伊川县直中学 07?08 学年 七 年级 ?
英语竞赛 试卷
一 单项选择 (30 分) ( )
  1.The supermarket is Fifth Avenue . A. in ( B. at C. on
  2.I usually have one or two for dinner. A .bread C. pieces of bread ( B. breads D. pieces of breads
  3. I practiced English every day last year. A. read B. reading C. to read D readed.
  4. Where Paul and Steve from ? A. do , comes B. does, come C. do , come
  5. Lucy __ a dress every month when she was in Shanghai . A. buy B. buys C. bought D. to buy
  6. How's it going?
. B. No, it isn' . t C. Great !
A. That' all right . s (
  7. Look! He over there . A. plays basketball B. is playing basketball C. is playing the basketball
  8. I like dogs because they are friendly . A. a kind of B. kinds of C. kind of
  9. At night the koala bear gets up and . A. eats leafs B. eat leaf C. eats leaves
  10.The panda likes with her friends A. playing B. play C. to playing
  11.Can you me the way the bank? A. say , to B. tell , to C. speak ,of
  12.Tomat a TV station. His job is . A. work, exciting B. works, excited C. works ,exciting
  13. On Sunday afternoon ,I with my mother. A .go shopping C .goes shopping B .went shopping D .went shoping
  14. There is interesting in the film ,so is in
terested in it. A. something ,nobody C. nothing ,somebody ( B. something ,somebody D .nothing ,nobody
) 15 Playing sports good your. A .are ,to ,healthy C. is, to ,healthy B .is , for ,health D .are ,for ,health
二 用所给词的适当形式填(10 分) 1 It was (real) fun . 2 I enjoy(listen)to music. 3 Who are the ,(win)the boys or the girls? 4 It's (she) turn now.
5 He didn't say (something). 三 完形填空 (10 分) Mr White was a famous writer. When he was visisting Japan, he __1a talk to many students. As most of them could not underst -and English, he2 have an Interpreter(翻译).He said to the interpreter, "I'll stop many times during my talk ,__3 you can easily put them into Japanese. Please put4 I say into Japanese as soos as I5 it." During his talk he6 a very insteresting story.It was so insterest-ing that he__7_ to stop when he finished every two or three sentences. At last he stopped to let the interpreter put them into Japanese. To his surprise, when the interpreter_8, all the students laughed loudly. The next day Mr. White asked the interpreter,"now please tell me__9_you made that long stoy into such a short Japanese one." "I didn't tell the whole story ," the interpreter answered with a smile , "I just__10_ , Mr. White has just told us a funny story . You will all laugh, please." ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A had B. did C. took D. made C . must D. won't
  2. A didn't B had to )
  3. A. so B. but B. when
C. or D. usually C. that D. what
)4 A. how
)5 A. had finished
B . shall finish
C. finish ( ( ( ( ( )
  6. A. told )
  7.A. remembered )
  8.A. began )
  9. A. what
D. finished B. said C. talked D. spoke D. began D. finished
B. forgot C. had C. left D. why D. told
B. went on B. how C. if
  10. A. says B. say
C. said
四 阅读理解(30 分) A Breakfast was ready and Mrs. Young came in Jack's bedroom. "Get up, dear," said the woman. "It's ten to eight .We'll go to see your aunt in half an hour." But there was no answer. She took the bedclothes off, but her son wasn't on the bed . she looked at the room carefully and didn't see football. She went to the window , but there was no child in the yard. She had to go back to the sitting room and covered the porridge and cakes with a wooden box. Ten minutes later Jack rushed in, being out of breath (上气不接 下气)."What happened to you, dear?" the woman asked in surprise.The boy Didn't answer. Instead, he asked, "Mummy, is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" "Well, that's what people say,"answered Mrs. Young. "Then, give me an apple, but be quick! The doctor's window was broken and he's looking for me now!"
阅读上面的短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案. ( )
  1. Mrs. Young thought , so she went to get him up. B. her son should do his homework D.Jack would be late for school
A. her son was ill
B. her son was still on bed ( )

  2.In fact, Jack went out early A. to read English C. for a walk B. to play football D. do morning exercises

  3. Jack came back . A.after he had breakfast C. after eight o'clock B. at ten to eight D. that afternoon

  4. Jack hurried home because. A. he wanted an apple B.he was very hungry
C. he remembered what he would do D. the doctor was trying to ( )
  5. What happened to Jack? A.He was asleep during playing football. B. His friends were angry with him. C. He wanted to know what the saying(谚语) meant. D. He broke the doctor's window. B Would you like noodles? Forget-me-not is a good place to enjoy your meals, we have many kinds of noodles such as chicken, beef and potato, pork and cabbage mutton and carrot ect. What Small and large find him
bows, Our noodles are delicious and the prices are low. We also have free orange juice for you! Come and have a tast! Tel:5555-6666 根据短文内容判断下列句子正误 ( ( ( ( )1,Forget-me-not is the name of the noodle hoase )2,There are three kinds of noodles at the noodle house )3,They don't have medium bowls at the noodle house )4,We should pay for the orange juice if we have it at the noodle house ( )5,The phone number of the noodle house is 6666-5555
五,补全对话.根据对话内容,填写句中所缺单词. (缩写词算一词) (10 分) A:What would you ? B:I don't know. A:Would you liketo drink? about a cup of tea? B: ,thanks. like a glass of milk. A:Would you like something eat? B:Some cakes, . A:All right. you are. B:Thank you. It's school. Goodbye! A:Goodbye. 六,书面表达(10 分)
假如你是李兰,你和爸爸妈妈寒假去了北京旅游,你们游览了许多名 胜,如故宫,长城,天安门,颐和园等.你们在这些地方拍了许多照片, 并在颐和园听了京剧. 请写一篇 60 词左右的英语短文记录这次愉快的旅行.


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