Unit One This is me!
What’s your name? This is… an instruction book look after make friends with introduce oneself to each other a profile of oneself welcome to + n. at Beijing Sunshine Secondary School Good morning (afternoon, evening, night)! 12 years old=12-year-old live in (a flat) be clever at (be good at = do well in) in the school basketball team in the Reading Club call sb. + name come from = be from be born in (on) at school (compare with: at the school) have hair in a ponytail (have hair in bunches) like doing sth. (love doing sth, enjoy doing sth.) listen to (music, teacher) look at work hard (compare with: hard work) wear glasses play computer games want to do sth. make notes about know each other the Class 1, Grade 7 students =the students in Class 1, Grade 7 help sb. do sth. It’s time for sth. =It’s time to do sth. PE class football boots tennis racket football field tennis court swimming pool play…with sb. talk to sb. at lunchtime take sb. for a walk
用心 爱心 专心
after school 你叫什么名字? 这是……(用于介绍人或物) 一本说明书 照料,保管 与……交朋友 相互间进行自我介绍 一份某人自己的档案 欢迎到……来 在北京阳光中学 早上好!(下午好,晚上好,晚安) 12 岁 住在(公寓里) 在……方面聪明(在……很擅长) 在校篮球队 在阅读俱乐部 称某人为…… 来自……,……地方人 出生于…… 在校学习班(在学校里) 将头发扎成马尾辫(扎辫子) 喜欢做某事 听(音乐,老师讲课) 看…… 努力工作(对比:艰苦的工作) 戴眼镜 玩电脑游戏 想要做某事 做有关……的记录 相互了解 七年级一班的学生 帮助某人做某事 是该做某事的时候了。 体育课 足球鞋 网球拍 足球场 网球场 游泳池 和某人一起玩…… 和某人交谈 在午餐时间
带某人去散步 walk home = go home on foot take the bus a picture of one’s family the best in the world a member of (the Reading Club) write to sb. at the weekend go running (shopping) watch games in a restaurant Write soon! a favourite football player a news article on the sheet Sports News the Huanghe Football Team score goals the World Cup look strong (nice, etc.) play football for…Team find out use…as a model the underlined words (parts) leave sth. at home need to do sth. borrow sth. From sb. How do you say that in English? I don’t understand. I’ll start /begin now. I am sorry, I don’t know. at the beginning of have to do lots of = a lot of talk on the phone with sb. live with sb. look for sth. on the Internet a computer programmer grow up write down remember to do sth. want to be
放学后 步行回家 坐公共汽车 一张全家福 世界上最好的 (阅读俱乐部的)一个成员 写信给某人 在周末 去跑步(购物) 看比赛 在餐馆 请回信 一个受欢迎的足球运动员 一则新闻报道 在纸上 体育新闻 黄河足球队 进球 世界杯 看起来很强壮(很漂亮) 效力于……足球队 找出,发现 将……当作范例来用 划线的词(部分) 将……丢在家里 需要做某事 向某人借某物 这在英语里怎么说? 我不懂。 我就要开始了。 对不起,我不知道。 在……的开始 不得不做某事 许多 通过电话与某人交谈(煲电话粥) 和某人住在一起 在因特网上查找 电脑程序员 长大 写下 记住做某事 想成为……,想当……
用心 爱心 专心
Unit Two My day
wake up have fun it’s time for sth. (n.) = it’s time to do sth. it’s time for sb. to do sth. e.g.It’s time for me to do my homework. what are you going to do? after breakfast go to sleep/ go to bed have/ eat lunch keep a diary daily activities have assembly have lessons do after-school activities write to sb. it is called… sb./ sth. is called… more than/ less than in the playground play volleyball practise + n./ practise doing sth. e.g. I practise English/ practise playing football talk to each other spend +time +doing sth. e.g. I spend about an hour a day doing my homework. Spend + money + on sth. (n.) e.g. I spend 10 yuan on the book. a lot of things to do twice a week once/ twice/ three times/ four times/… listen to the radio make model planes read newspapers watch films take the dog for a walk = walk the dog go home together news/ information 不可数名词 win the first prize in the football match all the time be pleased with… comic books meet up with sb.
用心 爱心 专心
on Mondays = every Monday have much time to do sth. 醒来,叫醒 寻找乐趣 是干某事的时候了 是某人干某事的时候了 你打算干什么? 早饭后 上床睡觉 吃中饭 记日记 日常活动 进行集会 上课 进行课外活动 写信给某人 被称作…… 多于/少于 在操场上 打排球 练习干某事 相互交谈 花费时间干某事 我每天花一个小时做家庭作业。 买东西花多少钱 我买这本书花了十块钱。 有许多事要做 一周两次 一次/两次/三次/四次/…… 听收音机 做飞机模型 看报纸 看电影 带狗去散步 一起回家 消息,新闻/信息 在足球比赛中获得第一名 一直 对……感到满意,高兴
喜剧书籍 和某人约见 chat with sb. be busy doing sth. write back to sb. thanks for/ thank you for sth. (n.)/ doing sth. like doing/ like to read e.g. like reading/ like to read get some information about… next Monday would like to do sth. e.g. I would like to go to Beijing Zoo. look forward to + n./ +doing sth. e.g. I’m looking forward to a great day out. I’m looking forward to seeing you. turn on/ off lights the E-friendship Club’s website it is fun to do sth. finish doing sth. I’m not tall enough (to do sth.) the answer to the question
每个星期一 有许多时间干某事 和某人闲聊 忙于干某事 给某人回信 谢谢你…… 喜欢干某事 收集有关……的资料 下周一 乐于干某事,想干某事 期待……
开灯/关灯 网上友谊俱乐部的网址 干……感到有趣 完成/结束…… 干……不够高 问题的答案
用心 爱心 专心
Unit Three Let’s celebrate!

