仁爱英语 七年级上册 选择题 60 题
  1. “联合国”的英文缩写是. A. UN
  1. Mum, A. she is A .No A.Jim B. NBA B. this is B. Bye B.Smith C. ABC D. PBA my teacher(老师), Mr Wang. C. here is D. Yes

  2.Let’s play volleyball! --. C. That sounds good. C. Jim Smith ?. C. Yes, you are D. Green 3?What’s Jim Smith family name?
  4. ?Are you Mr Li? A. Yes, I am
B. No, you’re not

  5. ?Is this basketball? ?No. It's basketball. A. you;my B. my;you C. your;his
  6. ?Do you have an eraser? ?Yes, I __. I have a big one. A. does -- Eggs. A .at A. That
  9. Please A. bring
  8. Does Mr. Lee A. has B. have B. in C. for ? D of are their books. C. They C. take D. are ? C. It’s not good. C. the same . D. do D. No, no. D. the different
  8. ?What are those? B. am C.do D.are
  7. What do you eat breakfast?
B. They’re B. look a big head? C. is B. No, it isn’t. B. same B. too C. two
these things to your brother. He is at school

  10.?Your English is very good. A. Thank you.
  11. We are in A. different A. to
  13. ? A. What A. boring
school. Our English teacher is Mr. Li.

  12. I am a teacher. She is a teacher, are my keys? B. Where ?Yes, it's C. difficult B. interesting
?They are on the sofa. C. Why . .
  14. ?Do you like English?

  15. ?What’s this in English, Miss Zhang?
?It’s eraser.
A. an
B. the
C. a

  16. ?Do you have a tennis racket? ?. But I have a baseball bat. A. Yes, I do A. in A. They are A. Yes, he is A. What; It’s A. in A. broccoli B. with B. No, I don’t B. for B. It’s B. Yes, it is C. Yes, you do ?I eat eggs and hamburgers. C. on C.This is ?. C. No, she isn’t ? black. C. Where; Them
  17.?What do you have breakfast?
  18. ? Where is your ruler?
? in the pencil case.

  19. ? Is that man(男人) his uncle?
  20. ? are your pens?
B. What color; They’re C. on B. hamburgers

  21. He can sing(唱) lots of songs(歌曲) English.
  22. Gina likes tomatoes for lunch and for dessert. C. ice cream
  23. Can you play trumpet, John? Yeah, I can play it very well. A./ B.an C.the D.a
  24. Are the keys in the lost and found case ? No, they aren’t mine. I think they’re Jason’s. A.yours Oh, there’re four. A.carrot A.the last B.tomatoes B.first C.chicken C.last D.egg D.the first
  26.Mr. Chen is always one to leave the school. He’s busy working all day.
  27. Excuse me, when is the English Speech Contest? It’s 8:40 a.m. Thursday morning. A.at, in B.on, on C.on, in D.at, on
  28.I like my history teacher because he often us about many interesting events in history and he’s really humorous(幽默的). A.says A. Yes, she’s a nurse. A. your ;my B.tells C.speaks C. No, she isn’t. . D. yours; mine D. She is a doctor. No ,they’re not C. yours; my ? D.talks
  29. ?Is your mother a nurse or a doctor?
  30.? Are those shoes? B. your; mine
  31. ?Is your name Brown? B.your C.yourself D.you
  25. How many are there in the fridge (冰箱)?
B. No, she’ a doctor.
A. Yes, it is.
B. Yes, I am.
C. Yes, I’m.
D. No, I’m not.

  32. What a beautiful day ! Let’s out to play some wonderful games. That sounds great! A.go A.don’t play B.to go B.doesn’t play C.goes C.play D.going D.plays
  33.Little John sports every day, so he’s very strong and healthy.
  34. By the way, how much the glasses? The glasses? Oh, 230 yuan. A.is, it’s A.does sports B.are, they’re C.are, it’s B.gets up D.is, they’re D.watches TV
  35.Mr. King is very tired after work, so he early. C.goes to bed
  36. What kind of sports do you like, Tim? Well, I love soccer very much, I don’t love baseball. I think it’s so difficult. A.but
  37. ?Are you in A. Class one
  38. ?Is it A. a
  39. ?What’s that A. with from A. a; a A. This is
  42. Hi, Daisy! A.What day is it C.What’s the date
  43. do you have P.E? We have it on Wednesday and Friday. A.Why
  44. ? C.Can you help me B.When C.What B.Excuse me D.Can I help you D.How Yes, please. I want a basketball. B. at apple? B. an B.soC.or B. class one D.and C. class One D. Class One D. / D. / ? No, it’s Japanese car. D. an; a C. It's It’s DeC.30th. B.What’s the weather like D.What’s the time D. Is ?? Yes, I am . ?Yes, it is. C. the English . C. in C. an; an B. Its today? ?It’s an egg.

  40. ?Is this English car ? B. a; an
  41.?What's this in English?
? a pencil.
A.What can I do for you

  45. How about going on a school trip this weekend? That sounds . I like going to new places(地方). A.boring B.terrible C.interesting D.tired

  46. ?Are you Li Lei? A. Yes, I am A. it's A. he A. Tom A. a; a A. You
  52. What’s that? A. a A. orange A. Ann A. Hello A. first A. I’m, my
  47. ?Is this your pencil?
? . B. Yes, I'm C. OK C. its C. his D. he's D. Miller D. an; a D. What D. an D. oranges D. Sorry, I don't D. is it ?Yes, .
B. it is B. him B. Robert B. a; an B. How B. / B. white B. Dale B. I’m sorry B. last

  48. Is that pencil case?
  49. His name is Tom Miller. His family name is . C. Tom Miller C. an; an. C. Are C. the C. an orange C. Nancy D. Linda D. Sorry
  50. He isn’t Chinese boy, he is English boy.
  51. do you spell “notebook” ? ?It’s eraser.

  53.What color is an orange? It’s .
  54.I’m an English boy. My name’s .
  55. , are you Lucy? C. Excuse me C. family B. I’m, an
  56.Mary is her name. D. Chinese C. She’s, his C. your; it, my C.my,you C.skirt D. He’s, her D. you; it,
  57. Lily, this is book.
  58. ?Is this computer game? A. his; it, me B. your; this, his
  59.Is this __ bag? No, is black. A.you, my A.dress B.your ,mine B.shirt ?Yes, is computer game.

  60. Kangkang,is this your ? No,it’s my brother’s.



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