七年级英语上册 1-3 单元词组归纳 100 题 牛津译林版

  1. 12 岁 twelve years old
  2. 和他聊天 chat with him
  3. 一周两次 twice a week live in Nanjing
  4. 住在南京 5 放学后 after school 6 来自 come from==be from
  7. 听得不清楚 hear (you) well/clearly
  8. 向她问好 say hello to her
  9. 努力学习 work hard ==study hard
  10. 在家 at home
  11. 戴(一副)眼镜 wear(a pair of)glasses
  12. 听音乐/收音机 listen to music/ the radio 13 .高而苗条 tall and slim ==big and thin
  14. 黑的长发 long black hair be polite and helpful
  15. 待人礼貌乐于助人 16 照顾,保管 look after in a restaurant
  17. 在餐馆 18, 热爱跳舞 love/ like dancing=love/like to dance, enjoy dancing(只有这一种表达结构) go to the dancing lesson
  20.对我好 be nice to me=be kind to me call him Da Mao
  21. 把他叫作大毛 22 在学校(上学) .be at school
  23. 认真听老师讲课 listen to the teacher
  24. 看第 2 个标志牌 (have a)look at Sign 2
  25. 一条长裤 a pair of trousers in the football field
  26. 在足球场 27 在排球场 on the volleyball court
  28. 和我一起去(上学) go (to school)with me.

  29. 30,
  34. 35
带他去散步 take him for a walk ==walk him 关着的 be closed 步行回家 walk home =go home on foot 半小时 (for) half an hour 乘公共汽车(回家) take the bus(home)=go(home)by bus 听起来真棒 sound great 看起来强壮 look strong 在工作日 on weekdays 在周末 at the weekend==at weekends 去跑步/购物 go running/ shopping go swimming /fishing / skating
  39. 在我爷爷奶奶家 at my grandparents’ (home)
  40. 下一届世界杯 the next World Cup
  41. 想要吃面包 would like(to have)some bread … . ==want (to eat )bread.
  42. 寻找 look for … (help) each other
  43. 互相(帮助)
  44. 一张中国/世界地图 a map of China/ the world teach us Maths
  45. 教我们数学
  46. 和他(在…上)交谈 talk(on the phone / Internet)with her friend
  47. 该上课了. It is time for class It is time to have class.
  48. 玩的开心,过的愉快 have a good time== have fun == enjoy ourselves
  49. …一个成员 a member of …
  50. 为…效力 play for Huanghe Football Team read books (about football)
  51. 读关于足球方面的书
  52. 一则体育新闻 a piece of sports news score goals
  53. 进球得分
  54. 花时间/钱做某事 . spend…doing
  55. 看报 read newspapers

  56. 通过互联网给我(发)电子邮件 e-mail me by the Internet =send e-mails to me by the Internet
  57.(在电视上)看球赛 watch a match(on TV)
  58. 一直 all the time
  59. 约见/会见/偶然遇见 meet up with sb
  60. 与某人谈(某事) talk (about sth.) with sb.
  61. 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭 have breakfast / lunch/dinner
  62. 在星期三 on Wednesday(s)
  63. 收集一些关于…的信息 get some information about …
  64. 进行班级短途旅游 have a class trip ==go on a class trip
  65. 谢谢你给我礼物 Thank you for(giving me)the present.
  66. 谢谢你告诉我关于中秋节的事 Thank you for telling me about Mid-Autumn Festival.
  67. 谢谢你组织班级旅游 Thank you for organizing the class trip.
  68. 做家作 do one’s homework
  69.太多的家作 too much homework
  70. 制作飞机模型 make model planes watch TV
  72.下周一 next Monday the price for each student
  73. 每个学生票价
  74. 盼望外出玩的开心 look forward to (having) a great day out
  75. 盛装打扮(成鬼) dress up as ghosts my favourite lessons
  76. 我最喜欢的课
  77.我的所有的朋友 all my friends wake up
  78. 醒来
  79、挖出锋利的牙齿 cut out the sharp teeth
  80、玩一个(叫“不招待就使坏”的)游戏 play a game(called “trick or treat”) knock on the doors
  81. 敲门
  82. 在十月三十一号晚上 on the evening of Oct.31st
  83、用南瓜制作成灯 make lanterns out of pumpkins
  84. 让我们庆祝元旦 let us celebrate New Year’s Day
  85、在吃午饭时间 at lunchtime

  86. 在圣诞节 at Christmas
  87.为…做准备 get ready for
  88. 捉弄他们 play a trick on them
  89、穿带有面具的特殊戏装 wear a special costume with masks
  90、从父母出得到红包 get red packets from parents lots of rice dumplings
  92. 超过 15 more than fifteen==over fifteen
  93. 知道许多关于电脑的知识 know a lot about computers
  94. 学习更多关于世界的知识 learn more about the world (1990 年 1 月 1 日)出生在上海 be born in Shanghai (on Jan.1st,19
  95.做课外活动 do after-school activities
  96. 做早操 do morning exercises
  97. 在世界上 around the world, in the world
  98. 给他们糖作为招待 give them some candies as a treat
  99. 知道(这个问题的)答案 know the answer(to the question) 1
  00.在…很聪明, 擅长 be good at= do well in = be clever at



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