( )
  1. ? ? I’m OK, thank you. A. What’s this? B. Hello! C. How are you? ( )
  2. ? ? It’s a backpack. A. What color is it? B. How are you? C. What’s this in English! ( )
  3. ? is the jacket? ? It’s white. A. What B. What color C. How ( )
  4. ? Spell it, please. ? OK, A. It’s a ruler B. R?U?L?E?R C. It’s yellow. ( )
  5. ? ? Helen. A. What’s your name? B. What’s this? C. How are you? ( )
  6. ? Nice to meet you, Eric! ? A. Nice to meet you, too B. How do you do? C. Good afternoon. ( )
  7. ? Is this ruler? ? No, it’s eraser. A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an ( )
  8. His name is Jim Smith. Smith is his name. A. English B. first C. last ( )
  9. ? Is this your key? ? A. Yes, it’s. B. No, it isn’t. C. No, it is. ( )
  10. That my mother. These my brothers. A. is, are B. am, are C. are, is ( )
  11. ? Is the cat ( 猫 ) the sofa? ? No, it isn’t. It’s the table. A. on, to B. to, in C. on, under ( )
  12. This is my new friend. He's China. A、in B、of C、from ( )
  13. What’s this English? It’s a pen. A、in B、on C、of
( ( ( (
( ( (
( (
  14. are my good friends. A、You and he B、He and you C、You and him )
  15. I can play basketball, but my sister . A、don't B、can't C、doesn't )
  16. Amanda likes drawing. She wants to join the club. A. art B. music C. sports D. chess )
  17. These are my cousins.names are Kate and Bob. A. Their B. Her C. His D. Its )
  18. ? Is Tony a good student? ? Yes. He at school. A. works hard B. has lunch C. gets up D. takes photos )
  19. March is the month of the year. A. three B. third C. five D. fifth )
  20. My mother gets up early (早)every day, she is good. A. and B. but C. so )
  21. .are they from? China. A. Where B. What C. Who D. How )
  22. We usually work on weekdays, but we work on Saturdays and Sundays. A. do B. don’t C. does D. doesn’t )
  23. ? ? ? It’s Monday. A. What time is it now B. How are you C. What day is it today D. When is your birthday )
  24. Students usually go back to school September. A. in B. on C. at D. of )
  25. ? do you play basketball? ? For two hours. A. How old B. How long C. How many D. How much )
  26. Julia’s favorite is English.
( (
( (
( (
( ( (
( ( ( (
A. subject B. song C. festival D. clothes )
  27. We usually breakfast in the kitchen(厨房). A. eat B. eats C. does D. play )
  28. I always get up 7:00 am and have breakfast my parents. A. at; to B. in; with C. at; with D. on; for )
  29. You can take some apples your grandma. A. to B. at C. in D. on )
  30. .the boy over there? He’s my cousin. A. Who B. Who’s C. What D. What’s )
  31. do you spell Saturday? A. How B. What C. Who D. Which )
  32. --Can I borrow your ruler? -- , I don‘t have one. A. OK B. Yes C. Certainly D. Sorry )
  33. How many books ? A. you have B. do you have C. are you have D. you are have )
  34. The first month(月) is. A. One B. December C. March D. January )
  35. There aren’t apples on the table. A. any B. the C. some D. an )
  36. ?Look at the beautiful flowers over there. ?Let go and see. A. us B. we C. is D. our )
  37. Today is Children’s day. My sons are very . A. interesting B. funny C. sad D. happy )
  38. It's 7:30 in the morning. Let’s . A. go to bed B. go home C. go to school D. get up )
  39. " can you see in the picture?" "I can see a boat." A. What B. Where C. How D. Who )
  40. This is apple. It's red apple. A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a D. an, an



   U1-- 单项选择练习及中考题 --U5 英语 9 年级上册 U1--U5 单项选择练习及中考题 1.is really hard them to climb Mount Tai. A.This;to B.It;for C.This;for D.It;to 2.“Shall we go to the sea animal show tomorrow?” “” A.Thank you B.Good idea C.It dosen't matter D.It's very kind of you ...

2008届高考英语二轮专项复习单项选择题及详解68 (4)

   2008 届高考英语二轮专项复习单项选择题及详解 4 1. It's a lovely day, isn't it? Yes. I love when the weather is like this. Why don't we sit outside and have our lunch? A. this B. that C. it D. one 选 C.本题主要考查 it 作形式宾语的句型. 动词 love, like, hate, dislike, enjoy, prefer, app ...


   九年级英语复习计划 长丰中学 英语是中考科目中非常重要的一门学科,对学生的要求也愈来愈高,不仅加强了对英语基 础知识的考查, 更突出了对运用知识能力的考查。 因此我们要对所学知识进行系统而全面的复习。 离中考还有两个月的时间,如何在有限的时间内取得最好的复习效果.计划采取“三轮复习法” 的总复习计划,课本知识回顾、语法专题复习、专项复习及综合训练。同时还加强解题能力指导 和临场经验积累。做到着眼全面,突出重点,点面结合,把全面复习和重点复习有机结合起来。 (一)、课本知识回顾: )、课本知识 ...


