七年级英语(牛津版)上 7A 单词拼写练习题
  1. Are you at home at the (周末)?
  2. I like very much.(数学)
  3. They always play after school.网球
  4. Yao Ming is tall.相当的
  5. Is there a in our school?足球场
  6. Do you like (watch) TV?
  7. Mike is good at (swim).
  8. Beckham and Hao Haidong are both football (play).
  9. He is very . He always his students.(help)
  10. He often (have) dinner at home with his grandparents.
  11. My (like best) lesson is English.
  12. Her hair is (not long).
  13. I (be) born in October.
  14. Amy is (very) tall.
  15. He enjoys . But my cousin doesn’t like it. 打羽毛球
  16. Cathy (sleep) for half an hour a day.
  17. I don’t like (play)football. But my father (like) it.
  18. Lei Lei wants (chat) on the Internet.
  19. He is clever at (score) goals.
  20. I usually go (run) for half an hour at the weekends.
  21. Don’t too much time playing computer games.花费
  22. Many boys are playing in the playground.排球
  23. There are many old things in the .博物馆
  24. I like my classroom it’s very big.因为
  25. The story is very .有趣的
  26. There are 12 in a year.月
  27. How many are there in this city?图书馆
  28. Mary often (watch)TV at night.
  29. your English teacher (know)your telephone number?
  30. We have a (dance) lesson every day.
  31. Betty is very (not free). So she has no time to talk with her friends.
  32. When I’m not in Nanjing, I often call back (two) a week.
  33. People are really (please) with the wonderful news.
  34. Boys like to spend an hour (play) football every day.
  35. There are lots of things (do) in my class.
  36. you (can, write) an E?mail? No, I can’t.
  37. Jim (not drink) coffee. He likes tea.
  38. He is good at . So he is a good (swim).
  39. It’s four o’clock. It’s time (cook) the food.

  40. the students (walk) to school or go there by bike? They go to school by bike.
  41. Tigers have sharp .牙齿
  42. Some people like to swim in . They think it’s good for their health.冬天
  43. When were you born? I was born on 18th, 19
  44. When is Day?儿童
  45. The moonlight shines the windows. How beautiful it is!穿过
  46. Which is your favourite ? Christmas. st
  47. July 31 is a day for me because it’s my birthday.特别的
  48. Simon goes to school on foot.通常
  49. I have my bedroom. What about you?自己的
  50. How many are there in a year? There are four.
  51. The children in the west play a game (call) “trick or treat”.
  52. Simon wants ((learn)French. What about you?
  53. They cut out some shapes (make) the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth.
  54. The children are (excite) about the good news.
  55. My mother likes (cook) delicious food for us.
  56. Mr King often goes (fish) on Sundays.
  57. How do the children celebrate Halloween? They celebrate by (play) a game.
  58. Daniel must (buy)some presents because Christmas is coming.
  59. Thanks for (tell) me about Mid?Autumn Festival.
  60. The celebration starts at two o’clock in the afternoon and (finish) at seven in the evening.
  61. Daniel is a polite and (help) boy, so we all love him.
  62. Millie is in the Reading Club. She loves (read).
  63. Amy is a member of the Swimming Club. She’s a very good (swim).
  64. I often go (run) at weekends.
  65. The door is (close), so I can’t get in.
  66. My cousin is good at (fly)kites.
  67. I don’t want (have) lunch now. I am too full.
  68. Father often spends much time ( make) a model plane every day.
  69. Millie always (take) Eddie for a walk in the evening.
  70. There’s a game (call)trick or treat.
  71. I love my new school. It is (call) Beijing Sunshine Secondary School.
  72. Does Jim often watch football (match) on TV?
  73. Yesterday he forgot (bring) his homework to school.
  74. Thank you for (make) our English fun.
  75. Americans celebrate Christmas by (give) presents.
  76. Those children go to the Swimming Club (two) a week.
  77. When do they often finish (read) newspapers?
She’s very busy and she has no time (chat) with her friends. Your mum says we shouldn’t (watch) too much TV or films. Some students don’t know how (have) fun. There are two in my room.书架 Daniel wants a computer programmer when he grows up.成为 I am very after playing tennis.累 Monday comes Tuesday.在……以前 Dancers need lots of energy .跳舞 Are there pianos in the classroom?一些 We need to have a meal for dinner. It’s good for our health. 健康的
  88. I play football because I’m not strong enough.很少
  89. This meal gives Jim energy for tennis with his father..打
  90. We know that it is very important for us lots of water every day.喝
  91. It gives me energy for (study).
  92. If you want to be (health), you must exercise a lot.
  93. There are many (mango) in the basket.
  94. It usually takes me half an hour (read) English every day.
  95. (eat) healthy food and doing exercise help us stay healthy.
  96. Many (China) eat rice every day.
  97. Laura is too fat. She needs (exercise) more.
  98. It is good for (we) to practice spoken English every day.
  99. I usually get up very late so I often go to work without (have) breakfast. 1
  00. John never (eat) chocolates. 1
  01. My mother likes very much.购物 The hair clip is too .昂贵的 1
  02. 1
  03. I will be tomorrow.空闲的 1
  04. Please wait for me for some .分钟 1
  05. There are lots of in Nanjing every year.游客 1
  06. This CD is very and it’s only 2 yuan.便宜的 Let’s meet the school gate.在……外面 1
  07. 1
  08. He lives in the of the city.中心 1
  09. He wants to buy a of tennis rackets.副 1
  10. There will be a party .今晚 1
  11. Look! A boy is (lie) on the ground. 1
  12. My sister’s hobby is (collect) stamps. 1
  13. I have (usual) news to tell you. 1
  14. He prefers (watch) TV at home on Sundays. 1
  15. This shop sells (man) shoes. 1
  16. The teachers (visit) that factory now. 1
  17. The Walkman is (cheap) and I can’t buy it.

  18. There’s a (a cut in price) on last year’s football cards. 1
  19. The hat (go well with) your dress very well. I need you (carry) water. 1
  20. 1
  21. How many teachers are there in your school?女的 1
  22. What things can you see on the wall?其他 1
  23. Sandy is a friend of in our school.我 1
  24. I find there are some between these two books.区别 th Let me show you clothes in the 20 .世纪 1
  25. 1
  26. Kitty’s hat very nice.看起来 1
  27. I can’t find my pen. May I yours?借 1
  28. The shops are but there are a lot of people in the street. 关门 He wants to be a when he grows up.模特 1
  29. 1
  30. Children can’t play with (knife). 1
  31. They are new here. Please look after (they). 1
  32. In the past, we (like) traveling by bike. That shirt (match) my trousers very well. 1
  33. 1
  34. My friend John (study) hard at school. Angel likes wearing (colour) clothes. 1
  35. 1
  36. You don’t look well. You need to eat (health) food. 1
  37. Five hundred years is five (century). I like my bedroom. It is very (comfort). 1
  38. 1
  39. I sometimes wash the after meals. I want to go to the next Sunday. 1
  40. 1
  41. Everyone should keep (health). 1
  42. Her father is ill in hospital, so she is (happy). Good (lucky)! You won the first prize in the volleyball 1
  43. match. 1
  44. It is very important for us to change the (the way of life) now. 1
  45. I can’t walk any more. I feel (needing rest). He has a cousin (call) John. 1
  46. 1
  47. ?Where is Daniel? ?He is (chat)with his friend under the tree. 1
  48. My mother enjoys (read) very much. 1
  49. His bag is (make) of cotton.



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