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民张中学七年级英语第一次月考试题试题 民张中学七年级英语第一次月考试题试题 七年级英语第一次月考试题
级 姓
(满分 120 分,时间 120 分钟) 一、请按字母表顺序 顺序写出 26 个英文字母 个英文字母大小写(每行写 13 个,共 13 分) 请 字母表顺序
A. I’m B. I’m not C. I am 10 Hello, My name’s . A. Li DeHua B Li De Hua
D. I amn’t C. Li Dehua D.Li De hua
二、请按字母表顺序 请按字母表顺序写出五个元音字母 五个元音字母的大小写。 (共 5 分) 请按字母表顺序 五个元音字母 三、根据提示字母的读音在横线上填所缺字母。 (每空 1 分,共 12 分) Aa Aa Jj Ee Cc Ee Gg Tt Zz Ii Ii Uu Uu Ff Ll Xx Zz 四、单项选择(将答案写在下面方格中 将答案写在下面方格中,20 分) 将答案写在下面方格中
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1 That is key. A. he B. I C. me D. my 2 ?What’s this in English? -. A. It’s red B. It’s a pen C. It’s a green D. I’m OK. 3 It’s orange. A. a B. an C. the D. × 4 My pen is . A. red B. a red C. the red D. red a 5 ?What that? -It’s a map. A. is B. are C.am D. be 6 -What’s your name? -Brown. A. first B. family C. nice D the 7 ?What’s his phone number? - 257-68
  90. A. Its B. That’s C. It’s D. His 8 Jack is a boy, last name is Brown. A. he’s B. my C. his D. he 9 ?Are you Linda? -Yes, .
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11 ?Good morning, Miss Gao! -. A. Good morning, Nick B. Good afternoon, Nick C. Good night, Nick D. Good evening, Nick 12 ?Your backpack is nice. --. A. Thank B. Thanks C. OK D. Thanks you 13 Please call me 467-56
  89. A. in B. on C. at D. with
  14.-? -P-E-N. A. Is this your pen B. Is that a pen C. What’s this D. How do you spell pen
  15. ?What color is your backpack? -. A. It’s black color B. It’s a red C. It’s yellow D. That’s yellow ones
  16. Is that pencil case? A. I B. her C. she D. he
  17. Nine minus(减去) seven is. A. one B. three C. four D. two
  18.Is she your aunt(姑姑)? What’s name? A. his B. her C. she D.he 19 Two and four is . A. five B. six C. seven D. eight 20 Is this eraser? A. a B. an C.the D. / 五. 按括号内所给要求写出适当形式 (10 分)
  1. white (反义词)
  2. color(n.) (动词形式)
  3. boy (对应词)
  4. I am (缩写形式)
  5. father (对应词)
  6. telephone (简写形式)
  7. this (对应词)
  8.中国中央电视台 (首字母缩略词)
  9. last name (同义短语)
  10.orange(n.) (形容词形式) 六、根据汉语提示及句意拼写下列单词。 (每空 1 分,共 5 分)
  1. This is (她的)pencil case.
  2. Is this your (手表)? (请)?
  3. How do you spell “dictionary”,
  4. His (家)name is Green.
  5. It is my (被子). 七、用 am, is 或 are 填空(每空 1 分,共 10 分)
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  1. She a teacher. He a teacher,too.
  2. I a boy. My name Li Ming.
  3. He Tony. You a student.
  4. ?How you? ?I fine,thanks.
  5. ?What this??It a ruler.
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八、句型转换(每空一词 注意字母的大小写,10 分) 每空一词,注意字母的大小写 每空一词 注意字母的大小写
  1. It is a dictionary. (划线提问) this in ?
  2. This is my pen. (一般疑问句) this pen?
  3. Is that a pencil? (否定回答) , it .
  4. Please call Jim. His telephone number is 568974
  23. (合为一句) Please Jim 568974
  5. The book is red. (对划线部分提问) is the book? 九、补全对话(每空一词 注意字母的大小写 每空一词,注意字母的大小写 每空一词 注意字母的大小写,10 分) I. A: Hello! What’s your name? _ Jack Green. B: My
  1) A:
  2) Lucy Smiths.
  3) are you? B: I’m fine, thanks. And you? A: I’m fine too. And this is my sister, Lily. B:
  4) to meet you . A: Nice to meet you,
  5) II. A:
  6) me, what’s this
  7) English? . B: It’s a
  8) A:
  9) it, please? B: D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y. A:
  10) you very much. B:It’s my pleasure. 十、根据汉语完成句子(每空一词 每空一词,10 分) 每空一词
  1.这是你的双肩背包吗?是的。 Is this your ? Yes. is. 2 那是什么?那是一串钥匙。 What’s that? It’s a of . 3 你姓王吗? Is your Wang? 4 你怎样拼写“手表”这个词 do you the word watch? 5 汤姆的英语书在失物招领处。 Tom’s English book is in the and case. 十一、阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a
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pencil. It is black and white. It isn’t my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found(发现) his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 78900
  03. It is his telephone number. ( )
  1. What color is the pencil case? A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green. ( )
  2. I am Tom. That is not my. A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler ( )
  3. has (有) a pencil. A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim ( )
  4. found the pen in the lost and found case. A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim ( )
  5. Is Tim’s (蒂姆的)telephone number 7890003? A. Yes. B. No. C. OK. 十二、写作(假设下面是你的身份卡,用 5 句话向你的同学介绍你自己的情况,5 分) Name: Linda Black First name: Linda Last name: Black Telephone number:153-3685
级 姓



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