Module 3 Unit 1
The Dragon Boat Festival
Happy New Year!
January 1
2011-4-21 2
Women’s Happy Women s Day!
七年二班 全体同学
March 8
Children’s Happy Children s Day
June 1
2011-4-21 4
Teachers’ Happy Teachers Day
老师: 老师: 您辛苦了! 您辛苦了!
教 师 节 快 乐 !
September 10
Dragon Boat Festival
the fifth day of the fifth lunar month
rice dumplings
2011-4-21 6
Dragon Boat races
People have Dragon Boat races to celebrate this festival.
two sweet rice dumplings
a sweet rice dumpling with beans
three sweet rice dumplings without beans
many sweet rice dumplings without red 9 beans
a salty rice dumpling
two salty rice dumplings with meat and beans
three salty rice dumplings without meat
four salty rice dumplings with meat and green beans
and beans
All kinds of rice dumplings a sweet rice dumpling a sweet rice dumpling with beans a sweet rice dumpling without beans a sweet rice dumpling without red beans a salty rice dumpling a salty rice dumpling with meat and beans a salty rice dumpling without meat and beans
a salty rice dumpling with meat and green beans 11
I love the salty rice dumplings ,but I hate the sweet rice dumplings .
I love the salty rice dumplings, but I hate the sweet ones.
第三人称单数的用法 Kitty loves the sweet rice dumplings, but she hates the salty ones.
Eddie likes the salty rice dumplings with meat and green beans best.
Alice loves the sweet rice dumplings without red beans )
Exercise I love … but I hate…
Lily loves …but she hates…
Rice dumplings
sweet…with beans sweet…without meat and beans salty …with red beans salty... without beans √
Lucy Mike Tom √





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