1. My pen pal is from the USA.
  2. Her English teacher comes from Australia.
  3. She speaks French.
  4. I live in Toronto, Canada.
  5. My birthday is in November.
  6. He has a brother and a sister.
  7. Tom likes going to the movies with my friends and playing sports.

  18. She likes to play with her friends and eat grass.
  19. He sleeps during the night.

  20. He usually relaxes 20 hours every day.
  21. She is a doctor.
  22. He wants to be a bank clerk.
  23. My mother works in a TV station.
  24. Jim is reading.
  25. She is watching TV at home.
  26. They want to go to the movies.

  8. My favorite subject in school is P.E.
  27. Let's go at seven o'clock.
  9. I don't like math. It's too difficult.
  28. He's waiting for a bus.
  10. The supermarket is on Fifth Avenue.
  29. They're going to the mountains.
  11. Across from the park is an old hotel.
  30. People usually do some shopping at the mall.
  12. You can play the guitar in the park.
  31. It's sunny today in Beijing.
  13. There is a bank between the post office and the hospital.
  14. Let's see the lions. Because they're cute.
  15. I like elephants, because they're kind of smart.
  16. Lions are from South Africa.
  17. The lions are ugly.
  32. It's terrible.
  33. Some are taking photos.
  34. The people are really relaxed.
  35. People are wearing coats and scarfs.
  36. She is medium height and she has long hair.
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  37. Wang Lin is the captain of the basketball team.
  38. I'd like some noodles.

  3. It's rainy in Wenzhou City.

  4. They're very clever.
  39. I'd like beef and tomato noodles.
  5. We're having a good time.
  40. She'd like a small bowl of mutton and cabbage noodles.
  41. Specail1 is just RMB
  8. She can sing very well.
  42. We have ice cream and green tea.
  9. Timmy can help you with your math..
  43. On Sunday morning I played tennis.
  44. They went to the beach yesterday.
  45. Her weekend was pretty good.
  11. I live in Hangzhou.
  46. On Sunday five kids did homework.
  47. Last weekend I read a book about history.
  48. They went to summer camp on vacation.
  49. The beaches were fantastic.
  14. He studies in a middle school.
  50. The weather was hot and humid.
  51. The people were friendly.
  52. The shops were too crowed.
  16. My grandparents watched a talk show on TV.
  53. We had Sichuan food for dinner.
  54. We decided to play tennis.
  17. Brad went to the library on vacation.
  12. She plays the piano very well.
  10. My mother would like a bowl of noodles.
  7. The museums were fantastic.

  13. They like doing sports very much..

  15. She thinks English is very interesting.

  1. Mary's new pen pal is from France.

  18. I went to summer camp last summer.
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