ the wall. on A: Where are the shoes? B: They’re under the bed.
A: Where is the computer? B: It’s on the desk. __ A: Where are the keys? B: They’re __ the drawer. in
A: There are two big trees the house. in front of There is a red car the tree. And there under are some books __ the chair. Can you see the on cat? B: Yes, it’s the chair. behind
Pair work
Talk about the differences between the two pictures with your partner. Then fill in the blanks.
The bag in Picture A is green. In Picture B, the bag is . In yellow Picture A, there __ a computer and a is keyboard on the desk. In picture B, you can see a pen, a , a pencillamp box and some books on the desk.
In Picture A, there are some shelves. the shelves, there some books are On and a model plane. You can also see a guitar and a kite on the walls. In Picture B, there is a on family photo the wall. There a computer in isn’t picture B, but there is a TV.
1a Read and understand
Answer the questions.
  1. What’s in the center of the yard? There is a small garden in the center of it.
  2. What’s at the back of the yard? There is a nice house at the back of it.
  3. What’s on the left of the yard? There is a kitchen and a dining room on the left of it.
  4. What’s on the right of the yard? There is a bathroom on the right of it.
Work alone

  1. Are there many beautiful flowers in the garden? Yes, there are.
  2. How many rooms are there in my home? There are eight rooms.
  3. Is there a bathroom on the right of the yard? Yes, there is.
  4. What’s on the left of the yard? There is a kitchen and a dining room.
  5. What are the people doing in the picture? His mother is cooking in the kitchen, and his father and he are watching TV in the living room.
at the back of
on the left of
on the right of in the center of
play computer games play with the computer play on the computer
Retell 1a according to the picture.
Sum up

  1. prepositions
  2. at the back of
  3. on the left/ right of
  4. in the center of
  5. play on the computer
比较你和你同学的房间,说出 比较你和你同学的房间, 它们的异同, 它们的异同,然后把它写在作业 本上。 本上。
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