七年级( 七年级(上)英语第七单元测试题
一. 将下列短语译成英语
  1. 各种颜色的
  2. 亲自
  3. 出售
  4. 服装店
  5. 多少钱 二、单项选择 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
  6. 运动包
  7. 看一看
  8. 价格合理
  9. 到达
  10. 不用谢
从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ( )
  1. You can see some T-shirts a good price at this store. A. in A. you ( )
  3. A. to A. it B. them A. have B. does A. buys A. play B. sells B. plays B. at B. your C. on D. of D. yourselves C. for D. him D. are D. in ( )
  2. Boys and girls, please come and see for at Mr Cool’s Clothes Store. C. yours B. on C. her C. is I want to buy a shirt my father.
( )
  4. Your skirt is very nice. Let me have a look at . ( )
  5. Jenny’s socks three dollars. ( )
  6. Mary a white jacket from Huaxing Clothes Store. C. sees D. helps C. to play D. playing C.dollar ten D.dollars ten ( )
  7. Does your brother want basketball after school? ( )
  8. We read $ 10as . A.ten dollar B.ten dollars A. help B. afford ( )
  9. This blue skirt is only 10 dollars. I can its price. C. look D. play ?. C. Here you are D. That’s right ( )
  10. ?Thank you very much. A. Don’t say that A. look at A. shoes A. It has
B. You’re welcome B. a look at B. bag B. It is
( )
  11.Let’s go and have his new CD. C. a look C. socks C. They have D. the look at D. pants. D. They are
( )
  12. Jim’s is red.
( )
  13.?How much are the pants? ( )
  14.?Are these your shoes?
? twenty dollars. ?Yes, .
A. they’re A. buy A. tomatoes A. at; at
B. they are B. take B. bananas B. in; in
C. these are C. sale C. hamburgers C. with;
D. there’re D. sell D. chicken in D.are, It’s D.is D.at, at
( )
  15.?The T-shirt is only ten dollars. ( )
  16.How much do you want?
?I’ll it.
( )
  17.They have T-shirts green and black for only $13 the shop.
with D. at;
( )
  18..Where your new pants? on the bed. A.is, It’s ( A.can A.in, at B.are, They are B.do B.at, in C.is, They’re C.are C.in, in )
  19.What color the socks?
( )
  20.We have sweaters all colors ¥50 each. 三、指出并改正句中的一处错误。 指出并改正句中的一处错误。
  51.How much is the socks?
  52.How much are that pants?
  53.These shoes are twenty-three dollar.
  54.That hat is eight yuans
  55.Fourteen and twenty-six is fourty.
  56.Have a look for the picture.
  57.They each has a bag for sports.
  58.We have many bags. Do you like it cheap.
  59.Thank a lot. You’re welcome.
  60.I’ll take these short. 四、用划线词的反义词填空
  7.Bring your math book here and away your exercise books.
  8.I like short hair. I don’t like hair.
  9.My shoes are too old. I want to buy ones.
  10. store sells school things. You can some coloured pencils there. The
  11.I think this book is very easy and that book is very .
  12.Watching TV is too boring. But playing sports is very .
  13.His first name is John and his name is Green.
  14.The shirt is too big for me. Give me a one, please.
  15.The blackboard is black. The words on it are .



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