课题 科目

2 课教学设计
New lesson
May I invite Danny and Jenny
教 材 简 析
This course is the center of the text of the unit one .mainly to "invite" the subject of the main line ,telephone communication ,supplemented by line to expand the teaching activities. . This course will talk about distances "be far from" and "May I.....?"Yes ,you may .no ,you may not ,and so on.
The student home known something about English ,Talk on 学情分析 the phone is a usual topic in their daily life ,so this lesson is not hard for them. (I) language goals:
  1.To study some new words and expressions
  2.Key sentences: When do you leaving far...? ?May I speak with /to.....? ?This is ....(speaking)who's that ? (Ⅱ)Ability goals Enable the students lean how to invite somebody to have a trip on the phone. Grasp the expressions of making phone calls
(知识与技 能、方法与 过程、情感 态度与价值 观)
Graps the expressions of making phone calls
根据新课程,要把握好教学的系统性,科学性,有效性, 知识传递的准确性, 学生学习的高效性。 同时帮助学生养 成合作学习, 解决问题的能力, 更要培养学生综合运用语 言的能力及创新能力。
教学准备 教学课时
,Recorder and Tape One class
教学过程 设计 活动板块 师生互动内容 意图 一、设置情 境,引入新 课 Take out some pictures of Tian'anmen square and Bird"s nest and ask "Did you go to these places before? Then come to the "Think about it :and discuss the questions together. 反思
Students know what they should learn in this lesson and it is important for us.
Step I: Ask and answer (
  1) Who makes phone call to Mrs.Smith. 二、整体 (
  2) Can Danny come to Beijing? 感知 (
  3) When Jenny come to China? (
  4) When does Li Ming leave for Beijing?
Step Ⅱ:
Lead in. Take out some pictures of Tian'anmen square ,tiantan ,bird's nest and so on ,and To train the
Ask "Did you go to these places before ?Do students’ you want to go to Bird's nest? Make some abilities’ of the students understand the students and Listening. know how to answer it . Step Ⅲ: Lesson to the tape of lesson 2 and answer the questions in the textbook. Step Ⅳ: ① To train the
Make sure the students understand the students ability whole text . Deal with the of language point Write communication.
"want ....to...",talk to leave for ,invite "on ② To train the the blackboard , explain them and make students ability sure them to let know How to use the words Step Ⅴ: Step Ⅵ: Step Ⅶ: to make students read the text. of speaking.
Do exercise in the activity book Learning times Let the students say what do they lean in this lesson
三.合作探 Test 究 Step Ⅷ: ① To make a dialogue. ② ②consolidation Tom:Hello ,May I speak Mr.Liu ,please? Liu:Yes is Mr.Liu speaking.
Revision lesson.
Who’s that? Tom:This is your friend Tom. I to To check the
you to may birthday knowledge the students my wife . how
party .Can you come? Liu:Yes.I talk Tom: That is Liu:W Tom: At a Liu: Ok,Thanks Good-bye. Tom:See you tonight. do I get to my home? past seven tonight? for invitation
learned in this period.
四、课堂 小结
The months are difficult for students to remember ,so in class let the students practice more ,The teacher can manage different activities in order to keep the class interesting.
五、课外 拓展
Homework: ⑴Finish the activity book . ⑵Read the text in lesson
  2. ⑶The next reaching in the student book. Lesson Ⅰ:May I invite Danny and Jenny? Ⅰ:"word or phrases ①leave 离开 leave for 动身去某地。 ②arrive in/at 到达某地 ③want 想要 want to do sth 想要做某事。 ④invite 邀请 Invite somebody to do sth 想要某人做某事 Invite somebody to a place 邀请某人去某地 Ⅱ:Drills Canada is far from china ,is Canada far from china?


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