Unit3 单元练习
  10.sister(对应词) 二.根据句意及首字母写出单词
  11.My father's mother is my g .
  12.My father's father is my g .
  13.My father's sisters are my a .
  14.My father's brothers are my u .
  15.My uncle's children are my c .
  16.My parents' d is my sister.
  17.I am a boy. I'm my parents' .
  18.This is my f photo. These are my parents and this is me.
  19.T for your help(帮助)!
  20.We like English very m .

  1. Is this your (叔叔)
  2.Kate and Gina are his (姐妹)
  3.These are my (朋友)
  4.Those ( 女孩 )are her sisters.
  5.Look, those are my (兄弟)
  6.Are they her (祖父母)
  7.My (双亲)are Pete and Nancy.
  8.Are they his (钥匙)
  9.Are they your?(堂兄弟)

  10.(那些)are here apples. 五.连词成句.
  1. the, is, his, boy, brother .
  2. is, she, not, my, sister .
  3. family, at, the, look, photo, of, my .
  4. much, you, very, I, love .
  5. the, for, photo, your, of, thanks, family . 六.写出下列句子的复数形式.
  1. This is my book. .
  2. Is that his uncle? ?
  3. Is she your friend? ?
  4. Yes, it is. .
  5. This is my pencil case. . 七.根据中文提示,完成句子.
  1. 他是你的儿子吗? Is he ?
  2. 他的母亲是一名教师. mother is teacher.
  3. 这些是我的朋友. my friends.
  4. 那些人是我弟弟的朋友. my brother's friends.
  5. 那是我叔叔, 我父亲的弟弟 is my , my father's brother. 八.单项选择. ( )
  1. is my aunt, Mary. A. These B. This C. look D. I ( )
  2. my cousins. A. These are B. This are C. These is D. This is ( )
  3. His mother's is his grandmother. A. grandfather B. grandmother C. grandparents D. mother ( )
  4. Is your brother? A. the boy B. a boy C. the girl D. a girl ( )
  5. -Is Jack brother? -Yes, he is. A. me B. you C. your D. yours ( )
  6. Here is my family. A. a photo of B. photo of C. a photo at D. photo at
  7. Thanks the present. A. in B. at C. for D. to ( )
  8. See soon, Dave and Anna. A. your B. you C. they D. them ( )
  9. This is Mary and that is Kate. my . A. She's, friend B. They're, friends C. They're, friend D. She's, friends ( )
  10. What is the lost and found box? A. at B. in C. of D. for ( )
  11.Is he your friend? Yes, . A. is it B. isn't it C. is he D. isn't he ( )
  12.Is this your father? No, . A. is it B. isn't it C. is he D. isn't he ( )
  13.Is that your ? A.a picture B.picture C.pictures D.nice pictures ( )
  14.Are Kate's ? A.this, book B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book ( )
  15.Is Guo Peng your brother? . A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn't C.Yes, she is D.No,he isn't ( )
  16.Thanks your last letter. A. of B. from C. for D. to ( )
  17.Anna is not my sister. my cousin. A.He B.He's C.She D.She's ( )
  18.Is your aunt? What's name? A.he,his B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his ( )
  19.What are those? . A.They are apple trees B.They are apples trees C.Those are apple trees D.Those are apples trees 九.将下列句子变为一般疑问句,并作简要的肯定回答和否定回答
  1.This is Gina.

  2.That is his brother.
  3.He is my good friend.
  4.These are nice pictures.
  5.Those are school things. 十.用 am,is,are 填空
  1.Excuse me! this your eraser?
  2.What those? they birds?
  3.This his ruler. Where my ruler?
  4.I in Class Three. you in Class Three,too?
  5. these her English books?
  6.Those their apples. Where his apples?
  7.He my friend. your friend a boy or a girl?
  8. those maps? No, not. They pictures. they
  9.These your bananas.
  10.Here you . 十一.从 A 组中找出与 B 组配对的答语. (A) (B) ( )
  1. How do you spell it? A. Yes, she is . ( )
  2. How old are you ? B. She is well. ( )
  3.What's her name ? C . I am ten. ( )
  4.Are these his brothers? D. Her name is Cindy. ( )
  5. Is she Gina? E. No, it isn't. ( )
  6.Are they books? F. No, they aren't. ( )
  7. Is this a watch? G.. Yes, these are. ( )
  8. What colour is it? H. P-E-N ( )
  9. How is she? I. Yes, those are. ( )
  10.Are those your parents? J. It' orange.



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