  1.Let’s celebrate!
  2.What are you doing?
  3.dress up as
  4.make a display
  5.different festivals around the world
  6.have to do sth.
  7.Chinese New Year
  8.Dragon Boat Festival
  9.Mid-Autumn festival
  10.at Halloween
  11.like to do sth.
  12.a list of
  13.get ready for
  14.a letter from sb. to sb.
  15.thank sb. for doing sth.
  16.tell sb. about sth.
  17.celebrate Christmas
  18.have a party
  19.on October 31st
  20.do sth. for
  21.a game called “trick or treat”
  22.knock on/ at
  23.give sb. sth. as a treat
  24.play a trick on sb.
  25.special costumes with masks
  26.make pumpkin lanterns
  27.cut out
  28.on the evening of October, 31st
  29.hot drinks
  30.Happy Halloween!
  31.the meaning of
  32.at the back
  33.look like
  34.days of the year
  35.want to do sth.
  36.New Year’s Day
  37.Children’s Day
  38.Teachers’ Day
  39.National Day
  40.at Easter
  41.rice dumplings
  42.at breakfast (lunch/ supper)
用心 爱心 专心

  43.start to do/ doing sth. 让我们来庆祝! 你在干什么? 装扮成……样子 展示,展出 世界各地不同的节日 不得不做某事 中国的新年(春节) 端午节 中秋节 在万圣节 喜欢做某事 一张……的清单 为……做准备 一封由某人寄给某人的信 感谢某人做某事 告诉某人有关某事 庆祝圣诞节 举行晚会 在十月三十一日 为……做某事 一个叫“不招待就使坏”的游戏 敲(门或窗) 以……招待某人 对某人使恶作剧 带面具的特别服装 制作南瓜灯 切、割 在十月三十一日的晚上 热饮 万圣节快乐! ……的意义 在后面 看起来像…… 一年中的节日 想要做某事 元旦 儿童节 教师节 国庆节 在复活节 粽子
  44.in Canada
  45.on Monday
  46.in winter
  47.tade sb. for a walk
  48.have a long holiday
  49.go to see the doctor
  50.during the first week
  51.in the pencil case
  52.love to do/ doing sth.
  53.go on holiday
  54.in the kitchen
  55.Christmas presents
  56.chat on the ICQ
  57.red packets
  58.Chinese New Year celebrations
  59.traditional Chinese food
  60.lion dance
  61.listen to the radio programme
  62.Chinese Community Centre
  63.plan to do sth.
  64.help sb. do sth.
  65.at night
  66.in Chinatown
  67.so much
  68.make flash cards
  69.ask sb. to do sth.
  70.a piece of card
  71.on the other side of
  72.give sb. a hint
  73.10-minute study time
  74.try to do sth.
  75.writing plan
  76.do sth. in many ways
  77.in the library
  78.on the Internet
  79.dream about
  80.Dragon Boat race
  81.Easter chocolate eggs
  82.put up…on the wall
  83.at the weekend
  84.make a plan
  85.remember to do sth.
开始做某事 在加拿大 在周一 在冬天 带某人去散步 度长假 去看病 在第一周 在铅笔盒里 爱做某事 去度假 在厨房 圣诞礼物 在网上聊天室聊天 红包 庆祝新年的活动 传统的中国食品 舞狮子 听广播节目 华人社区活动中心 计划做某事 帮助某人做某事 在夜晚 在唐人街 如此(多),这么 做卡片 叫某人做某事 一张卡片 在另一边 提示某人,给某人以暗示 十分钟的学习时间 努力做某事 写作计划 用许多方式做某事 在图书馆 在网上 梦到…… 赛龙舟 复活节彩蛋 把……挂在墙上 在周末 制定计划 记住做某事
用心 爱心 专心
Unit Four Food
Let’s have a hamburger. be hungry/ be full a lot of energy walk to = go to…on foot many times a day What is your favourite food? =What food do you like?
  7. 12 years old = 12-year old
  8. want to do sth./ want to be
  9. get tired
  10.need sth. to do sth.
  11.It is + a. + for sb. to do sth.
  12.change the diet
  13.sweet snacks
  14.between meals
  15.be good for sb.
  16.eat/ have sth. for breakfast/ supper/ lunch
  17.not…any more
  18.a top student
  19.after class
  20.chat with sb.
  21.on the Internet
  22.twice a week/ once a month
  23.fast food/ home cooking
  24.a healthy meal
  25.how often
  26.get energy form
  27.cook healthy food
  28.a spicy dish from Sichuan
  29.find out
  30.Get Fit Club
  31.give advice on
  32.go roller skating
  33.the differences between A and B
  34.eating habits
  35.help sb. do sth.
  36.complete the sentence
  37.refer to
  38.make a shopping list
  39.come for dinner
  40.of course
  41.countable nouns/ uncountable nouns
用心 爱心 专心

