一、 要求写单词。
  1. shelf(复数)
  4. sunny(名)
  2. German(复数)
  3. lose(形)
  5. dear(反)
  6. begin(名)
  9. worker(名)

  7. cloud(形)
  8. die(形)

  10. teach(名)
  11. north(形)
  12. safe(名) 二. 选择题。
  1. , the stronger the wind is! A. The brighter the sun is B. The colder the weather is C. The harder it is raining D. The faster the air is moving
  2. She a fine healthy baby. A. was born B. born C. gives birth to D. gave birth to
  3. I have never seen that strange cup three legs. A. by B. for C. on D. with

  4. No one can stop me . A. to leave B. to be left C. from leaving D. leave
  5. Jim Kate broke the glass. The cat did. A. Neither, nor B. Either, or C. both, and D. Neither, or
  6. Speak louder they can hear you.
A. for B. that C. after D. so that
  7. The girl is hurt today. She to the hospital. A. can be taken C. must be taken B. may be taken D. should be taken

  8.He wondered what her. A. happened to C. was happened at B. Had happened to D. had happened with

  9. I remembered I saw the man yesterday. A. someday B. some day C. sometime D. some time

  10. The Jing jiu railway Beijing and Hong Kong. A. is between B. connects C. is from D. is connected
  11. So far, we about 700 English words. A. Learned B. will learn C. have learned D. are learning
  12.If it rains this Sunday, we’ll the hiking. A. put on B. put away C. put off D. put up

  13. Many girls and boys are made what they are not. A. to do, interested B. to do, interested in C. do, interested in D. doing, interested

  14. The doctor the boy to take a walk after supper.
A. let
B. made
C. allowed
D. had

  15. The weather is us to go swimming today. A. warm enough of C. too warm enough B. enough warm for D. warm enough for

  16.This work three hours ago. A. Was did B. was done C. did D. has been done
  17. Two weeks since she left her home. A. has past B. have passed C. has passed D. have past
  18.- to the USA? ?No, never, but I went Canada a few years ago. A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go
三. 补全对话,每空一词。 A: Can I help you, madam? B: Yes, please. I’d like t to New York. A: C, when would you like to fly? B: On the 23rd of next month. A: February 23rd. Let me s. Sorry, we d have any plane on that day to New York. What a the 22nd ?
B: The 22nd of February? Yes. T OK. What’s the flight number? A: Flight number/ Yes, CAAC3
  49. B: CAAC349? What time d it leave? A: It leaves Beijing at 13:
  15. B: That’s a quarter p one in the afternoon, isn’t it? A: That’s right. It a in New York at7:
  30. B: That’s right flight. Thank you very much.
四. 完形填空 Mr. Brown is a doctor. He 1 from Australia. He can 2 a little Chinese, but not 3 .He 4 from Monday to Friday . He likes his work very much . He 5 two children, a daughter 6 a son. His daughter’s name is Mary.
His son’s name is Mike. They’re both 7 . They are in 8 school . Mary and Mike’s mother is a 9 .She teaches English in a middle school. Mr. Brown and his wife like Chinese pop music very much. They often go to buy some pop CDs and listen at home. Now they’re living in China . Mr. Brown says they will stay in China until he wife are very old. They are very 10

  1.A. be
  2.A. speak
  3.A. many
  4.A. studies
  5.A. has
  6.A. but
  7.A. boys
  8.A. the
  9.A. doctor
  10.A. happy 五. 阅读理解
B. is B. talk B. a lot B. works B. have B. and B. girls B. a B. reporter B. unhappy
C. come C. say C. some C. plays C. there is C. with C. students C. the same C. worker C. awful
D. coming D. tell D. much D. teaches D. there are D. of D. friends D. different D. teacher D. interesting
This is Jim’s room. It’s not big , but it’s very clean . There is bed in the room . It’s near the door . Under the bed there are two balls . There is a desk and a chair near the window. There is a bookcase beside the desk. On the bookcase there are many books and newspaper. There are two pictures in the room, too . They are on the wall . a) The balls are . A. near the window. C. under the bed B. on the desk. . D. beside the desk.
b) Jim’s bed is . A. near the door B. near the window
C. on the bookcase D. on the wall c) are on the wall of Jim’s room. A. The books C. The newspapers B. The balls D. The pictures
d) Jim’s are on his bookcase . A. books C. pictures B. newspapers D. A and B
e) Jim’s room is . A. big C. dirty B. not clean D. not big



   六年级英语复习题 (满分 100 分 90 分钟完卷 1 分书写分) 一、正确抄写下列各句,注意大小写及标点符号:4% 1 I a plese cola want 2. liyan is in class 5 grade 6 二、词组互译:英语翻译成汉语,汉语翻译成英语 20% 1.very well 6.在六(2)班 2.here you are 7.朝......看 3.our headmaster 8.用英语(表示) 4.my deskmate 9.我的孪生妹妹 5.listen to ...


