七年级英语 Unit6 In the park 学案
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【学习目标】. 熟练掌握单词表中的生词

基本掌握句型:用介词描述某人的位置 主语 + Be 动词 + 介词短语 【重点难点】 基本掌握主语 + Be 动词 + 介词短语 句型的用法 eg.I’m between 【方法指导】 自学质疑?交流展示?互动探究?知识建构?基础检测?巩固练习 【自主学习】 一.自主学习一些生词 eg. park hill gate the hills
in front of

  1. Where Tom’s books? (be)
  2. There are two pencil-boxes the desk.(在…旁边)
  3. There is a new book the teacher ’sdesk.(在…下面)
  4. Mrs. Green is the two children(在…之间) 三小明想变换这些句子的形式,但他遇到了一些麻烦,请你帮帮他好吗?
  5.You must open the book. (改为祈使句)
  6. Kate is in front of Millie. ( 改为同义句) Millie is Kate
  7. Jim is under the tree.(划线提问) Jim?
  8.Tom is in front of the shool gate (改为一般疑问句并做否定回答) Tom of the shool gate? 【交流展示一】
  1. 拿出事先准备好的图片对学生说 Where is…?引导学生正确回答。
  2. 多次示范后,组织学生做对话,指着班上同学表演 【交流展示二】 根据对话,听老师指令,并对对话进行改编和扩充,小组内练习 【互动探究】 根据同学所在位置造不同的句子 【拓展延伸】 学生之间练习所学句子和短语
七年级英语 Unit6 In the park 巩固案
  1.我在两山之间. I’m .

  2.我们都在公园的大门前面。 We are all ABC Park
  3.Lily 在商店的旁边 Lily is
  4. 墙上有多少黑板?只有一块。 are there the wall? only one.
  5. 我们的花在讲台后面吗? our the teacher ’s desk.? 二.你是有名的“去伪存真”高手吧!快来展示你的判断能力吧!
  1. There is a picture the wall and windows are the wall. A. on, in B. on, on C. in, in D. in, on
  7. Is there a bike the tree? A. on B. in C. of D. beside
  8. in the lake. It’s dangerous(危险). A. Swim B. Swimming C. Not swim D. Don’t swim
  9. How many boats can you see the lake? A. in B. behind C. on D. between 10 There dog in the picture. A. isn’t B. aren’t any C. isn’t a D. isn’t some 11 There aren’t libraries in my school, but there are reading roooms. A. some; any B. some; some C. any; some D. any; any 三.你具备火眼金睛吗?展示你的强项吧
  12.Is this your a ruler?
  13. There is a blackboard in front of the classroom.
  14. There are some milk and some apples on the table.
  15.Are your book in your classroom. No, it isn’t. 16 We in ABC Park 一、阅读理解 Today is a fine day. Mr. Smith and his family are in the park now. On their right, there is a cafe. On their left, there is a big lake. There is a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign(标志牌). It says,” Don’t swim in the lake!” There is a beautiful garden in the middle(中间) of the park. There are many flowers in it. Between the lake and the garden, there are many tall trees and some small shops.
  1. Mr. Smith and his family are now. A. in the school B. at home C. in the park D. in the garden
  2. Mr. Smith is . A. on the lake B. near the cafe C. in front of the lake D. between the cafe and the lake
  3. The sign near the lake says ‘!’ A. Don’t pick the flowers B. Don’t feed the fish C. Don’t swim D. Don’t swim in the lake
  4. There is a beautiful garden the park. A. in the middle of B. on the right of C. on the left of D. in
front of



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