七年级英语检测试卷 Good morning, everyone! Never give up! You can do it!
I.选出你所听到的单词。 (每小题读一遍,共 5 分) ( )1A. this B. that C. these D. those ( )2A.grass B. grade C. make D. lazy ( )3A.bridge B. bike C. giraffe D. taxi ( )4A.front B.hope C. shop D. across ( )5A.near B. ear C.there D. hear II.听句子,选出你所听到的信息. (每小题读两遍,共 5 分) ( )6A.clever B. lazy C. shy D. sunny ( )7A.season B. weather C. date D. food ( )8A.red B. green C. blue D. yellow ( )9A.family B. school C. friend D. animal ( )10A.at home B.at table C.by bus D.at school III.听句子,选出适当的答语. (每小题读两遍,共 10 分) ( )11A. I’m a student. B. I’m fine.Thanks. C. He’s fine,too. D. I’m from China. ( )12A. I like math best. B. Turn left,please. C. I’m in Class One. D. He is my friend. ( )13A. Thank you. B. You’re right. C. Just so-so. D. Not good. ( )14A. Yes,she is. B. No,she isn’t. C. She is a farmer. D. She isn’t a worker. ( )15A. The same to you. B. Thank you. C. Happy birthday. D. Nice to meet you.
I.填一填:按要求写出相应的单词.(10 分)
  2. meet(同音词)
  3.free (反义词)
  4. south (对应词)
  5. I(宾格)
  8. are not (缩写形式)
  9. have(单三形式)
  10.begin(名词) II 译一译:翻译下列词组.(10 分)
  5.玩得高兴 III 选一选.(20 分) ( )
  1.Thank you . A.a lot of B. lots of C. a lot D. lot of

  2.Her mother is ill. She is in hospital. A. the B. a C. an D. / ( )
  3.Would you like tea? A. any B. some C. a D. a cup ( )
  4.Jim,don’t be late class again. A. in B. at C. for D. to ( )
  5.There is book on the desk. book isn’t mine. A. a…The B. a…A C. the…The D. an…An ( )
  6. do you like lions? Because they are cute. A. What B. Why C. How D. Where ( )
  7.What do you usually do night? A. in B. on C. at D. to ( )
  8.He usually sleeps and 20 hours every day. A. relax B. relaxes C. relaxing D. relaxed ( )
  9.Welcome the Garden District. A. in B. at C. to D. from ( )
  10.What language does she ? A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell ( )
  11.Is this a busy job? Yes, . A. this is B. it is C. is D. it isn’t ( )
  12.We’re from China. We’re . A. Chinese B. China C. Chineses D. China ( )
  13.What does Larry’s mother do? --. A. She is beautiful. B. She is my friend. C. She likes to travel. D. She is a bank clerk. ( )
  14.Tom to bed early but his brother doesn’t. A. go B. goes C. to go D. going ( )
  15.I have two pencils. One is long and is short. A. the other B. other C. another D. the others ( )
  16.Is there a supermarket near your house? No, . A. it isn’t B. here isn’t C. there is D. there isn’t ( )
  17.Helen is . A.13 year old B.13 years old C.13-years-old D.13 years ( )
  18.My parents live Singapore. A. at B. in C. to D. from ( )
  19.--is your favourite sportsman? Liu Xiang. A.How B.When C.Who D.Which ( )
  20.Can you speak French? Yes,but only . A.little B.a little C.few D.a few IV 动动脑:用所给词的适当形式填空。 (10 分)
  1. She is (friend) to everyone.
  2. What’s (she) favourite subject?
  3. Li Ming often (do) his homework in the afternoon. (be) a doctor.
  4. Nancy wants

  5. My sister enjoys (read) storybooks.
  6. We are (interest) in English.
  7. There (be) a book and three pens in my bag. (year) old.
  8. My son is only four
  9. How many (library) are there in your city?
  10. Can you (write) to me next week? V 变一变:按要求改写下列句子,每空一词。 (10 分)
  1. The boy is from Japan.(同义句) Japan. The boy
  2. She likes koalas. (否定句) She koalas.
  3. My uncle works in a restaurant. (划线部分提问) your uncle work?
  4. I think it is interesting. (否定句) I think it interesting.
  5. My aunt is a reporter. (用 a doctor 改为选择疑问句) your aunt a reporter a doctor? (10 分) VI 想一想:完成下面的完型填空。 Let me tell you something about my little dog Snoopy. Snoopy is an American 1 . 2 looks very 3 .He has 4 small eyes, two big ears, 5 short legs and a small tail. It’s great fun playing with him. I often teach him how to 6 games. Now he can play many kinds of games. If I say “ 7 basketball!” he goes to catch a ball and put it into a basket. If I say “please 8 for us!” then he dances to the music. Can he sing a song? One of my friend asks me. Of course he can. But he doesn’t 9 in English or Chinese. When he sings, 10 can understand him. ( )
  1. A. cat B. tiger C. dog D. pig ( )
  2. A. It B. He C. She D. They ( )
  3. A. love B. lovely C. danger D. dangerous ( )
  4. A. some B. many C. any D. two ( )
  5. A. four B. three C. two D. one ( )
  6. A. plays B. playing C. plays D. play ( )
  7. A. Do B. Does C. Plays D. Play ( )
  8. A. sing B. sings C. dance D. dance ( )
  9. A. sing B. sings C. dance D. dance ( )
  10.A.somebody B. many C. nobody D. everyone VII 读一读:根据短文,选出最佳答案.(10 分) Mr. Green comes from England. He works in Shanghai. He teaches English in a college. e studies Chinese in an evening school. He speaks good Chinese. He has many Chinese friends. They are very friendly. He has two children ? a son and a daughter. They study in Shanghai, too. They study in the same school. But they are in different grades. Their mother does housework every day. They all say Chinese is great. They like Chinese food. They
like Guangdong food a lot. ( )
  1.Mr. Green is .But he works in not in England. A. English…China B. England…Shanghai C. teacher…China D. England…English ( )2He English at a college and Chinese in a school. A. studies; teaches B. teaches; teaches C. teaches; studies D. teaches; studys ( )3Mr. Green speaks now. A. Chinese B. a little Chinese C. not Chinese D. good Chinese in the same school in . ( )
  4.His children A.aren’t; Shanghai B.are; Shanghai C.are; Guangdong D.aren’t; China ( )
  5.Mrs. Green does every day. A. housework B. homework C. shopping D. washing



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小学三年级英语下册unit3How many 教案

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2006年河北省课程改革实验区初中毕业生升学考试 英语试卷

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