   六年级英语复习题 一、正确抄写下列各句,注意大小写及标点符号:5% 1 . this 2. liyan is is mr in li our class 5 headmaster grade 6 二、给单词选择正确的音标,将序号写入题前括号:5% ( ( ( ( ( 1.very 2.here 3.our 4.my )1.nose )2.head )3.box )4.plane )5.teacher well you deskmate to a A.[n[Us] A.[hed] A.[bCx ...


   2010 年中考九年级英语复习计划 近几年的学业考试试卷的难度系数 0.75, 也就是说容易题和中等题占的比例 很大。要想拿到这些分数,必须依纲靠本,回归基础,回归课本。要在激发学生 的参与意识和实践运用方面下功夫,设法促使学生积极主动地上好复习课,增强 学生的语言运用能力,减轻学生过重的课业负担,提高复习课的教学水平,达到 《英语课程标准》对学生知识和能力的要求。 所以,我们第一轮复习的重点就是带领同学从第一册开始,梳理学过的词汇 和语法知识。并以《中考说明》为依据,附以各种形式的复习练习 ...


   江苏省初中入学冲刺试卷 三 江苏省初中入学冲刺试卷(三) 姓名 班级 分数 一、按要求改写单词。(12%) 按要求改写单词。 % 1.she 4.one 7.paper 10.deer (宾格) (序数词) (复数) (复数) 2.country 5.go 8.run 11.mango (复数) (过去式) (现在分词) (复数) 3.close 6.good 9.photo 12.make (反义词) (最高级) (复数) (现在分词) 二、选择题。(30%) 选择题。 ( )1.I ge ...


   八年级英语试题 二、单项选择 26. ?Have you A. never A. at 28. The box is A. too, to carry 29. I think you should A. stop wear been to the Disneyland? B. ever B. in heavy for me B. too, for carry C. still the swim team. C. with . C. so, to carry D. too, in carry ...


   小学四年级下 小学四年级下英语试题 一、选择题 ( )1.Excuse,are you a nurse? A) I B) me C) my ( )2.A: B: is that woman? She is my mother. A)what B)who C)why ( )3.Don'tthe window. A)open B)look C)go ( )4.What's thewith you? A)matter B)wrong C)that ( )5.This is my daughter. ...


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   牛津小学英语 3A 期中试卷 (卷面整洁 4 分) 一、圈出你所听到的单词。(20 分) 1、elephant 2、pear 3、blue 4、rubber 5、pen ruler peach brown telephone pencil 6、 monkey 7、 cat 8、mango 9、pencil box 10、tiger elephant zebra apple ball pen table 二、听一听,在你所听到的句子前面的括号里打“√”(10 分) 。 1、 ( 2、 ( )g ...


   学校 班级 姓名 考号 。。。。。。。。。密。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。封。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。线。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。 2010??2011 学年度第二学期 六年级英语单词竞赛试题 年级英语单词竞赛试题 英语 命题人: 命题人:温瑛晖 (本卷满分 100 分,时量 40 分钟) 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 总 分 一.翻译下面英语(各 2 分,共 50 分) ...


   学校 班级 姓名 考号 。。。。。。。。。密。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。封。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。线。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。 2010?2011 学年度第二学期 四年级英语单词竞赛试题 年级英语单词竞赛试题 英语 考试时间: 分钟) (试卷满分:100 分, 考试时间:40 分钟) 试卷满分: 根据提示完成句子。 一、 根据提示完成句子。 30 分) ( 1、 、 ...



   欢迎光临:大家论坛高中高考专区 bbs.topsage.com 2007 高考英语单项选择技巧性试题专练 1. I don't know whether it is the attention that you should pay to your teaching method. A. it B. which C. this D. / 2. The old peasant has jut bought a knife to cut wood. A. which B. that C. by ...

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   新概念英语第一册练习题 (1) 数词, 冠词, 介词, 动词时态变化, 比较级和最高级 一 写出复数 1. radio 5. boss 9. leaf 13. tie 17. tooth 21. match 2. knife 6. dress 10. church 14. tomato 18. country 22. box 3. glass 7. housewife 11. mouth 15. piano 19. key 23. hour 4. shelf 8.postman 12. fa ...


   朗文商务英语之电话沟通篇黏黏┆资料 2006-11-24 09:58:51 阅读56 评论0 字号:大中小 其实只是初中学过的内容,大部分都是日常比较熟悉的用语罢了。 不过在日常使用的机会还挺多的呢! 因为有其他的记录员,所以用词会有些不统一,呵呵呵。 Chapter 1 在过去几十年,通讯工具发展迅速,我们已经不会再留地址给朋友,我们只会留电话号码给朋友。 当你留电话号码给你朋友时可以说:You can reach me at this number.就是你打这个电话号码可以找到我。在 ...


   人教版初中英语单词总汇编 (1) (A--Cl) [关键词]级别,词频,词汇, 词类,汉语 [重要注释] ★代表最常用词,共 840 词; 无记号为次常用词,共 790 词; ▲代表两会的词,68 词; ※代表课本中出现过的非初中词汇, 共 336 词。 级 ★ ※ ★ 的 ★ 约 ★ ★ ※ 2 3 above accident according to across active activity ※ ★ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 1 add prep. adj. n. v. prep. ad ...