  42.start with 让我们来吃汉堡。 饥饿/饱 许多能量 走到……地方去 一天多次 你最喜欢的食品是什么? 十二岁 想要干某事/想成为 感到疲劳 需要……做某事 对某人来说做某事是…… 改变饮食习惯 甜食 两餐之间 对某人有好处 早餐/午餐/晚餐吃…… 一再…… 最好的学生 课后 与某人交谈 在网上 一周两次/一月一次 快餐/家常菜 健康餐 多久一次 从……获取能量 烹调健康食品 四川辣菜 找出,发现 健身俱乐部 对……提出建议 去滑冰 A 和 B 的不同 饮食习惯 帮助某人做某事 完成句子 指…… 列一张购物单 来吃晚餐 当然
  43.in front of
  44.a glass of/ a bowl of/ a cup of/ a kilo of/ a packet of
  45.in the kitchen
  46.cook for sb.
  47.It takes sb. some time to do sth.
  48.would like to do sth.
  49.keep fit
  50.log onto
  51.an online interview
  52.listen to
  53.not…at all
  54.try to do sth.
  56.how long
  57.how much
  58.a report on sb./ sth.
  59.feel well/ healthy
  60.Good luck with sb.
  61.ask for
  62.at the end of
  63.go to the supermarket
  64.so many (bananas)
  65.healthy eating
  66.stay healthy
  67.check for mistakes
  68.get fat
  69.different kinds of
  70.taste sour
  71.on the tree/ in the tree
从……开始 在……前面 一杯/一碗/一杯/一公斤/一包 在厨房 为某人烧…… 花费某人……时间做某事 想/愿意做某事 保持健康 进入系统 网上访问 听…… 一点也不 努力做某事 祝贺你 多长时间 多少/问价钱 一份有关某人或某事的报告 感觉好/健康 祝某人好运 寻求,要求 在……的末尾/尽头 去超市 如此多的(香蕉) 健康饮食 保持健康 查找错误 变胖 不同种类的/各种各样的 尝起来很酸 在树上
用心 爱心 专心
Unit Five Going shopping

  1.go shopping/ swimming/ skating/ fishing
  2.want sb. to do sth.
  3.buy a lot of things
  4.be free/ be busy
  5.carry all the bags
  6.a shopping mall called Sunnyside Shopping Mall
  7.write an article about…
  8.happy birthday
  9.be suitable for sb.
  10.the names of the presents
  11.football stickers
  12.fancy hair clips
  13.teddy bear
  14.look for
  15.just a minute/ wait a minute
  16.take a look (at)/ have a look (at)
  17.be expensive/ be cheap
  18.discount on sth.
  19.prefer to do sth.
  20.buy sth. for sb./ buy sb. sth.
  21.have enough money to buy have enough stationery to use
  22.never mind
  23.go well with/ match sth.
  24.their favourite presents
  25.show sb. around a place
  26.clothes shop
  27.electrical shop
  28.sports shop
  29.shoe shop
  30.comic book
  31.school newsletter
  32.over here
  33.be pretty
  34.singular noun/ plural noun
  35.send an e-mail to sb.
  36.on the top floor
  37.cost a lot of money
  38.on the right/ on the left
  39.a computer games center
  40.pay for sth./ pay (money) for sth.
  41.visit a poor area
用心 爱心 专心
visit sb. 去购物/游泳/滑冰/钓鱼 想要某人做某事 买许多东西 有空/忙 拎所有的包 一个叫蓝天的大型购物中心 写有关……的文章



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高一英语单词表 汇总

       本文由范刘洪贡献     doc          没有  百度文库财富值请到  www.365xueyuan.com  免费帮下载  百度文库积分资料     高一英语单词表 汇总 Unit 1 honest adj 诚实的;正直的 brave adj 勇敢的  Loyal adj 忠诚的;忠心的 wise adj 英明的;明智的;聪明的 handsome adj 英俊 的;大方的;美观的 smart adj 聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的 argue vt 争论;辩论 △ solutio ...


   If you are happy If you are happy and you know it clap your hands If you are happy and you know it clap your hands If you are happy and you know it never be afraid to show it If you are happy and you know it clap your hands If you are happy and you ...