七年级英语词汇专项练习一 I. 根据句意和首字母提示每空填一个单词,使句意完整.
  1. This is my s Ann.
  2. What's that in E?
  3. A these your brothers?
  4. Jack h a TV.
  5. Let's play s.
  6. My sister and I like p tennis.
  7. How m are these shoes? Twenty yuan.
  8. Please have a l at this shop.
  9. My ball is on the f under the table.
  10. Do you n bags for school?
  11. W is the ruler? On the desk.
  12. My father and mother are my p. I'm their d.
  13. We have shirts in all c at $20 each.
  14. The red shorts on s are very cheap.
  15. I was b in June 15th.
  16. When is your b, Nick? It's June 15th.
  17. We have an Are F each year.
  18. Our English speech c is on May 3rd.
  19. O 1st is our National Day.
  20. Do you want to go to a m?
  21. My grandfather thinks Beijing O is very i. He likes it very much.
  22. You can l a lot about Chinese h.
  23. My f fruit is banana.
  24. I can't speak J.
  25. We want two good m for our band.
  26. T for your help.
  27. S is the last day of a week.
  28. School s at 7:30 in the morning.
  29. I don't like thrillers because they're s.
  30. Jack Chen is a great a movie star.
  31. Titanic is very s. Many people like it.
  32. My c study in No. 1 Middle School.
  33. The n month of the year is S.
  34. C make people laugh.
  35. Can you play the t?
  36. My brother often g to bed at a ten o'clock.
  37. Are you f this afternoon?
  38. His favorite s is P.E..
  39. I have eight classes on W.
  40. I have no classes on w.
  41. J 1st is New Year's Day.
  42. How do you s pen?
  43. Are those your pencil s?
  44. Tom has a great sports c.
  45. I think this movie is very e.

We want a lot of v and fruit. The teacher has a q to ask us. "What's your f name?" "Mike." Sam is sitting n to the window. We like ice cream for d. Jack plays sports every day, so he is very h. Jane t her mother is at home now. My father is very s with me. What do you o do? We are b with work, so I have no time to play. Jennifer's e-mail a is jennifer@tom.com. Can you sing or d? Thank you. You're w. I'm very s I'm late. We will play football. J us soon, please. Do you like ball s? Don't worry. Let me h you. Playing baseball is not very easy. It's d. Tennis is an e in the Olympic Games. A comes after July. Mary works very long h, so she is very t . The hat is not big. It's s.

  1. sister
  2. English
  3. Are
  4. has
  5. sports/ soccer
  6. playing
  7. much
  8. look
  9. floor
  10. need
  11. Where
  12. parents, daughter
  13. colors
  14. sale
  15. born
  16. birthday
  17. Festival
  18. contest
  19. October
  20. movie
  21. Opera, interesting
  22. learn history
  23. favorite
  24. Japanese
  25. musicians
  26. Thanks
  27. Saturday
  28. starts
  29. scary
  30. action
  31. successful
  32. cousins
  33. ninth, September
  34. Comedies
  35. trumpet
  36. goes, around(about)
  37. free
  38. subject
  39. Wednesday
  40. weekends
  41. January
  42. spell
  43. sharpeners
  44. collection
  45. exciting
  46. vegetables
  47. question
  48. first
  49. next
  50. dessert
  51. healthy
  52. thinks
  53. strict
  54. often
  55. busy
  56. address
  57. dance
  58. welcome
  59. sorry
  60. join
  61. sports
  62. help
  63. difficult
  64. event
  65. August
  66. hours,tired
  67. small



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