Unit 10
Where did you go on vacation?
授课教师: 安庆四中) 授课教师: 肖继红 (安庆四中)
Where did they go on vacation? They went to the beach. Did they have a good time? Yes,they did.
Where did they go on vacation? They went to the mountains. Did they have a good time? No,they didn’t.
Where did they go on vacation? They visited museums. Did they have a good time? Yes,they did.
Match the pictures
  1.stayed at home e
  2.went to New York City b
  3.visited my uncle d
  4.went to summer camp c
  5.went to the mountains a
  6.went to the beach f
  7.visited museums g 2
5 3
[1Listen and number the people [1-5] in the picture.
  4.Xiang Hua
What did you do during your last vacation?
A: How was your vacation? B: It was great / pretty good / not very good. A: Where did you go on vacation? B: I went to Shanghai with my family. A: Did you have a good time? B: Yes,I did.
a b
Role play conversations between Nancy,Kevin, and Julie.You can talk about the activities in the chart and other activities.
A.What is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation Place: In a big city near a mountain Go there: by plane by train on an island in a small town by boat by bus by car
Activities: swim in the sea do some shopping
go to the movies visit a museum have a picnic take pictures
B. Imagine that you just came back from your dream vacation. Tell your friend about it.
C.Report like this: I had my dream vacation.I went to by and My friend, went to had a .I had a / an . ,had his / her dream vacation, too. . time. went by and . . time.I . I went
Make a photo album of vacations you enjoyed.Then write down where you went and what you did in the photos.Tomorrow show the album to your classmates and talk about your vacations.


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