七年级英语上册 Unit 8 教案 When is your birthday party Section B (3a-
  4) Anzhou Middle School: Ye liuying
Teaching aims: Language goals:
  1. Word and phrase: art music festival Chinese speech contest event trip School Day, Art Festival, Music Festival, Chinese Contest, English Party, basketball game, volleyball game, English speech contest, birthday party, school trip.
  2. Key sentences: When is the basketball game? It’s September 8th. Do you have a School Day at your school? Yes, we do. / No, we don’t. Ability goals: Enable students to talk about the dates of school events. Emotional goals: Cultivate students to take care about school events and arrange the schedule. Teaching important points: How to talk about the dates of school events. Teaching procedures: Step
  1. warming up and lead-in Show a song?jingle bells to activate the class. Guess the name of the song. T: When will we sing the song? S: Christmas Day. T: When is the Christmas Day? S: It’s December 25th. Christmas Day is coming. And my friend, Mary’s birthday is coming, too. She will
have a birthday party, let’s join it. T: When is Mary’s birthday party? S: It’s December 27th. Then show some pictures to learn the new phrases: basketball game, volleyball game, English speech party, Chinese contest, birthday party.
Ask students to read these words one by one.
  2. Practice At school, we have many events: basketball game, volleyball game, English speech party, Chinese contest, birthday party. Next, let’s look at Mary’s school schedule, ask and answer questions about the dates of these events.
Basketball game
October 3rd October 7th October 19th October 26th, 27th October 30th
English speech contest Dave’s birthday party School trip Volleyball game
A: When is the basketball game? B: It’s October 3rd.
Let’s try to recall the information in the chart, ask students to answer some questions according to the chart without looking at the chart. Divide the class into two groups A and B, encourage them to answer questions actively. If the group speak correct and well, they will get a mark.
When is the basketball game? When is the English speech contest? When is the School Day? When is Dave’s birthday party? When is the volleyball game?
  3. Interview Show some pictures and learn the new phrases about school events. School Day, Art Festival, Music Festival, Chinese Contest, English Party. Look at the pictures and read these words. Then let’s make an interview. Suppose you are a school headmaster, which events will you have at your school? Look at the chart, and ask one of the students to come to the blackboard as a headmaster, the others as a reporter asking the headmaster questions: A: Do you have a School Day at your school? B: Yes, we do. A: When is it? B: It’s October 20th. A: Do you have an Art Festival at your school? B: No, we don’t. Encourage everyone to ask questions. After the interview, ask the headmaster to make a report about their school events. e.g. We have a School Day and An English Party at our school. The School Day is
October 20th. The English Party is June 6th. Then give the headmaster loud claps to say Goodbye.
  4. Game Next let’s have a happy moment. The teacher prepares eight pieces of paper with a sentence on each one. Divide the students into eight groups. First ask the first one in each group to see the sentence and remember in 30 second. Then pass the sentence to the next one. One by one, the last one writes the sentence on the blackboard. If the
group finishes the task quickly without mistake, they will be given a gift. The eight sentences: The School Day is September 5th. The school trip is October 20th.
th The Chinese Contest is May 15 .
The English speech contest is March 19th. Mary’s birthday party is July 8th. The basketball game is April 17th. The Art Festival is October 16th. The English Party is November 22th.
At last, whole class have a chant. ?School day, school day ?What a lot of fun ?Read in the library ?Eat in the canteen ?Draw in the art room ?School day, school day ?What a lot of fun Homework:
设计一个日程表,安排你在一个月内的活动, 设计一个日程表,安排你在一个月内的活动,要求用所学的 知识。 知识。 根据这个日程表写一份书面安排。 根据这个日程表写一份书面安排。



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