   PEP 小学英语总复习??选择题专项训练题 1.You can play the clean dog after class. A.with A.live A.were, was B. in B. goes to B.are, am C. at C. visiting C.do, am C.office 2.Is your mother Huizhou? Yes, she is. 3.Where you this morning? I at a meeting. 4.Her brother ...


   高考英语单项选择练习题 高考英语单项选择练习题 1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr White the visitors around it. A. went on to show B. went on showing C. went on with showing D. kept on showing 2. -- Tom works hard at English.?-- , and . A. So does he; so you ...


   单项选择练习题 1.Do you know the boy long hair? A. of B. in C. by D. with 2. The coat on you looks nice. --I it for 100 dollars. A. paid B. bought C. spent D. cost 3. Tokyo is bigger than city in Japan, but it’s not bigger than city in China. A. any other ...


   高一英语上学期单项选择练习题精选 1. A friend need is friend indeed . A . in , / B . for , a C . in , a D . for , the 2. You like music , I like reading . A . when B . while C . as D . though 3. He sent me an E-mail to get further information . A . hoped B . hoping ...


   中考英语总复习:单项选择 200 道 第 1 页 共 14 页 第一卷 单项选择题(1)(每题 1 分,共 100 分) 一、冠词、代词(共 15 题 15 分) 1. When astronauts(宇航员)Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng came back from space, many reporters interviewed and got some first-hand information. A. they B. them C. their D. the ...

(强烈推荐) 初三英语复习--单项选择120题

   1.Many students in our class glasses over their eyes . C A. put on B. dress C. wear D. get dressed 2.?Where have you been? D ?I a paper factory. A. went to B. have been C. have gone toD. have been to D 3.Lots of fish . A. has died B. dead C. death ...


   中考英语总复习:单项选择 200 道 第 1 页 共 14 页 第一卷 单项选择题(1)(每题 1 分,共 100 分) 一、冠词、代词(共 15 题 15 分) 1. When astronauts(宇航员)Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng came back from space, many reporters interviewed _b__ and got some first-hand information. A. they B. them C. their D ...



   四级英语单词及词组 四级英语单词及词组 ( (押金, 保证金) utility 水、 煤气) ( 电、 等费用 priority Fraternities(兄弟会) sororities 姐妹会) deposit 优先权 announcement 宣告,公告 inflation 通货膨胀 respectively 分别的,各自的 facility 设 施, 设备 elite 杰出的, 卓越的 fount 泉, 源头 overall 全部的, 全面的 extracurricular activ ...


   2008 学年第二学期六年级英语单元形成性评价(一) 学年第二学期六年级英语单元形成性评价( (Module 1_2) 讲 评课后点评 课后点评 沙面小学 陈慧贤 小学部 陈俊芳 目标:1.让学生用客观的的态度看待测验。淡化分数造成的心理压力。 2.让学生学会自己分析错题,寻找解题的方法、策略。 3.精讲精练,突破重难点。 评卷步骤: 一.自评价: 1.How do you think of this test? A. easy B. So so C. difficult (教师统计数据) ...


   阳光家教网 http://cq.ygjj.com 家教学习资料 更多家教学习资料下载 七年级英语第一学期期末考试 初 一 英 语 (时间:100 分钟 一.听力 ( 20 分 ) A.根据所听内容选择相应的图片 5 分 ) .根据所听内容选择相应的图片( 分值:120 分) A 1. B 2. C 3. C. presents C. beside C. 7:30 4. D 5. E B.听句子,选择所听到的选项( 5 分 ) .听句子,选择所听到的选项 ( )1. A. parent B. ...


   小升初考试已经陆续来临,大敌当前,各位小朋友 们是否已经开始摩拳擦掌,跃跃欲试了呢?此时在 做大量习题是是否会经常遇到很多个奇形怪状的 "拦路虎"呢?那我们就一起来解决这个问题吧! 在小升初当中,涉及到的词汇有 2000 个左右, 500 个左右是基础词汇, 1000 个左右是拓展词汇 (这 些较难的词汇在阅读,完成中出现的机会很大), 其中最重要的词汇??高频词汇共有 400??500 个.那这么多的词汇,我们在这么短短的时间内很 难一下都记牢,这也就需要我们找到一些背 ...

第二讲、高中英语听力测试技巧点拨(上) [讲义]

   Ok 学习网 www.okxuexi.com 高考英语听力测试技巧点拨 Part 1 上海高考英语听力题型 题 型 题 量 分 值 总 分 播放遍数 对话一遍 问题一遍 独白两遍 问题一遍 对话两遍 Section A 角色对话(短) Section B 独白 (单人讲话) Section C 角色对话(长) 10 题 两篇各 3 题 两篇各填写 4 个信息点 1 分/题 2 分/题 1 分/点 10 分 12 分 8分 听力占英语试卷的 1/5 分值,具有极强的时间效应,不具备复制性.语速 ...