( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 选出下列各题中最佳的一项:(15’) 下列各题中最佳的一项 一. 选出下列各题中最佳的一项:(15 ) )
  1. It’s raining. your raincoat. A. Take on B. Put on C. Turn on )
  2. How much bread do you have for breakfast every morning?. A. usually B. every C. lots of )
  3. The aero plane is flying the lake. A. on B. down C. over )
  4. Tom is the playground, but Sandy is in the classroom. A. in B. on C. at )
  5. There are many students books in the classroom. A. reading B. read C. to read )
  6. He always hopscotch with his classmates. A. plays B. playing C. playing a )
  7. today? A. What’s the weather B. What’s the weather like C. How are the weather )
  8. There milk or sugar in the cup. A. aren’t any B. are not some C. isn’t any )
  9. Susan wants. A. a soap and a jam B. a bar of soap and a jam C. a bar of soap and a jar of jam )
  10. He has bread but orange juice for breakfast. A. many, few B. much, little C. few, much )
  11. book is this? It’s Lily’s. A. Whose B. Who C. Who’s )
  12. There a pen in the pencil box. A. is B. not C. are )
  13. She has aunt. Her aunt is American. A. a, the B. an, an C. an, / )
  14. Are there two on the table? A. cups of teas B. cup of tea C. cups of tea )
  15. This is a letter my father. Let me take it to my mother. A. for B. on C. from 请给下列句子选出最恰当的问题,每个问题只一次( ) 二. 请给下列句子选出最恰当的问题,每个问题只一次(10’ ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. He’s beside that tree. )
  2. His name is Billy Brigs. )
  3. She is Miss. Williams. )
  4. My bag is brown. )
  5. It’s Billy’s shoe. )
  6. There’s a shoe on the locker. a. What’s on the locker? b. Who’s she? c. How are they? d. What color is your bag? e. What nationality is she? f. Whose shoe is it?
( ( (
  7. They are very tight. )
  8. It’s eight o’clock. )
  9. Miss. Williams is English.
g. What’s the time? h. Which umbrella is Sandy’s? i. Where’s he?
( )
  10. The short umbrella is Sandy’s. j. What’s his name? 三. 根据短文内容,判断正误:True (T) or False (F): (5’) 根据短文内容,判断正误: Which One? Mike, a student of Grade One, does not like English. “I’m English,” the boy often says, “I know much English. I can do well in English." So he doesn’t listen to Miss Read in class and often talks with his friend Jim. Jim has a new picture-book. It is interesting. He takes it to school this morning. Mike knows about it and asks him to lend it to him. He reads it and doesn’t hear what Miss Read says. She finds it and tells him to stop reading it. He stops but begins to read it again when she is writing on the blackboard. She says, “Can you spell ‘borrow’, Mike?” The boy stands up and says, “B ? O ? R ? R ? R ? O ? W, madam.” “Take out(去掉)one‘ r ’ !” “Which one?” asks the boy. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Mike is an English boy. )
  2. Mike is good at English. )
  3. Jim reads the picture-book in the English class. )
  4. Miss Read asks Mike to spell the word “borrow”. )
  5. Mike can spell the word “borrow”. 句型转换:根据提示把下面句子改写成正确的形式。每空一词(10’) 四. 句型转换:根据提示把下面句子改写成正确的形式。每空一词(10 )
  1. Those boys are Japanese. (对划线部分提问) are those boys? a / clock / there’s / wall / on / the / big (连词成句) They are English exercise-books. (变成单数句子) There are 6 children under the big tree. (对划线部分提问) are there under the big tree. Mother is cooking a meal. (对划线部分提问)




mother ? ( 五.从方框中选择恰当的句子将对话补全,使其通顺达意。 5’) 从方框中选择恰当的句子将对话补全,使其通顺达意。 )
A. But I think it's very important. C. Do you have such friends? E. I can’t agree with you. B. I think a good friend is good at sports. D. He or she often makes me laugh. (Jay and Kathy are talking about what a good friend is like.) J:Kathy,what is a good friend like? K:1 J:You mean he or she is athletic? K:Yes. And he or she is funny. 2 J:Anything else? K:Er,I think a good friend should like to do the same things as me. J:3 I like to have friends who are different from me.
  3.( )
  2.( )
  1.( ) I hope to see you soon!
K:Do you think a good friend should be popular in school,too? J:Well,that's not very important for me. K: 4 And .a good friend should be helpful.
  4.( ) Yours Wang Peng
J:Of course,he or she should be. K:5 J:Yes,I do. ( 六.写作。 15’) 写作。 15 ) 假如你是王鹏,你的加拿大笔友 Toby 给你给你发了一封电子邮件,告诉你他将要来北京。请你用英语给他回 一封邮件介绍北京。内容要点如下:
  1. 北京历史悠久,有众多名胜古迹,如:长城、故宫、颐和园……。
  2. 北京人很友好,喜欢结交各国朋友。
  3. 北京 2008 奥运会后,变得更美丽了。
  4. 你来时我作你的向导,我教你汉语,你教我英语。你会喜欢北京的。 要求: 要求:I、必须包括所有要点;
  2、词数 60~
  80(不包括已给出的开头和结尾) ;
  3、可适当发挥。 Dear Toby, I'm very happy to get your e-mail. It's exciting to know you'll come to Beijing soon.




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